Illegal Aliens Demand Better Work Conditions


12661920_1218841684812551_5643809853017949053_nSelf-admitted “undocumented” farm workers gathered in Olympia, WA, to protest work conditions at Driscoll’s fruit farms. With the help of an interpreter, they complained about having to work in varying weather conditions, such as rain, cold, and heat, you know, the things that come along with working in fields. I guess they want Driscoll’s to control the weather for them.

They also said that child labor is being used, with children as young as 12 working at these places. They talked about this being a struggle from border to border, and said now is the time to “internationalize the proletariat struggle”.

The facebook event page for this protest was sponsored by Community to Community Development, Formación Cívica, NWDC Resistance/Resistencia al NWDC, and Latino Advocacy.


  1. SineWaveII says

    I don’t blame them. They shouldn’t be here and should be sent home. But since the government is complicit in allowing them to stay then they should be paid the minimum wage and benefits required by law same as anyone else. One of the reasons we have this ongoing illegal alien problem is because employers are allowed to break laws and hire them. This needs to stop. We need a crackdown. If employers want to hire illegals they should have to pay them the same wage and benefits they would have to pay anyone else.
    Hopefully we’ll see more of this.

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    • Russ Gallegher says

      By all means, force the employer to pay the wages due. Then, slap on a hefty government FINE for knowingly hirng illegals. Also make them pay WORKERS’ COMPENSATION. If underage workers were used, prosecute them for violations of child labor laws.
      I checked Driscoll’s web site and it says they’re a ‘family-owned’ business. Some ‘family values,’ eh?

      • Tom Lowe says

        If underage workers were used, then prosecute and fine their parents for child abuse along with the employer.

    • Tom Lowe says

      Nonsense. Fine and imprison the employer and send these criminal invaders back to Mexico where they belong. Use their ill-gotten wages to pay for the transportation and for legal settlements to the Americans who needed those jobs and whose jobs were stolen by these invaders.

    • JacksonPearson says

      They should contact the Donald’s after he’s in the white house and I’m sure he can negotiate a deal for them to return to Mexico. /S

  2. Tym O'Byrne says

    Look on the bright side, they appear to be eating way to much food, being fat is a sign of wealth, 25% tax on money transfers out of country, make them pay for the wall.

  3. Russ Gallegher says

    If the Department of Labor were doing its job, instead of being a hack-o-rama for Barry Insane’s Marxists, they’d be handcuffing the owners of this business.

  4. Russ Gallegher says

    I called the corporate headquarters of my local supermarket to alert them to this; Driscoll’s is a brand name I often see there. When I see their products for sale next time I’ll bring it up with the store manager. I suggest others complain to supermarkets in their areas.

    • Tom Lowe says

      And what about all of Driscoll’s competitors who use illegal alien labor (as in every single one)? Have you called your supermarket about all of them yet?

  5. Buster000 says

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  6. the_strickler says

    Last time I buy anything with a Driscol’s label. No illegal immigrant fruit in my house.

    • Tom Lowe says

      Everything you buy was picked by one while your country turned into a garbage dump.

  7. SAR2012 says

    Too bad, so sad. No one forced you to break our laws, ya know? i’m sure you can find an American willing to buy you a one-way ticket back.

  8. Old King Cole says

    Maybe they should go find better working conditions…in Mexico
    Build the wall…hey what hypocrites Fox and the other Mex’s are .. their southern border is heavily fortified with a 20 ft fence, troops and a no mans land… the troops have orders to shoot to kill too.
    Round them all up and send them home to strave

  9. Fed Up says


  10. Badger Badgerism says

    man…they are lucky I aint mowing them down with a machine gun

  11. Eric Levoy says

    Business owners who hire illegal aliens have as little respect for the law as illegals themselves do. They’re free to seek employment elsewhere, where they came from, preferably.

  12. Dave Mende says

    So true. Their employers are criminals. What kind of treatment do you expect from criminals?
    Get used to it.