Eva Longoria Demanded Celebs Wear Brown Ribbons To Support Latinos At Oscars

eva longoria

The Hollywood Left is constantly playing the race card. The latest incident involves Eva Longoria perpetuating identity politics for the sake of “supporting” Latinos.

Fox News reported:

Actress Eva Longoria wants Latinos to make a colorful statement at the Oscars on Sunday.

She wants those attending to wear brown ribbons to show solidarity with Latinos in the entertainment industry.

Longoria’s move comes as the Oscar nominations this year refocused attention on the lack of diversity among the nominees, as well as to underscore the lack of Latinos who work in movies.

The so-called Brown Ribbon Campaign asks supporters to be active on Twitter, as well, by using the hashtags #HollywoodBrownout and #BrownRibbonCampaign, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

How about you stop making phony gestures with ribbons and actually contribute to a charity?

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  1. JY1 says

    KRAMER: I tell ya, there’s some people, they just wear a ribbon and they
    think they’re doin’ something? Not me. I talk the talk, and I walk the
    walk, baby. I’ll be right back.

  2. Gary Jones says

    Quit picking on poor entitled Eva, she knows no better. Just the left side of the aisle making noise just for the noise.