Leftist Troll Harassing Finicum Supporters IDENTIFIED… AND WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE HIS SKETCHY PAST!

Peter Fournier, showing off his manboobs

Peter Fournier, showing off his manboobs

The man who has been relentlessly trolling Portland area LaVoy Finicum supporters has now been identified as Peter Fournier.

Fournier has recently been spotted at a Finicum memorial rally, on March 5th, with a bull horn, shouting all sorts of immature insults at the crowd as part of a counter protest.

Most recently, on March 26th, he rented a U Haul truck and paraded around a crowd offering support to the jailed Malheur refuge occupiers, taunting them, taking pictures of their children, and taping signs to truck such as “pooptriots” and “Jury Nullification Is Not Justice”. He evidently resorted to renting the truck because he didn’t want to use his own vehicle and wanted to hide his identity.

He can be seen at the 1:55 mark in this video:

On his twitter account, where he goes by the name “John Schmidt” under the handle @uglyportland1, he even gloated that the truck was damaged due to the stickers and signs that he put on, but that he didn’t have to pay for it because he bought the insurance for the truck, even though he rented it with the expectation that it would be damaged. I wonder if U Haul knew of this, and if it that’s a violation of the rental or insurance agreement?

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.31.46 PM copy Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.09.52 PM copy Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.58.50 PM copyHe also decided to take a couple of jabs at Victoria Sharp, the teenage girl who was in the truck that Finicum was driving on the evening of the shooting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.33.12 PM copy Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.32.21 PM copy
Peter Fournier's mugshot, October, 2009. Back when he had hair. Taken after he was charged with assault after attacking a news cameraman. (Click to enlarge)

Peter Fournier’s mugshot, October, 2009. Back when he had hair. Taken after he was charged with assault after attacking a news cameraman. (Click to enlarge)

Mr. Fournier, himself, is no stranger to legal dealings. In 2009 he was charged with assault after attacking a KATU cameraman and flashing a badge, claiming to be law enforcement, as the news network taking some B roll for a weather report.

Photography Is Not A Crime (PINAC) reported:

Peter Fournier can be seen approaching KATU news videographer Bob Bullock as he was filming footage for a weather report.

Fournier is covering his face as he approaches, then pushes his back against Bullock’s camera. He then calls Bullock a “loser reporter.”

And at one point, he pulls out a badge and acts as if he is a cop.”

The twisted tale continues for Fournier, was also the subject of a 2011 Willamette Week story entitled “BAD NEIGHBOR”, where his neighbors complained about the way he had maintained the property of his $1.8 Million mansion that he let fall apart, which borders Portland’s beloved Laurelhurst Park.

Waist-high grass sways on the lawn. A brush pile of ancient rhododendrons chokes the elegant semicircular brick driveway. Ugly plaster patches mar the home’s façade, and half-finished security gates stand watch over a property now occupied only by a couple of previously homeless caretakers.

Peter Fournier did have family money. Documents show he is a descendent of the founder of Procter & Gamble, which last year ranked 22nd on the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest companies. (Fournier’s middle name is Procter.)

When he moved to Laurelhurst, Fournier, a 1997 Georgetown Law graduate, told neighbors he had started a new business—Residential Security Patrol.

Next door to Fournier lived Dick Kroll, 72, and the late Park Bailey. The two were longtime Laurelhurst residents who bought and renovated houses.

Police records and neighbors’ accounts show the dispute took many forms: Fournier allegedly threatened Kroll and Bailey, he frequently yelled homophobic slurs, he blasted conservative talk radio at them with outdoor speakers for hours, and he would shine spotlights from his property into their windows for nights on end.

“It all started when he tried to claim a piece of my land with his fence,” Kroll says. “And before long, he had a halogen floodlight pointed at my house all night long.”

Fournier and his wife became so well known to police that officers took the unusual step of entering a “flag” in their computer system if either was involved in a call.

Typically, if police are called to a neighborhood, especially in a low-crime area such as Laurelhurst, one officer responds. Not so with the Fourniers.

“Please flag [the Fourniers’ Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition addresses],” says an April 19, 2010, police report. “Mandatory two-officer response for all calls for witness and verification reasons.”

Fournier also tangled with contractors and creditors. Shortly after the Fourniers moved to Laurelhurst, for instance, a city inspector ordered Fournier and several neighbors to repair their sidewalks.

Fournier hired Metro Sidewalk Repair in May 2007 for $1,400 worth of repairs. Metro Sidewalk did the work and the city inspector signed off on it—but Fournier refused to pay his bill. It wasn’t as if he lacked the funds: His mortgage was $8,400 a month and he had paid the home renovation firm Hammer and Hand nearly $150,000 to spiff up his new house.

Willamette Week also got into the assault story:

Fournier flashed a badge and “called me a ‘fucking stupid, fucking loser reporter,'” Bullock wrote in a now-pending lawsuit. “[Fournier] then swung his hand at me striking the camera twice, which I was holding while filming.

“[Fournier] then grabbed the camera and knocked me to the ground. With [Fournier] over the top of me, I remained on the ground. [Fournier] then held me down with his foot pressed violently against my chest cavity.” (Bullock captured much of the incident with his camera. Watch the footage at wweek.com.)

Fournier was convicted of assault and sentenced to four days in jail and two years of probation.

He also runs a mock website called www.therealpatriots.org.

He was also taking pictures of other kids at the Finicum rally.Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.34.10 PM copySome of Fournier’s supporters encouraged him to carry a gun, which he’s probably not legally allowed to do, thanks to his assault case.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.59.15 PM copy Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.58.39 PM copyHe’s also whining about a supposed assault that happened to him. I wonder how many of his friends know about his violent past?

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.58.50 PM copy 2With the next round of court dates and a Gavin Seim rally in Salem next week, one has to wonder if this violent, unhinged, loose cannon will show up again.


  1. Magic John says

    Isn’t he one of the people at Malheur Pete Santini accused of being an FBI agent because he had a photo of him at the FBI compound there?

  2. The Thump says

    This is news? The BungHole gang are all heading to 20+ in federal prison .. we should be proud how the FBI took down that rabid dog… we won’t have to house him.

  3. PatriotGranny says

    I love how in his tweets he claims the people at the rally dented the truck. They never touched it, it’s all on video. That stupid stupid evidence gets in the way of the leftist propaganda, doesn’t it?

  4. Bronson Rozier says

    I see like the NAZI’s using the name “socialist” you near-fascists are taking the name Progressive.

  5. Chandie Bartell says

    Can you please get these videos on you-tube links so I can share them. Notice the fake Vietnam Vet with Keiren Sucklings Group couldn’t give his rank or number.

  6. Amish Prepper says

    Fournier is a disgusting piece of crap. Victoria Sharp does not deserve to be stalked and someone needs to report this scum. He needs to be locked up. This is what is wrong with America today, we have way too many uninformed and if informed they are working for the scum that want socialism or worse! We need to rid this Country of those who don’t want freedom for all! Send them to the middle east, they can have fun there, fighting for their lives.

    • Chandie Bartell says

      He’s been stalking SSG Moe on the internet as well as physically at the Portland hearings. Now she knows the twitter this man created under the name of Schmidt is actually a Proctor & Gamble trust funder Peter Fournier.

      • Amish Prepper says

        I hope his ass is grass and soon! He should be in prison, not those 30 men!

  7. Donna Douglas says

    At least he found something fun to do with his spare time. His background isn’t half as sketchy as some of the so called Patriots.

      • Mary Brown says

        Many of the patriots gave 20 years to this country in the military you asshole! More than your keyboard warrior ass! It is called retired and a pension! Many are retired due to combat injuries on full pension too! More than your pansy ass!

        You are a crap stain in this countries sewer!

        • The Thump says

          Freeloading on the US tax payers protecting corporate investments in ME cesspool is not a real job.

          The Military takes any gullible loser to fill the roll call.

          So these ex-gvmt employees are protesting against the same machine who payed them for 20 years? Fuc%ing hypocrites .

          Now we have to house them for another years in federal prison. hahaha.

          • 97E says

            GFYS, fecalstain!

            -97E A Company 1st Battalion 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne US Army 1998-2005 WIA Afghanistan

          • The Thump says

            FOAD baby killer. Chased out of Afghanistan by goat herders and cave dwellers… typical loser. hahaha…. another fcking ex-gvmt employee who vote against their own best interests .. enjoy those VA benefit cuts from the GOP… what bridge are you living under now? Got a job?

        • The Thump says

          They are going lose all those “pensions ” .. likely their life savings .. everything they own ..to defense lawyers. They will be broke, and in prison.

          Justice works doesn’t it?


  8. SaveOurNation says

    This guy shouldn’t be real hard to locate…. The little militant, socialist, pink commie bastard, troll….

  9. says

    If you encouter this person he has proven himself to be a known dangerous and enotionally disturbed person. Pepper spray is justified if he approaches you, more stringent forms of defense are of course justified if he has singled you out for stalking and harrasment. If you ask me he probably needs a good old fashioned whupping.

      • says

        Well then I hope “The Thump” enjoys the crackling blue sparkle of a stun baton, and the spicy flavor of oleo capsicum resin, because that is likely in his future.

  10. Mitch Powell says

    So this guy actually attacks and assaults a reporter and gets 4 days… But Lavoy with hands in the air gets shot DEAD… What America is this ?

      • Mitch Powell says

        Tarpman, his name was Lavoy Finnicum, no need for your disrespect and nastiness !! Rabid Dog, I’m thinking the FBI Killer Kate and OSP showed us clearly who has Rabies in Oregon and it Certainly was not this man who loved God, Family and Freedom… Seriously if you HATE America so much MOVE !!! We wont miss you I promise !!

        • The Thump says

          He lived off of welfare, had a criminal background .. was unemployed … just like the other Patriot white trash losers.

          • Mitch Powell says

            You have obviously never done a days worth of work in your life, At least not within the Ranching community, there is no other Job that requires your 24/7/365 attention you can’t just take a break… Animals consistently need tending to and if you don’t do it yourself you have to hire it done or rely on family, which many do !! It’s a lifestyle of Honorability, and Sticking to it !!! You are rude, dishonest, and have not one ounce of guts in you !!

          • Mitch Powell says

            oh one more thing… Lavoy had never had so much as a speeding ticket !! I can see how much “Credibility” means to you !!! Obviously Nothing !!

          • LouAnnWatson says

            and you, little mr trust fund baby? and bold type is only an illusion attempting to support a weak argument

          • B.J. Adams says

            Filthy Liar. LaVoy was a rancher and I have been at his ranch. Please go soak your head in a toilet.

          • The Thump says

            The ranch where he hired kids to do the work claiming he was a foster parent to get $$ for them ?