Bill Maher Calls Out Liberals For Being More Tolerant of Islam Than Christianity (VIDEO)

bill maher

Progressive TV host Bill Maher recently pointed out that American liberals are more tolerant of Islam than they are of Christianity and that it’s hypocritical and stupid of them to do so.

You know that old saying about a broken clock being right twice a day?

Here you go, via Real Clear Politics:

Bill Maher: I Wish Liberals Would Have Same Intolerance For Muslims That They Do For Christians

BILL MAHER: I mentioned this in the monologue, the covering up of the statues in Rome.

[photo of nude Roman antiquities being covered up in anticipating from an Iranian visit]

This is the horribleness of what’s going on in Rome. Oh my God, naked titties and tiny penises! This is what they did.

I think people are mixing up two things: tolerance and capitulation.

It’s one thing to be tolerant of another culture, but this is out culture, you know? Christianity had a problem with titties, in like 1300. We got over it. So we shouldn’t change our culture to a more backward culture, should we?…

THOM HARTMANN, LIBERAL RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Ask John Ashcroft. This is not a Muslim problem, it is a fundamentalist problem. John Ashcroft is a fundamentalist Christian.

MAHER: You know what? Except when it happened in this country, the liberals laughed at him. And they opposed him. I wish they would have the same enthusiasm for intolerance elsewhere in the world as they do for Christians here at home who really aren’t a problem because they don’t really get their way. It’s laughable.

Here’s the video, strong language warning:

Maher makes an excellent point.

Christians aren’t burning people alive in cages for disagreeing with them.


  1. Chris says

    Thom Hartmann is a pussy cat. I can’t stand that whiny phuck. He’s a big government statist who must cream his pants when he hears sanders open his mouth full of marbles.

  2. Spychiatrist says

    I disagree with 95% of what Maher says, but he got this one completely right.

    Liberals hate Christians and love Islam and Muslims.

  3. Cloward Piven Democrat says

    It’s ironically refreshing to see a corporate liberal being (somewhat) consistent in his dislike of religion. The useful idiots in the liberal media always bash peaceful and tolerant Christianity, but never criticise Judaism, and openly apologize for Islamists raping women or killing gays. It just shows that they’re nothing but a slick, packaged form of communism funded and scripted by the global capitalist elite they claim to dispise. They stage provocations of Christian bakers, but look the other way when Muslims murder gays. They decry some fictional conservative white male rape culture but ignore the actual mass rape of white women by nonwhites and Muslims — and feel no urge to investigate who is importing and coordinating the Islamic rapists. They think they are in control, but the hostile mass immigration they support will end their careers or worse.

  4. Jeff Buehner says

    Did you notice how the tool on left of the screen made his mocking face and voice while saying “right wingers said we’ve got to teach them English!” Then he agreed as though it was his new idea, “Actually we should be teaching them English.” By the way his is a face that needs a fist.
    (Hat tip Tham)

    • Six Cents says

      Yep. Isn’t it really sad that until something drastic occurs, the left completely embraces their stupid emotion-based ideas about what is right and wrong or how they think the world ‘ought to be’ as opposed to how it really is.

      They still do not grasp the concept that islam is using the naivete of the left to infiltrate the west and further their allah-commanded conquest of the world. We all pay, one way or another, for allowing idiotic ideas from the left to be practiced.

  5. GK says

    You guys gotta stop being spoon fed the idea that anybody that is a “liberal” A) hates Christians and B) doesn’t have issues with Islam. That’s as patently BS as thinking every Republican is a church abiding Christian. Assumptions are what let the left and right media extremes and political operatives demonize one another and feed us lines of BS.