Hillary Clinton’s Trustworthy Rating is 36 Percent AMONG DEMOCRATS

CBS News Hosts The Democratic Presidential Primary Debate At Drake University

According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, Hillary Clinton got a paltry 36 percent approval for being trustworthy from Democrats when compared with her socialist rival Bernie Sanders.

These numbers are devastating:

Clinton’s Advantage Hits a Campaign Low; She Lags on Trust While Leading on Issues (POLL)

Hillary Clinton’s advantage over Bernie Sanders has shrunk to its smallest of the 2016 campaign, with Sanders building a double-digit lead on honesty and trustworthiness and negating Clinton’s onetime strength in connecting with voters’ priorities.

Clinton still leads in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll in trust to handle individual issues – with the exception of regulating banks and other financial institutions – as well as on electability. She’s also aided by broad support from non-whites and by her association with the Obama administration, given the president’s vast popularity within the party.

Clinton’s single greatest vulnerability has worsened in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates: Sanders now leads by 12 points, 48-36 percent, in being seen as more honest and trustworthy, vs. 6 points last month and an even split in October. Should Clinton emerge as the nominee, it’s an issue the Republican candidate likely will repeat at every chance.

Gee, what could have caused so much distrust for Hillary?

Was it her lies about Benghazi, her email server, Bill’s past, her constant flip-flopping on multiple issues or something else?


  1. geezee says

    Wow, even ‘they’ don’t believe her by a 2/3 margin , and they are used to being pandered and lied to !

  2. kayakbob says

    Actually, we don’t know yet if those numbers are “devastating” or not. I say that after hearing a “passionate” (their term) Clinton supporter I know. When asked about Hillary’s trustworthiness (not by me), I heard this supporter reply, “No. I don’t believe much of what Hillary says about anything. But I’m fine with that”. Huh?

    As the supporter continued, I realized “dishonesty” is apparently a sign of intelligence to some people. To this supporter, Hillary’s dishonesty is the smart play.

    Paraphrase of what came next from this supporter: Sanders can’t win as an open socialist. Hillary is a socialist too, but knows that doesn’t fly in much of this country..yet. So she must hide who she is until she gets in there.Then she can be who she really is, and the country will (quote) “grow” to accept it. (Although it wasn’t clear whether the reference was to Hillary or Socialism at that point). As for Hillary’s dishonesty about personal decisions on servers, Bengazi, whatever. So what? To this supporter, all politicians lie. Therefore, the subject of the lie, or degree of lie from any politician is irrelevant. Therefore, it’s acceptable, if not downright necessary.

    Moral equivalence. There is no difference between lying to the country about handling national security and lying to your 5 year old about “dog heaven” when the dog got hit by a car. They are both a lie, therefore they are equally acceptable.

    I couldn’t resist asking: How do you feel about “lie’s” of WMD’s? She seemed to see the conflict her own rationale just put herself in, and conveniently ignored it.

    This is the thinking inside a segment of the Democrat party. The only question is: how big, or small, is that segment?

    We are going to find out very soon.

  3. OGU812 says

    Women can’t believe she protects her serial rapist husband. Even to the point where she is guilty of blaming the victim and punishing them, maybe even making them dissappear,

  4. Gilfavor says

    The voter fraud will be on a grand scale, I believe. Killery is counting on george soros counting the votes. . . . just my opinion.