CNN white people

According to this CNN panelist, white people are so dumb they can’t grasp the concepts of honor killings, public stonings and mass rape which prevail in Islamic culture.

Weasel Zippers reports via Daily Caller:

While discussing how to handle Islamic jihadist terrorism, political commentator Rula Jebreal claimed “white people” cannot understand Islamic culture.

As a guest on “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon on Wednesday, Jebreal argued for funding Islamic integration into society when she went after Buck Sexton, a former CIA analyst.

“I don’t know, Buck, if you speak Arabic,” Jebreal said to Sexton. “And clearly, you talk about terrorists, but you need to understand the culture. You need to understand the language. You need to understand what is appealing — what is the message that ISIS actually is selling in these prison cells. And what they are selling online.”

Watch the video:

As usual, it’s all America’s fault.



  1. SAR2012 says

    Ya think, bitch?
    I would suggest all any civilized person need know about jizzlam was conveyed on 9-11-2001.

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  2. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    She’s right. Americans are stupid. They voted for Obama into office…twice.

    • GOP -> Built that says

      You must feel pretty stupid knowing your party lost to a black man – twice .

      • FlamingLimousineLiberal says

        I’m not registered to vote. I can’t think of anything else that’s more of a complete waste of time.

          • FlamingLimousineLiberal says

            Oh, I know. If you’re not on a prayer rug bowing to a picture of Trump five times a day, that upsets you. If I opt to vote anyone other than Trump, you’d still say that exact same comment verbatim.

        • ljm4 says

          and the election was rigged in so many ways in different states. the bamster was a plant to do what he’s been doing for the last 7+ years. He is a Soros/elite puppet with ValJar as his in house handler. He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

          • Buster000 says

            Neither can any other professional politician. They are all bought and paid for by the Soros of the world. Only those candidates without millionaire/billionaire super PACs are beholden to no one but the American people. I can only think of perhaps three viable candidates running this election cycle that foot that bill: Gary Johnson, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump – the latter of which is his own super PAC.

        • Seamus says

          Oblome was installed by his massas. Valerie Jarrett is his puppet master, and the teleprompter is his brain.

  3. Buster000 says

    What’s to understand. I might add the islamic culture doesn’t understand the christian culture either, which is why the constant clashes. I will go even further to say the islamic culture doesn’t even understand itself being that it has been to war with itself for over 1300 years. Again, what’s to understand

  4. JY1 says

    “White people cannot understand…”

    That fails the test for racism.

    Step 1. Change the color of the accused.
    Step 2. Read the sentence aloud.
    Step 3. Do you hear a chorus of “Racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot” being shouted at you? Then it was racist in it’s original form.

    “Black people cannot understand…”

  5. Greenstar3 says

    GOOGLE this and it is explicit so be forewarned: ISLAMIC SEXUALITY A SURVEY OF EVIL, by Ann Barnhardt – it’s on ytube. Ignore the first @ 20 minutes – bec she is wrong only in that part of the video having to do with wwii history. SEND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. CNN IS CONTROLLED BY JEWS as is all the mainstream media and every other mass influence category in the US – hostile elites. Jewish supremacists, the most ‘racist’ people on the planet, WANT WHITE GENOCIDE. Look up The Kalergi Plan which was the idea behind the creation of the EU – a mongrel race ruled by the whitest, the jews. Well – that is why they want to destroy whites in addition to the connection with Jesus Christ. So: bottom line: WATCH THAT VIDEO AND SEND TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS. The JEWS are creating the disaster in Europe and the immigration disaster in the US – they have wanted this for longer than I have been alive.

  6. DON'T TRANS ME BRO says

    She doesn’t shut up long enough to listen. No wonder she is so ignorant.

    • ljm4 says

      She merely pushing the left’s agenda and trying way too hard to make her point. She also doesn’t want his message heard.

      • Seamus says

        Calling a huge group of people stupid sure won’t help her cause. I’d like to pleasure her with an honor killing. I mean, if it’s an ok thing.

  7. Areyoukiddingme says

    Hey moron they hate women ….doesn’t matter what color they are….they will sell you and rape you too you pathetic apologist!

  8. Tumbleweed says

    It’s not our job to learn their ways, rather it’s their job to conform to our ways if they want to be here! If the muslims want to keep to their seventh century customs then they should stay home and live the good life! BTW, we do understand muslim culture!

  9. Jennie Wrench Thurman says

    they are here …we dont have to understand anything..they have to understand us our language..respect our law and land…if we were there it would be us who needed to speak their language and their way…out of respect for their home land…BUT THEY ARE HERE

  10. Seamus says

    So black and brown people do understand Islamic culture? I guess understanding honor killings would enable white people to kill their family members for some insult. Why don’t you and your culture of hate and violence go back where you will be happy.