Planned Parenthood Performed 323,999 Abortions And Got $500 Million in Tax Dollars in ONE YEAR

According to their 2014-2015 annual report, Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions and received half a billion dollars in government support, i.e. tax dollars.

CNS News has the story:

Planned Parenthood’s New Annual Report: 323,999 Abortions; $553.7M in Government Money

Planned Parenthood says in its new 2014-2015 annual report, which was released this month, that its affiliates around the country did 323,999 abortion procedures in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, 2014 and that those affiliates received $553.7 million in “government health services grants and reimbursements” in the year that ended on June 30, 2015.

In its previous annual report, Planned Parenthood had reported that its affiliates did 327,653 abortions in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, 2013 and that those affiliates had received $528.4 million in “government health services grants and reimbursements” in the year that ended on June 30, 2014.

Why are Americans forced to support this organization?


  1. JY1 says

    $1,543.21 per abortion, just from the government aid, not including what they charge the patient.

    Was this contract open to bids? Because I think we can find a lower cost service provider.

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  2. swedelady13 says

    Since when do we get to tell the government how to spend the tax dollars? People who don’t believe in war still have to pay taxes for something they don’t support. I don’t see any of the people who are antiabortion volunteering to raise these children that are unwanted for one reason or another. I am not in favor of abortion, but don’t feel I have the right to prevent someone else. Each person has to be responsible for the decisions they make. Abortions are performed every day in public hospitals…does that mean they should lose their taxfree status?

    • PapaLouie says

      When a majority of the people are no longer able to tell the government how to spend tax dollars, then our “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” has perished from the Earth.

    • libateriana says

      There are waiting lists miles long of people wanting to adopt infants. It is not the people’s responsibility to pay for irresponsible copulation, and the Hyde Amendment precludes the government from procuring funds for abortion. Our country has lost its moral compass and there will be hell to pay!

  3. jbtutor says

    Even though I don’t have any warm and fuzzy feelings toward Planned Parenthood, this is lying with statistics. Note how the headline carefully avoids claiming that Planned Parenthood got those federal dollars for performing the abortions, for that is not actually true. Sorry, if I don’t say it now, I’ll feel dirty next time I yell at a liberal for using fuzzy math.