Comedian Exposes The Liberal Lie About The GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE (VIDEO)

Crowder gun control

Steven Crowder recently tested the liberal narrative about the so-called gun show loophole with hilarious results.

It’s almost like Democrats have been lying about this issue. Almost.

The Blaze reported:

Comedian Goes Undercover to Test Out the ‘Gun Show Loophole’ — Watch How Gun Sellers React to Requests

With the debate over gun control in America raging on fiercer than ever, conservative pundit and comedian Steven Crowder decided he would conduct an experiment to see if it really is as easy to purchase automatic weapons as some liberal politicians and celebrities have claimed.

Crowder visited several weapon vendors at a gun show and attempted to buy a gun without a license, resulting in a hilarious failure that he recorded on a hidden camera. He then featured the undercover stunt on his web-based series Louder With Crowder.

“Fully automatic?” a vendor asks Crowder. “Oh, no. I don’t have a class three license.”

The video includes clips from Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton, as well as President Barack Obama and a handful of journalists and celebrities. In each clip, an individual mentions something relating to the wide accessibility of guns in America, particularly automatic weapons, which can reportedly be purchased even if a buyer doesn’t have a license.

“So I cannot buy a fully automatic?” Crowder asks another vendor.

“No. No one can really unless they have like a super-crazy license,” the vendor replies.

Watch the video:

Will anyone in the mainstream media ever show this video?

Probably not.



  1. silkworm19 says

    God bless Crowder, keep fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, due to all the misinformation and propaganda coming from the left and their minions in the media, you will have plenty of work ahead of you. I’m more than willing to help, where do I sign up?

  2. 0hiojoe says

    Great video, Thanks for doing such a great job exposing obungles lies for what they are.

    • Bubba Gump says

      I understand now. I will add one to my collection so I cannot be called racist or do in need to purchase multiples to reflect a certain percentage of black guns to my regular ones? #Blackgunsmatter