German Feminist is OK With RAPIST REFUGEES

German feminist

Modern feminism is not about the advancement of women, it’s about the advancement of leftism. If feminists truly cared about women, there would be outrage about the numerous sexual assaults in Europe by Muslim refugees.

Instead, they’re supporting rapists and calling detractors racists.

Red Alert Politics reports:

German feminist welcomes refugees: ‘Better rapists than racists’

A Facebook page for the radical left in Germany had a message for young women: “diversity is more important than your security.”

Rote Antifa posted a picture of young feminist on Thursday, holding a sign that stated she preferred rapists from Syria and North Africa over nationalists in Germany who have demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel stop taking in more refugees.

“Prefer sexually active fugitive as German racists,” was featured as the pictures caption.

Germany cities with high levels of refugees have been plagued with explosive increases in sexual assaults over the last few months.

The city of Cologne saw more than a thousand refugees molesting, assaulting, and raping young German women on New Years Eve alone.

This is just one more reason why no one should take feminists seriously.



  1. Alphapunk says

    See this White man? White woman? If you speak up against your sisters, mothers, daughters and nieces being GANG raped YOU ARE A RACIST THAT’S WORST THAN MASS GANG RAPISTS. Keep on “being smart” and shutting up and expect more of the same. IF A RACIST IS SOMEONE THAT PROTECTS THE WOMEN IN HIS LIFE CALL ME ONE, I WILL PROUDLY WEAR THE TAG “RACIST!” UNTIL THE DAY I DIE, AS LONG AS MY CHILDREN AND MY WOMEN ARE PROTECTED I DON’T CARE!
    When you confront crazy people like this do everything you can to show your utter disgust, let them know THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, NOT THAT OPINION! Intimidate, humiliate ANYTHING, this MUST STOP NOW BEFORE IT’S TO LATE FOR OUR CHILDREN.

  2. MicahStone says

    “German Feminist is OK With RAPIST REFUGEES”
    —leftist UGGOS try to get it anyway they can – since no normal man will go near them !!!!

    • Alphapunk says

      Next time this happens, yes there WILL BE A NEXT TIME BECAUSE NOTHING WAS DONE, WHERE ARE THE MASS ARRESTS, decent Whites should force German feminists into the streets and leave them be, let’s see how they feel smashed and gang raped.
      If that happened here i would have no problem killing as many gang rapists as possible, considering the police were HIDING so they didn’t have to fight a war with thousands of crazied barbarians you could “defend” AKA “kill” at your discretion. When thousands of foreigners are literally gang raping hundreds of defenseless women and the police HIDE what’s expected? That is not a time to defend yourself, it’s a time to actively patrol and defend the innocent with lethal force. We all know if this happens the German govt would go all out to find every “racist” THAT DARED TO STOP AN ARMY OF GANG RAPISTS. WHAT IS GOING ON? Time for talk is over, it’s time to use your IQ White man and defend yourselves with lethal force, be creative, these animals invite lethal self defense constantly.

  3. pM4X says

    Let them be gang raped for a week and see if they’d say the same thing. If this is a ploy for unattractive feminazis to get men, just go live in men’s prison for a year and leave all the decent and sensible women and children alone.

  4. Jon in MD 22 says

    Hey B!+€h, put up or shut up. Go to the nearest enclave of refugees and offer yourself up.. Oh wait you won’t because only someone else should be raped.
    Folks it’s past time you learned that liberalism is the road to slavery.

  5. Harry Balz says

    Wait till this crazy feminist gets beaten, sodomized, gang-raped, has to smell her own nasty breath under a burka, is forced to suck off her uncircumcised Muslim masters returning from their mosque, made to pray 5 times a day, relegated to doing laborious work for the rest of her life, not be allowed to vote or drive and be subjugated to tyrannical Sharia Law. At that point, she’ll be begging to get her “racists” white European citizens back.

  6. kazzer66 says

    Nice of her to think she can speak for the rest of the women in her country. Is it ok with her if they rape children, too? Pedophilia seems to be a favorite past time of the barbarian horde. How about goats? (I bet that one is NOT ok.)

  7. Tim says

    I usually chuckle when people say liberalism is a mental disorder – but seriously, what else could it be when liberal, feminist women, CHOOSE to welcome rapists in the name of “diversity”?

    I’ve also called them crazy before – but now, I truly believe it.

  8. 0hiojoe says

    She must enjoy being abused. Will they report her gang rape and murder when it happens? These muslims believe Aloha gives them authority over all infidels.

  9. DerekJR321 says

    Of course, the day will come when she gets some of that ficki ficki from her lovely migrant friends, and she’ll change her tune. Hope she doesn’t yell for help. That would be racist.

  10. emilia sanguine says

    Hopefully, very soon she will get her preference, a lot, in every hole, with a freshly installed batch of HIV, syph and festering herpes of the everything.

  11. Crystal Winterfrost says

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. And I don’t mean that as an mere insult. I mean that as a literal mentally unhealthy condition that should be treated with extensive therapy. No healthy human mind could possibly think like this.