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Obamacare is turning out to be more expensive than the bill of goods which was sold to the American people and CNN is just shocked by this news.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent report:

Obamacare patients sicker and pricier than expected

Patients in Obamacare are sicker and need significantly more medical care than those in employer-sponsored plans, according to a new Blue Cross Blue Shield Association report.

This raises fresh concerns about the possibility of steep rate hikes for 2017 and of insurers leaving the Obamacare exchanges.

The study, the first of its kind to look at millions of enrollees across the country, found that Obamacare members have higher rates of costly illnesses such as diabetes, depression, hypertension, heart disease, HIV and Hepatitis C.

They also use more medical services — including emergency rooms, in-patient hospital care, doctors and prescriptions than patients in employer-sponsored plans. Their cost of care was 22% higher than those in work-based health plans in 2015, or $559 a month, on average, for Obamacare enrollees versus $457 for those in employer plans.
“What we don’t know is where we go from here,” said Alissa Fox, senior vice president at the Blue Cross association, which represents 36 independent Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers.

Internet humorist Iowahawk provided an epic response to CNN on Twitter:

If only someone had warned us about Obamacare, right CNN?


  1. bob e says

    cnn can’t be right. according to barry o’fraud, (son of a goat herder from kenya)
    i kept my old insurance plan, my doctor & i saved $2500.
    and i’d vote for him again .. he can really dance.

    • John Winkery says

      That’s what happens when Republicans are in charge. Once they destroy the water system, their masters will charge $100 an ounce for privatized water.

  2. Ultraman says

    That’s because liberals live in a fabricated utopia with Unicorns and fairy dust. Obama told them Obamacare would be cheaper and they believed their god without question. Now, they still don’t believe it’s more expensive with absolutely proof right in front of their faces. The Obama Messiah complex is still affecting liberal dolts.