parents and kid

Just when you think things couldn’t get any more politically correct, they do. In Canada, it’s apparently now offensive to use the most basic words for parents.

Amren reports:

It used to be: “Heather has two mommies.”

Now, it’s: “Heather has two non-gendered and inclusive caregivers.”

That’s the language the New Democratic Party government in Alberta, Canada, is telling teachers and school administrators to use when adressing the adults with whom students are living. Out: “mother” and “father.” In: “parent,” “caregiver,” “partner,” whatever.

And God help you if refer to one of the little rascals as “him” or “her.”

With progressives, nothing can be simple anymore.



  1. SAR2012 says

    Well, the education personnel who have this forced upon them may be one thing. I’d *LOVE* to see some bureaucratic drone try to enforce it with most parents (other than the freaks & pervs so loved by the left). Years ago I received a phone call from a female assistant principal ‘for discipline’ whose knickers were knotted just short of terminal loss of blood flow. Seemed my son had used the term ‘b*tch* in the hearing of another PC feminist instructor & she had dissolved into a steaming hissy fit on the spot. After few minutes of horriibly offended invective, I told the VP to “STHU and stop wasting my time with this Mickey Mouse PC nonsense.” Into the dazed silence which followed, I informed her that even if my son’s words were not directed at the ‘victim,’ I would have been perfectly unconcerned if they had been as I knew her well & believed she needed more than one rabies shot a year. Oddly enough, we never heard anything more from Ms. Knickers ever again. Too many people with authority try to bulldoze others with this self-righteous manure. Like all bullies, typically they back down very quickly in the face of determined resistance. Them that don’t … take lumps in some form when they overstep. So damn tired of these strutting small minded martinets … most of them with an ‘L’ after their names in Canada or ‘D’ here. Their peers failed in their duty to wash the prissy ones’ hair in the toilets during recess, thus leaving them ignorant of basic matters of comportment such as minding their own F business & STFU. This is why we have such worthless, arrogant, mincing pukes as DingleBarry & bahny fwanks wrecking the nation, to say nothing of the stables full of Cankles & Fauxcahontas types off their leashes. We have more wrong than ‘progressives,’ yet removing them from positions of authority, however achieved, will solve the largest number and worst of them.

    • AnonymousMax says

      The child,..I refuse to use the discriminating and non inclusive terms he or she,..the the child will immediately and rightfully be sent to reeducation camp.

  2. teekay51 says

    That’s just the Canadians, they are the most polite people on the planet and go out of their way to be nice to everyone and make them feel good about themselves; unless you are playing hockey, then they channel their inner Attila the Hun.

  3. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Can we use “biological contributor” or “child-rearing entity”? Are those okay?

  4. D.M. Ryan says

    Brave New World was not an instruction manual.” We’ve gotten to the point where this has to be said….

  5. jj333 says

    This has been done within the education system under the guise of that politically correct, nauseating “inclusivity” bandwagon. Teachers are encouraged NOT to say mom and dad, husband and wife or any other traditional terminology. This is to appease the .0001% of students who have two ‘mommies’ or two ‘daddies’, but in reality, it’s done to trash Christianity and replace it with ‘humanism’.

  6. jtns says

    massachusetts marriage certificates now say partner one and partner two: husband, wife, male, female no longer exist. we are sick.