HILARIOUS: Hillary Clinton Tells Chris Matthews NOBODY CAN BUY ME (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton has gotten more money from Wall Street than any presidential candidate, including Republicans. She has also made a fortune charging colleges vast sums of money for speeches.

Yet she claims she can’t be bought.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Clinton: ‘Anybody Who Knows Me Knows You Can’t Buy Me’

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said in an interview aired Wednesday night that special interest groups cannot buy her to gain access and influence as she continues to face scrutiny for taking large sums of money in speaking fees from the financial industry in recent years.

Speaking over the phone with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Clinton was asked how she will respond to impending attack ads from her main primary challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, Vt.), who is expected to target her ties to Wall Street.

“As anybody who knows me knows, you can’t buy me,” Clinton said in response, defending her commitment to regulate financial firms and weaken Wall Street’s influence.

Watch the video:

Is there anyone in politics who lies with more ease than this woman?


  1. Fester N Boyle says

    Tired of Hillary’s and Democrat Party lawlessness and their silent GOP accomplices? Deface the currency, write Hillary for Prison on your bills and send them on.

  2. JY1 says

    You can’t sell the same exact thing to more than one person, or it’s fraud.

    So, in fairness, she could probably say “If I sell myself to anyone else, it will be fraud”, because 100,000% of the controlling interest in Hillary has already been sold.

  3. ronald larson says

    More lies coming out of hillys mouth. She is just a big scumbag that thinks that all people are as stupid as she is and will believe everything she says time after time.

  4. Acttorneyatliar says

    I’m sold. So is Shrillary; that’s why nobody (else) can buy her – unless the price is right. Then she’ll just do to her prospective new owners and her current owners what she does best – lie.

  5. Sanityisrare says

    Snow isn’t white, gravity doesn’t exist, Clinton’s don’t lie and BO didn’t give that “stand down” order at Benghazi.