Liberal Guest On FOX Speechless When Asked If BILL CLINTON HAS ABUSED WOMEN (VIDEO)

Leslie Marshall

Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, guest host Jesse Watters asked liberal commentator Leslie Marshall if Bill Clinton has abused women. She paused for several seconds before she could answer.

From the FOX Nation:

Guest Speechless After Jesse Watters Asks: ‘Has Ex-President Bill Clinton Abused Women?’

Jesse Watters, guest-hosting “The O’Reilly Factor,” asked Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall whether or not former President Bill Clinton has “abused” women but she was left speechless before she was able to give an answer.

“I think your silence says a lot,” Watters said.

But Marshall shot back, “No. I wanted to be very clear because I wanted to think about Monica – although consensual, she was young. I wouldn’t say abuse – taken advantage of? Yes. Abused? No.”

Watch the video, the fun begins at the 1:25 mark.

Tell us again how Donald Trump is a sexist, Hillary supporters.



  1. Jill says

    “Clinton’s War on Women” by Roger Stone is a ‘lawyered up’ book documenting many Bill Clinton rapes & Hillary cover ups by intimidation & defamation. These people are sick f*cks!

  2. Indiana Mike says

    You see, Liberals don’t care about rape, clitorectomies or sex slaves if the perv doing such things is one of them, or a muslim…..Because “War on Womxn”, Because dictatorial, personal Political POWER. PC is a sick, perverted abomination and Trump is it’s slayer.

  3. Joseph Clark says

    Forget about Monica. Do Progressives believe Juanita Broaddrick’s allegation that Bill Clinton raped her? Make them answer THAT question. How about all of the allegations of harassment? They always respond with Monica in mind because she was consensual. Ask the Broaddrick question over and over, and ask Hillary, too.

    • ohio granny says

      If the Paula Jones story was all fake why did Bill Clinton pay her something in the neighborhood of three quarters of a million dollars?

  4. Denise Warner says

    Jesse Watters equates rape and cheating. Clinton was a rapist; Trump cheated. Clinton apologists can’t see a difference.

  5. ohio granny says

    Liberal pundits and commentators are always speechless when confronted with the same kind of questions any conservative or republican would be asked if any republican was accused of the same kinds of things or behaviors Bill Clinton has not only been accused of but proven to have done. Liberal democRATs are despicable liars.

  6. Michael Lang says

    I saw that last night and was very amused….especially when the pinhead Leslie said she was a feminist. What a hypocrite idiot.

    • Jim says

      “Indoctrinated” as a feminist, but the real world doesn’t conform to the “indoctrination”. In her mind, the real world is wrong (heh, heh, heh).

  7. brainpimp says

    Notice how she deflects. The question wasn’t specific to Lewinsky. It was all women. She went straight to Lewinsky only.

    • Scratcheee says

      I’m always a little embarrassed when someone points out a rhetorical trick that I didn’t notice. I did notice the unsolicited focus on Lewinsky, but only after you brought it up did I realize that the focus on Lewinsky–arguably the least offensive of the allegations against Bill Clinton–allowed the guest to answer with the mildest possible judgment.

  8. Jim Nelson says

    Leslie, if any boss in America was caught getting sexual favors from a young female intern akin to what Bill got from Monica, he would be frog marched out the door in a heartbeat. Taking that type of advantage of a subordinate is sexual abuse regardless if it was consensual or not and you know it.

  9. chicagoxile says

    Here’s what she was thinking during the pause: “A few ‘bimbos’ every few years is a small sacrifice to keep abortion legal.” That’s Burleigh-Clinton Democrat feminism in a nutshell.

  10. halodoc says

    It is not just the “scandals” that run deep with Bill Clinton, it is about all the scandals that run deep with Hillary Clinton herself, not the least of which the accusations of instances of her using her power of position to silence, intimidate, malign, payoff, and blackmail others as a way to suppress those who she not only considered “beneath” her but those who she considered a ‘threat’ to Bill Clinton because she considered them a ‘threat’ to herself. How many abuses, rapes, acts of harassment has Bill Clinton actually gotten away with because of Hillary Clinton’s own actions of what she would consider cleaning up after him? Her documented horrible treatment of women, and men, make Sheila Jackson Lee and her documented horrible treatment of women look like an amateur piker. Her entire political and activist life dating all the way back to her college days are scandalous. From her college days of cavorting with Saul Alinsky to her law school days involved in an extra-curricular activity of a “law school monitoring committee” where she went to court every day to ‘monitor’ the trial of a Black Panther in Connecticut being tried for torturing and killing a federal agent to try to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for an appeal to her days involved in the Nixon hearing and being accused of stealing documents and misconduct resulting in her being fired to the year after law school her “internship” in San Francisco with Bob Turehaft who was the head of the California Communist Party to everything going forward. She is the scandal.

  11. halodoc says

    Did Leslie Marshall just endorse foreign donations to a US Presidential campaign and justify it as “maintaining relationships”? Umm, wow?

  12. VoteOutIncumbents says

    The MSM have been a disgrace (I know, so what else is new?) by turning themselves into human pretzels to not cover Clinton’s crimes.

  13. gsp9993 says

    Going to be hard to defend this pervert. It is going to finally kill the Clinton’s and Trump will make sure the world knows about Bill the Male Bully

  14. Pouty Face says

    I saw Leslie down at the Home Depot, buying a half dozen sets of knee pads – the kind that tile setters wear.
    Now I know why.