Seattle Group Wants to Create SAFE HOUSES For Heroin Addicts To Shoot Up (VIDEO)

Heroin Seattle

The progressive city of Seattle is considering creating “safe houses” which would give heroin addicts a safe place to shoot up. Drug addiction is an awful thing but is this really the right way to combat it?

KING in Washington reports:

Seattle eyes ‘safe injection site’ for heroin users

The newly formed Seattle-King County heroin task force is considering a safe heroin injection site as one way to address the growing heroin crisis in Washington State.

The task force is trying to find ways to expand treatment for heroin addicts amidst what health officials call an epidemic.

Insite, North America’s first supervised heroin injection site, located in Vancouver B.C., is seen by some on the task force as a progressive step forward in the fight against overdoses. It aims to to prevent fatal overdoses by providing supervised injection sites where addicts can use the illegal narcotic under the watch of medical professionals. If they start to overdose, workers can administer naloxone to reverse the process. The users would also receive services and counseling.

FOX News covered the story recently:

Will this plan just make the problem worse?



  1. JY1 says

    Why the he!! do they want to continue funding terrorism via the poppy fields of Afghanistan?

    If they want to do something as stupid as legalizing inject-able or smoke-able narcotics, they should legalize home-grown meth. At least the money stays in the US and none of the profits go to suicide bombings.

    • SWDC says

      ‘Christiane F.’ (1981) Movie Plot Summary
      “This movie portrays the drug scene in Berlin in the 1970s, following tape recordings of Christiane F. 14-year-old Christiane lives with her mother and little sister in a typical multi-story (high density affordable housing) apartment building in Berlin. She’s fascinated by ‘The Sound’, a new disco with the most modern equipment. Although legally she’s too young, she asks a friend to take her. There, she meets Detlef, who’s in a clique where everybody’s on drugs. Step by step she gets drawn deeper into the scene.”

  2. MicahStone says

    “Seattle Group Wants to Create SAFE HOUSES For Heroin Addicts To Shoot Up”
    –the lunatic-left wants to further protect the d-cRAT voting base.

  3. Tony Thompson says

    FOX News covered the story recently:

    Not with anything remotely close to journalistic integrity they didn’t.