Dem Senator Says Trump And Sanders Have One Thing In Common


While the Presidential race has most political pundits pointing out how their candidate is more conservative or progressive than the others, some are taking a different route. One politician in particular is pointing out some of the candidates’ similarities.

MSNBC reports that Missouri Democrat Clare McCaskill says while it’s not fair to do a direct comparison between the Socialist Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, and Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, it is acceptable to point out they do share one thing in common: anger.

McCaskill said it would be “unfair” to compare Trump to Sanders, but said “they are both tapping in to anger, they are both tapping in to a huge number of people in this country that have lost faith that the constitutional government we were given, which requires compromise, is working.”

Senator McCaskill is correct in that both Trump and Sanders are tapping into the angry American demographic with their direct and harsh rhetoric.

But what she fails to realize is that while those on the Conservative right wish to preserve the constitutional government we were given, the Progressive left and right seek to destroy it and replace it with what those like Sanders refers to as a “more Democratic Society”. Or as President Obama put it, they wish to “fundamentally transform” the nation.

(Image: The Hill)


  1. Jeff Z says

    “….constitutional government we were given, which requires compromise, is working.”

    Since when did it require “compromise”??? All it require sis following it to the letter and most of it is what government can NOT do – which they now do en mass. “Compromise” is something this leftest twat added.

  2. JY1 says

    No. Clair-bear, we’re all ticked off because you and your little friends have hijacked the offices you occupy and you have violated the constitution over and over and over and over…