CNN Fact Checks Democrat Town Hall Debate AND FINDS EVERYTHING TRUE (VIDEO)

CNN Dem fact check

CNN did a fact check after their Democrat town hall debate this week and found everything the candidates said was true.

Isn’t that amazing? They’re obviously not in the tank for the Democrats or anything.

News Busters reported:

CNN Found Everything True at Its Dem Town Hall; Unlike Last GOP Debate Full of ‘False’ Notes

CNN’s kid-glove treatment of the Democratic presidential candidates at Monday night’s “town hall” didn’t stop when the event ended. The CNN “Reality Check” team went about doing a fact scrub, and proclaimed that every claim they investigated was true. Six were rated “True,” and two were “Mostly True.”

This is not the way the CNN “Reality Check” team handled the last GOP presidential debate on January 14 (which aired on Fox Business). Three claims were rated “True,” one was “Mostly True,” and two ere “True, but misleading.” Eight were “False.”

This is the count after one “False” for Trump (about Cruz birtherism) was converted to “True.” One was just dismissed as “It’s complicated.”

So let’s be blunt and assess that a “True, but misleading” is still a negative rating for candidates. Democrat ratings were 100 percent positive. Republican ratings were 66 percent negative. On CNN’s air shortly after their Iowa event, reporter Jim Sciutto touted up all the Truths:

Watch the video:

The mainstream media is as corrupt as the Democratic Party and totally in bed with them.

It’s sickening.



  1. MicahStone says

    “CNN Fact Checks Democrat Town Hall Debate AND FINDS EVERYTHING TRUE”
    —so they can keep their award !!!!!

  2. SAR2012 says

    With the exception of a few ‘civilians,’ it is a certainty all ‘progressives’ are lying if their hearts still beat. I so yearn for the time when most are – finally & reliably – quiet & truthful.

  3. Alphapunk says

    Hahahaahaaa, just when CNN had the chance to air Trumps event and screwed up by not showing it enough(could have recruited hundreds of thousands of Fox viewers for years to come) now they say this dumb shit? No wonder Fox smashes them in the ratings. Tv media needs to die, internet coverage is closer to reality and many websites don’t have an agenda.