GOOD NEWS: Democrat Voter Turnout So Far Is WAY LOWER THAN 2008

Hillary Clinton

With no Obama on the ballot, Democrats have seen a significant shrink in the number of people showing up to vote so far.

The liberal Huffington Post is sounding the alarm:

Democrats Should Be Very Nervous About Their Terrible Turnout Numbers

Hillary Clinton had a great night on Saturday. The Democratic Party had a terrible one.

Clinton trounced Sen. Bernie Sanders by nearly 3-to-1 in the South Carolina primary, winning every single county in the state. The thumping followed a convincing Clinton victory in the Nevada caucuses less than a week earlier, and sets the stage for a strong showing for Clinton on Super Tuesday, when 11 states are in play.

For the Democratic Party establishment, these wins are being interpreted as a sign that the universe is back in order, after a 74-year-old democratic socialist from Vermont had seemingly knocked everything out of orbit. Party leaders long ago picked Clinton as their standard-bearer for 2016 and worked to clear the field of potential primary challengers. When Sanders began closing on Clinton in national polls and clobbered her in New Hampshire, the establishment bet was starting to look shaky. Had they lost touch with the core concerns of the party’s base? After South Carolina, Sanders’ chances to secure an upset nomination are dwindling.

Exit polling showed that Clinton won every demographic tracked except voters under 30. Even here, she was far more competitive with Sanders than in prior contests, losing just 54 percent to 46 percent. She even won a higher share of the black vote than Barack Obama did in 2008.

But Democratic Party elites shouldn’t be high-fiving each other. They should be very, very worried.

Worried Democrats is good news for America.

Immigrant Rally Says White People Need To “Feel Discomfort”

ImmigrantRallyFlyer“If you’re white, be ok with knowing that you may not be trusted because of what you look like. It takes time to build that trust, you may need to sit with that discomfort when trying to be an ally” reads part of a flyer that was being passed out at a rally to support “immigrants” and “refugees” in Portland last month.

And, apparently, by saying you don’t see color, this oppresses people and denies them their experiences. The muslim head scarf, called a hijab, apparently empowers women. Don’t question someone who thinks they are oppressed, as that just oppresses them further. And last, but certainly not least, don’t treat others as you wish to be treated, but treat them how they wish to be treated.

One of the MCs of the rally was Kayse Jama, of the Center For Intercultural Organizing, who says it’s racist to do background checks on the Syrian “refugees”, and encourages the crowd to call Oregon Senator’s Wyden and Merkley and tell them to oppose the bill.

Another speaker was a crazed Black Panther guy who goes off on a rant about white people, capitalism, “patriarchy”, and “neo colonialism”.

Joseph Santos-Lyons, of the Asian Pacific American Network Of Oregon (APANO), says white people rely on fear to maintain the status quo, and are insecure about multi culturalism and interfaiths.

An instructor at University Of Oregon’s “Labor & Education Research” department, Raahi Reddy, claims that Donald Trump wants to imprison Japanese Americans.

Andrea Paluso, of Family Forward Oregon, poses the question of “To my white brothers and sisters in the room, what are you willing to risk, to give up? How are you going to step forward to claim it? How are you going to step back, so that all can be seen?” after going off about “A great topic of concern and violent focus for so many men this today and always. The occupation of women’s bodies is a well exploited act of war. It is an exercise in complete domination. It leaves no grey areas. It is direct, it is violent, it is everything. Whether by force or by the powerful coercion of legislation, how can women know freedom or justice when our bodies are under the domain of angry and fearful men?”

Here are few other handouts from the rally:

img024 img025 img023

Eva Longoria Demanded Celebs Wear Brown Ribbons To Support Latinos At Oscars

eva longoria

The Hollywood Left is constantly playing the race card. The latest incident involves Eva Longoria perpetuating identity politics for the sake of “supporting” Latinos.

Fox News reported:

Actress Eva Longoria wants Latinos to make a colorful statement at the Oscars on Sunday.

She wants those attending to wear brown ribbons to show solidarity with Latinos in the entertainment industry.

Longoria’s move comes as the Oscar nominations this year refocused attention on the lack of diversity among the nominees, as well as to underscore the lack of Latinos who work in movies.

The so-called Brown Ribbon Campaign asks supporters to be active on Twitter, as well, by using the hashtags #HollywoodBrownout and #BrownRibbonCampaign, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

How about you stop making phony gestures with ribbons and actually contribute to a charity?

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Obama Criticizes ISIS For RAISING TAXES


Considering all the horrific things ISIS has done, you would think Obama could find something to be more outraged about than ISIS raising taxes on people in the areas it controls.

Besides, doesn’t Obama like higher taxes?

CNS News reports:

Obama Criticizes ISIL for Raising Taxes

In an address delivered at the State Department on Thursday, President Barack Obama said that the Islamic State—which he referred to by the acronym ISIL—was stoking resentment among the populations under its control by hiking taxes.

“As its finances shrink, ISIL is also imposing more taxes and fines on those under its brutal rule,” said Obama. “That, in turn, stokes even more resentment among local populations. More people are realizing that ISIL is not a caliphate, it’s a crime ring.”

“So they’re not winning over hearts and minds, and they’re under severe pressure,” said Obama.

Raising taxes is not good but what about that whole burning people alive in cages thing?

Isn’t that a little worse?

Oregon House Passes Gun Control Bill. Barely.

Oregon_House_ChamberBy one vote, the Oregon House was able to pass HB 4147, which is final Bloomberg backed bill that’s still alive in the legislature. This bill started off as an indefinite delay bill, meaning that gun buyers who end up “delayed” on their background checks would not be able to take possession of their firearm until the Oregon State Police have completed a background check. The bill was watered down to put a cap on the clock at 10 days, meaning that if the OSP could not find a reason to deny the person, they could take delivery of the merchandise.

The bill passed out the House judiciary committee, where former friend of gun owners flip flopped on his prior statements and voting record, and passed the bill.

He ended up being the “carrier” of the bill on the floor, which means he had to answer questions about the bill and make the case for it.

During the floor discussion on the bill, Rep. Andy Olson asked Barker and bill sponsor Jennifer Williamson if they knew the success rate of preventing “gun violence”, and Williamson refused to answer the follow up question and deferred to Barker, where Olson asked if anyone could cite one example where a crime would have been prevented has this bill been law over the last five years. Barker could not cite one example.

Well known anti gunner Rep Lew Frederick spoke in support of the bill, and said “I’ve already been accused of wanting to get rid of guns. I’ll be very clear. Yes, I do believe there are too many of them in our neighborhoods and on our streets. And I do believe that the sheer number of guns makes us all less safe. I know many feel that a gun in their hands is different, because they will, every one of them, be heroes if ever a situation ever called for heroics happens. But the statistics show that more guns adds up to more violence, more innocent lives lost.”

A rare moment of sanity filled the chamber when Rep. Julie Parrish rose to speak against the bill, and proceeded to shoot down pretty much every talking point that the proponents of the bill used.

The bill’s own sponsor wrapped up the debate by admitting that the bill won’t do anything to prevent crime.

The bill passed 31-28, with Barker being the deciding vote. Three democrats, Brad Witt, Caddy McKeown, and Deborah Boone joined the Republicans in voting against it. The bill is now sitting in the Senate, with Senate president Peter Courtney saying that bill probably won’t move, as time is running out in the short session and he would rather not take on such a controversial bill.

Raven Symone Says She’s Moving To CANADA If The GOP NOMINATES ANY Candidate (VIDEO)


Hollywood pundits aren’t too smart, but during election year they love to go around threatening to move out of the country, as if anyone really cares.

The Blaze reports:

Raven-Symone has done it again.

The co-host of “The View” — who’s made a number ofheadline-grabbingstatements on the TV talk show — seems to have a curious perception of the American political process.

In regard to the 2016 presidential election campaign, Raven-Symone declared on Thursday’s program that “if any Republican gets nominated I’m gonna move to Canada with my entire family.”

Buh bye Raven!

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Illegal Aliens Demand Better Work Conditions


12661920_1218841684812551_5643809853017949053_nSelf-admitted “undocumented” farm workers gathered in Olympia, WA, to protest work conditions at Driscoll’s fruit farms. With the help of an interpreter, they complained about having to work in varying weather conditions, such as rain, cold, and heat, you know, the things that come along with working in fields. I guess they want Driscoll’s to control the weather for them.

They also said that child labor is being used, with children as young as 12 working at these places. They talked about this being a struggle from border to border, and said now is the time to “internationalize the proletariat struggle”.

The facebook event page for this protest was sponsored by Community to Community Development, Formación Cívica, NWDC Resistance/Resistencia al NWDC, and Latino Advocacy.

Celebs Will Wear Anti-Gun Bracelets at Oscars While SURROUNDED BY MEN WITH GUNS

Gun Control bracelet

Gun control is all the rage in the liberal Hollywood crowd and some of them will wear bracelets at the Oscars to show it. Ironically, they’ll be surrounded by armed security at the time.

Awr Hawkins reports at Breitbart:

Celebrities to Wear Gun Control Bracelets at Oscars While Surrounded by Massive Increase in Armed Security

Celebrities like Patricia Arquette, Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, and others, plan to make wear gun control bracelets at the 2016 Oscars while benefiting from massive increases in armed security at the event.

The bracelets are part of a gun control push sponsored by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

According to People magazine, the bracelets are “decorated in a simple black and gold design” and part of the Brady Campaign’s efforts to recruit celebs and other Hollywood “influencers” to join their push for gun control.

The Brady Campaign is pressing Congress to pass universal background checks, among other things. Those checks are the law of the land in California, Colorado, and Washington State, where they have proven absolutely impotent to stop determined attackers. California witnessed the May 2014 Santa Barbara attack at the hands of Elliot Rodger and the San Bernardino terror attack on December 2, 2015; Colorado witnessed the Planned Parenthood gunman on November 27 and a high profile gunman on Halloween day; and four people were killed by an unnamed gunman in Washington State on February 26, 2016; yet gun control advocates are pressing for these checks to be instituted nationally as a way “to stop gun violence.”

Do as we say, not as we do.

Classic liberalism.


You Won’t BELIEVE What a Bernie Sanders Supporter Said to The Head of the NAACP in South Carolina


This might be one of the reasons Bernie Sanders lost the black vote to Hillary Clinton in South Carolina. You won’t believe this exchange between a Bernie Sanders phone bank worker and the head of the NAACP in the state.

From Yahoo News:

How Hillary Clinton won the battle for the black vote in South Carolina

Dot Scott, the president of the NAACP’s Charleston branch, was similarly critical of Sanders’ team. Scott, who admitted being family friends with Clinton’s South Carolina state director, said she only had one contact with the Sanders campaign, and it went “sour.”

Like many South Carolinians, Scott has received calls at home from phone bankers. She said one of these entreaties from the Sanders campaign led her to go off on a 10-minute tirade and demand an apology.

“One of my experiences that I think I won’t forget for a long time is a call that I got from the Sanders campaign. This person that called asked me was I voting for Sen. Sanders. I said no. I was voting for Secretary Clinton. The phone went silent for a little bit,” Scott recounted. “You could hear this person struggling to come up with what they’re going to say next. … They call that a real pregnant pause, nine months’ worth of pregnant pause. And he finally came back and he says to me, ‘You know, Senator Sanders is for welfare.’”

This did not provoke a positive reaction from Scott.

“I lost it. So you’re going to assume either from my voice or from my selection that the most important thing that Sen. Sanders is going to be working on that would interest me is more welfare?” Scott said. “I went on to read him the riot act. Listen, I’m not only a college graduate; I’ve got a masters. My daughter is a college graduate. I have never had one ounce of welfare before. I ain’t never lived in public housing. None of those things.”

According to Scott, the Sanders supporter who called her “didn’t know what to say.”

Word of that exchange probably got around, don’t you think?

It also says a lot about what’s in the minds of Sanders supporters.


Professor Claims It’s Sexist To Link Hillary To Bill Clinton’s Presidency (VIDEO)

michael eric dyson

Apparently, even mentioning that Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton is now sexist!

Breitbart reports:

Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson argued that imputing the policies of former President Bill Clinton to Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is sexist on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.”

When in doubt, scream sexism!

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