Based on the way leftists are rallying around Bernie Sanders, you would think he has an impressive resume but the reality is that during his years in congress he got very little done.

Frontpage Mag reports:

Bernie Sanders Only Passed 3 Bills, 2 Renamed Post Offices

Bernie Sanders keep shrieking that we need a “POLITICAL REVOLUTION”. But what has America’s Greatest Progressive since Sinclair Lewis been doing in his sinecure in the House and Senate?

Mainly renaming Vermont post offices. At least renaming Vermont post offices more than anything else.

Bernie Sanders co-sponsored three bills that passed. One of them was “A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 35 Park Street in Danville, Vermont, as the “Thaddeus Stevens Post Office”.”

Thaddeus Stevens was a member of the Anti-Catholic Know Nothing Party who became a Republican. His class warfare politics led him to make at least one anti-Semitic remark.

But Bernie Sanders also kept busy by co-sponsoring a bill to “designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1 Marble Street in Fair Haven, Vermont, as the “Matthew Lyon Post Office Building”.

If you guessed that Matthew Lyon was an otherwise obscure progressive hero who was mainly known for making an ass out of himself, also being sent to prison under the Alien and Sedition Act, you would be correct.

Funny how our not-at-all-biased media never asks about this, huh?


    • Patriot2016 says

      The thing is, he hasn’t given anything other than FALSE promises.

      These morons actually believe he’s going to give away everything with NO knowledge that he is incapable of doing it and how much it costs.

      Anyone who believes in Sanders should go back to school and take an economics class.

      • Tj says

        He has said he most likely will not be able to accomplish what he is proposing. That the people will have to continually pressure congress for there future

        • Shannon Morris says

          Maybe if you had gone to college with your tuition paid for by A SMALL TAX ON SPECULATIVE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS ON WALL STREET, you would know the difference between “there” and “their”.

  1. JY1 says

    Much like all career politicians.

    Just remember what Bernie said when asked if he was a career politician:

    “If you look at my career as a politician, you will see that I am not a career politician.”

    • says

      Bernie was more of a real slacker in his early years allowing his wife to make the $200,000.00 a year income while he did nothing. When the job of mayor came open he was a change to make some money and jumped on it.. little or no opposition and years later the same kind of things happened in the senate race and hes been there ever since. He has done little to create new laws to help the people and when he was offered the chance to be a part of the foreign policy committee he said he wanted nothing to do with foreign policy. So now he sits in the senate and does not even attend all of the meetings he is supposed to attend and yells what all True Democrats yell.

      He is facing a woman who was a lawyer, senator, Secretary of state and has worked on many bills and helped to get them passed. She created a peace between Israel and Hamas. Spoke on Human rights in China and spoke out for the women in China. She has the experience and education to run this nation. watch her speech that just came out in Wisconsin… You can find it on facebook at the following page: The Tab Wisconisin

      • Jay wyaman says

        Sounds just like you. naracistic asshole that is so full of himself. Let’s look at your record and how you screwed so many people in your life. Look in the mirror you con.

  2. MicahStone says

    “Bernie Sanders Accomplished Almost NOTHING WHILE SERVING FOR YEARS”
    –at least Shrillary has one “accomplishment”

    • Cecil Memmers says

      I’d vote for her if she had a dick. Maybe she does. Who knows. Better than any fool the republicans have trotted out.

  3. Oregonian1 says

    Bernie is giving all the “progressives” cover for their agenda, which is unadulterated socialism/borderline communism. That’s why we are now reading lamestream media articles about young millennials being “more accepting of socialism”! It’s also why they can’t answer the question about the difference between a “progressive” and a Democrat.

    • Patriot2016 says

      Exactly. When people called Obama a Socialist, everyone freaked out. How dare you! Why? Because it’s an insult?

      Yeah. Yeah it is an insult.

      And they’re both raging Socialists.

      They both talk about greed.

      Isn’t it greedy to take something from someone else with NO effort on your part?

      And why on Earth does ANYONE trust our government with MORE of our money?!

      They’re mismanaging the money we’ve given already.

      If you knew someone who continued to ask for a loan, never paid you back and blew it on BS…would you keep giving them MORE money?

      Or would you cut them off or AT LEAST put them on a budget?

      Economics 101

      • says

        “Isn’t it greedy to take something from someone else with NO effort on your part?”

        Well, I hope you’ve never driven on an Interstate highway, enjoyed a national park, or have parents on Medicare because that’s the kind of “socialism” Bernie is talking about. It’s not about getting stuff for free; it’s about everyone contributing to the common good.

      • Shannon Morris says

        “And why on Earth does ANYONE trust our government with MORE of our money?!”
        Sweden has put a ceiling on government spending and LOWERED taxes since the financial crisis in 2008.

        Why on earth does ANYONE trust a media that wants to convince you that Exxon cares about the environment, McDonald’s is good food, and Hangover 2 isn’t a crappy movie?

    • Shannon Morris says

      Apparently, conservatives can’t tell the difference between socialism and a socialist DEMOCRACY, such as Sweden.

      “…the country’s economy was sometimes dismissed as ‘socialist’, but now it is held up as an example of capitalism done right.”

      “First, in 1996 a ceiling for government expenditures (utgiftstak) was introduced.”
      Yes, a cap on GOVERNMENT SPENDING, so that “debt isn’t passed on to future generations.” But screw your kids, right? Because freedoms!

      “… taxes in Sweden have actually been lowered since the crisis began. Sweden has also continued to invest in areas like healthcare, education and research, instead of having to cut heavily in these areas like in some countries.”
      That’s right, LOWER TAXES! Damn Commies!

      “The World Economic Forum ranks Sweden the sixth most competitive country in the world. Sweden is also the sixth easiest country in the world to trade with, according to the World Bank. ”
      Why, that sounds like CAPITALISM!

      • Oregonian1 says

        Just because I don’t agree with you about the benefits of Euro-socialism doesn’t mean that I don’t understand it, Shannon. If you like Sweden’s form of statism, I’m sure that they would love to have you. I prefer the U.S.A., with a free market economy and a constitutional republic that features personal liberty, economic responsibility (a balanced budget), and with a central government exercising the limited powers assigned to it in the Constitution and all other powers devolving to the states and to the people. It’s not constitutional conservatives that refuse to limit the Federal spending, Shannon; it is the secular progressives in the Washington Ruling Class that want to keep their seats at the trough. And Bernie doesn’t call himself a socialist DEMOCRAT, he is an admitted and proud socialist.


    I GOOGLED Sander’s legislative career and this article is lying. Google it for yourself.

  5. says

    While in the House of Representatives, Bernie Sanders passed more amendments than any other member of Congress. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Bernie worked across the aisle to bridge Washington’s toxic partisan divide and cut one of the most significant deals in years. In 2015, Democratic leadership tapped Bernie to serve as the caucus’ ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee. This is a lot more than nothing.

  6. Hollie Moore says

    Bills Introduced
    lowest 50% among Senate Cmte. Chairs/RkMembs; tied with 1 other
    Sanders introduced 29 bills and resolutions in 2015.