Texas Newspaper Publishes Map Showing Where CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT HOLDERS LIVE

Concealed Carry Texas

Try to imagine the outrage which would follow if a newspaper anywhere in America showed where welfare recipients lived.It would dominate headlines for days.

Concealed carry permit holders on the other hand, are fair game.

This is from My San Antonio:

Who’s licensed to open carry? The 40 ZIPs in Texas where the most CHL holders live

Nearly 40 ZIP codes in Texas are home to at least 2,500 concealed handgun licensees, who are allowed to openly carry their pistols in public under a new state law, according to data obtained by mySA.com under Texas open records laws.

The ZIPs with the most licensees are peppered throughout the state, with the majority located in suburbs of major metros like San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, which has seven of the 10 most-licensed ZIPs, the records show.

Other postal codes with at least 2,500 people licensed to carry are in places including Midland, Lubbock and College Station. Three ZIP codes near San Antonio meet that threshold, including Kerrville, Boerne and New Braunfels.

In total, there are 937,419 active CHL holders in Texas — about 3.6 percent of the state’s population — according to the records, and 299 Texas ZIP codes are home to 1,000 or more individuals who are licensed to carry. Those areas account for about 55 percent of all CHL holders in the Lone Star State.

Do liberals really think they can shame people into giving up their Second Amendment rights?

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  1. SAR2012 says

    As strong as my beliefs are about the 2nd Amd, I fail to see how it is threatened by this. Unlike the egregiously mendacious actions of Ms. Lambert & Ms. Hasson of the NY Journal News in publishing the personal data of CCW holders in greater NYC, this simply indicates areas where the permits cluster, for whatever reason(s). Granted, those responsible are certainly found under rocks after dark, yet unless I’m missing something here, they are more to be disdained as brain-dead, clueless hoplophobes than as a serious danger to the honest ciitizenry. Let ’em go play in the traffic.

    • Reg says

      Those weren’t CCW, they were handgun owners’ permits, if I remember right. Those are required throughout the state, but well-off people in exurban counties have little problem getting them– especially if they donate to the sheriff’s reelection fund!

      When that came out, I thought, why not flip the map? Republish it with the NON-permit holders
      emphasized… and labeled “homes easy to burgle”.

      • RevG says

        A guy had an argument with a neighbor because he was teaching his boys gun safety and taking them to a range. After the neighbor accused him of being negligent with his kids he put up a sign with a big red arrow in his yard ” Pointing to his neighbors house it said in 6 inch letters ___> Gun Free Zone “

        • says

          I actually did that once. My neighbour called the sheriff. A deputy visited me, he thought it was funny. But he asked me politely to take it down so the sheriff wouldn’t have to listen to my neighbour’s whining.
          So I took it down.

      • Suzanne Rice says

        That is already done with this map. Those areas not shown to have high numbers of CHL licenses are not in red. Those are the criminals’ targets.

    • Suzanne Rice says

      It doesn’t threaten the 2nd Amendment. By showing where the low areas of CHL holders are, it targets those without a gun (at least the kind hi-lighted by this map). Those are the people being threatened by this. Gun owners have nothing to fear from this map. The map is showing criminals exactly who are the easier targets, leading them straight to those peoples’ neighborhoods.

  2. OGU812 says

    The idiots don’t realize most people haven’t registered or app;ied for a ccl license.
    So, the map is half true. It probably should be colored mostly red. Many people have an arsenal to dole out six to eight pieces to hand out when The SHTF. Liberals are proven retarded and ignorant again.

  3. Hillary For Prison says

    I want the address of all welfare and Section 8 properties. We would be shocked to know that many steal from tax payers and are NOT eligible for welfare or Section 8. We pay for it, why not?

  4. RWGinger says

    Headline on article kinda misleading. As someone else noted the article only shows areas where some CHL holders live. Not sure how that rises to any outrage. Now if they’d shown addresses!

    • Suzanne Rice says

      It shows the zip codes. That doesn’t pinpoint exact houses, but a smart criminal would know to avoid the zip code area altogether. The map shows which areas might be easier targets. Those are the people who should be upset by this map, not the CHL owners.

  5. Reg says

    Don’t publish the addresses of permit holders. Publish the addresses of non-permit holders. Label those “easy marks”.

    • Suzanne Rice says

      They have already done that with this map. Those not marked as having guns are simultaneously shown as being good places to target.

  6. Come and take it says

    My question is, why isn’t the whole state red?!! Im surprised there are so few CHL holders in Texas.

  7. says

    The only lists that government should have are the felons and mentally ill. The first stage of confiscation of weapons is the government possessing a list of those who possess weapons (AG Janet Reno, as I recall). Then at the appropriate time, a criminal government can go to those addresses and steal their weapons. Then, government has absolute control of citizens.

    BTW, Janet Reno presided over the Ruby Ridge and Waco murders.

  8. RevG says

    The law is clear that CHL holders can not be disclosed to the public. The news paper had statistics of licensing of different areas. Nothing to see here.

  9. Indiana Mike says

    Put on the net the addresses and pictures of all this Newspapers editors, writers and owners. Give their estimated net worth. And the fact that they are unarmed in their homes…

  10. DJUMV says

    So if a gun gets stolen from one of these residences, can the author is this piece be charged as an accomplice to burglery?

    It’s only fitting, since one of the anti-gun talking points is theft of guns from criminals.

  11. Bryan says

    I’d love to see someone – with more resources and time than me – do the same map for violent crime statistics and see what, if any, correlations there are.. Something tells me the colored zip codes on this map wouldn’t be so colored on that map.