SURPRISE! Muslim YouTube Questioner at GOP Debate Was a BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER

Bernie Supporter 1

It’s a documented fact that one of the YouTube questions at last night’s GOP debate was from a Bernie Sanders supporter.

What’s more amazing, that this happened or that it wasn’t reported anywhere in the mainstream media?

Breitbart reported:

GOP Debate’s Islamic-Advocate Questioner Also Is A Bernie Sanders Supporter

The Islamic advocate and fashion-blogger invited by Google and Fox to question the GOP’s 2016 candidates at the Jan. 28 debate is also a supporter of far-left 2016 candidate, Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Nabela Noor tweeted a picture of herself wearing a red Sanders sweatshirt on Jan. 16.

Bernie Supporter 2

Noor, who describes herself as an advocate for Islam, earlier posted a video portraying Adolf Hitler in agreement with Trump.

Bernie supporter 3

If FOX News is such a “conservative” network, why are Bernie Sanders supporters allowed to ask questions at a Republican debate? Would the opposite scenario ever happen at a Dem debate? Don’t bet on it.

Ace asks the right question here:



  1. teekay51 says

    they need more of them to be involved. Like with Rep Alan Grayson from Florida, everyone needs to see what radical loons these people really are. The only way to do that is to remove the MSM filters. I think it was good strategy and was Schadenfreude at its best.

  2. Everett Higgs says

    This cream filled donut doesn’t realize that she has no credibility whatsoever since she’s an advocate for Islam. Also, she betrays her ignorance by comparing Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler….Really ? Just goes to show, she has no education whatsoever , therefore she’s just a waste of everybodys time. I might also say that perhaps she needs to open up a Fitness Club Membership.