See Some of the RIDICULOUS DEMANDS Being Made by College Protesters

Smith College sit in

There are still protests taking place on college campuses and many of the groups behind them have released lists of demands, some of which are downright ridiculous.

Take a look below:

Some highlights of the demands made in campus protests across the United States, as compiled by the (sympathetic) site

From Guilford College:

From Dartmouth:

From Wesleyan:

See the rest here.


  1. Marie says

    Bunch of freakin cry babies…….For this reason, I do not want my daughter to go to college……..not until things change.

  2. John Adams1 says

    Yep not only does this sound like communist propaganda they’re trying to pass it’s is communist propaganda being passed…

  3. MKGNH66 says

    Shades of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ in Mao’s China. Will profs.and other “incorrect” intellectuals be sent to the countryside for physical labor and “retraining”.