FLASHBACK: Bernie Sanders Promoted Anti Capitalist Newspaper ‘In These Times’

Bernie Sanders in these times

Would anyone be surprised to know Bernie Sanders used to help promote an openly anti-capitalist newspaper?

Newsalert reported:

Flashback : Comrade Sanders Promotes The Anti-Capitalist Message For Socialist Publication In These Times

Was Comrade Bernie Sanders ever a Soviet agent? Why did Hillary Clinton vote 93% of the time with Comrade Sanders in the United States Senate.

Bernie in these times

You’ve got to love how the paper asks for payment right under Bernie’s anti-capitalist message.


    • olddog says

      began his Communist endeavors while attending ChitCongo University in 1964..WTF is it about ChitCongo with Mudslimin community (D)isorganizers and COMMUNIST??? Fkg place is nothing but a recruiting center for (D)ung-Holes…PERIOD!!!!!