Portland OR Mayoral Candidate Forum Turns Into WHITE GUILT FEST (VIDEOS)

vlcsnap-2016-03-29-15h22m05s96Portland’s mayoral race is heating up, as 3 of the 15 contenders recently took part in a “social justice” town hall forum. These were the 3 who had raised $5,000 or more. The event quickly turned into a white shaming contest, with each candidate trying to out-martyr the other, as well as a few statements about pandering to the homeless and junkies.

The candidates were Jules Bailey (current Multnomah County commissioner, and former state representative), Ted Wheeler (current state treasurer, and former Multnomah County commission chair), and Sarah Iannarone (small business owner).

Bailey would eventually say “I, as a white male will never really be able to understand the perspective of those 2 African American men. And the sense of shame that is inherent in that. Because not only do we have to talk about and acknowledge racism and bias, we also have to talk about privilege and white privilege. And the fact that even though I grew up in a working class family that sometimes struggled to make ends meet, I grew up in privilege. And as a mayor, you have to understand and surround yourself with people who represent the communities that you’re trying to serve. It’s especially incumbent upon me, as a white, straight male, to have a staff that can be part of the solution. To have bureau directors who part of the solution. Have appointees to commissions who part of the solution. Who reflect communities of color, who reflect under served communities. And who can be the people who are taking solutions into their own hands”

Ted Wheeler would say that all white police officers are racist, “White police officers have to understand that they have, in their minds, whether they think they do or they don’t, it’s [racial bias] there”

Sarah Iannarone said “I want us to have the first actively anti-racist police force in theĀ United State Of America… Because not being racist is not enough.”

They all want “safe injection sites” for heroin junkies.

And they’re all three a-ok with homeless bums living on the sidewalk.

Which Ted Wheeler wants to subsidize via more tax increment financing on businesses.

Ted Wheeler also admits he’s often times clueless, and that the county mental health system deteriorated under his watch, and he apparently did nothing to remedy that.

Ted Wheeler’s manliness, or lack there of, was displayed when Sarah Iannarone totally alpha-ed him.

All in all, it was exactly the kind of loon-fest one would imagine would take place in Portland, when the theme of the event specifically deals with “social justice” issues.


  1. Seamus says

    What a bunch of fools. White privilege is an invention of the left spawned by their latent guilt for their former connections to segregation, lynchings, anti-Civil Rights legislation in 1964/65, and the KKK who until relatively recently, were in the US Congress and multiple state houses.
    Stop feeling sorry for people who are gaming the system and heaping false guilt on people because of their race. And black people, get on your knees that thank God above that your ancestors (as applicable) were rescued from lives of illiteracy, deprivation, poverty, disease(although the leftist/democrat environmental whackos who went ballistic over DDT cost millions of black lives), eating flies and being eaten by wild animals.
    White people are no more guilty of white privilege than transgenders are guilty for their sexual confusion.

  2. Kilr says

    The entire West coast is so out of touch with reality. Saw today that Gov. Moonbeam says that if the Dimorats lose the election they will have to build a fence on the Eastern borders of all three of the
    West coast states to keep riff raff that want to change the liberal slant of the state out.;..I hope they do build a wall so that we can man the Eastern side of it and forbid those wacklo’s from escaping in to the normal world. West coast liberals are proof positive that liberalism is a mental illness.

    • NoLibZone says

      Here in Arizona we see Kalifornistan transplants who flee because they cannot afford property or the taxes. Yet when they come here many still vote for the DemokRAT agenda of higher taxes, regulations and open borders.

    • THEYardpilot says

      Bite me. Most of Oregon and Washington are outstandingly conservative. Where are YOU from?

      • Andy from Beaverton says

        If you are speaking about geographical areas, that true. But the large cities are overwhelmingly bed-wetting sjw libtards.

      • Kilr says

        You are either a lying SOB or just too stupid to breathe. The ENTIRE west coast has voted Dimorat for decades…with the exception or Ronald Reagan. don’t know what your definition of outsandinbly conservative is, but it sure as hell isn’t mainstream…I am from a place that would not put up with your kind of bullshit…or the tolerate the liberalism of places like CA, OR, or WA..I have lived in CA, and visited OR and WA on several occasions…absolutely beautiful county…too bad it it inhabited by morons such as you.