White Student Attacked For Having Dreadlocks SPEAKS OUT (VIDEO)

Dreadlocks Student

The white San Francisco State student who was recently accosted by a fellow black student for wearing his hair in dreadlocks is speaking out.

He apparently believes there is such a thing as cultural appropriation but he doesn’t think it applied in this case.

The New York Daily News reports:

White college student confronted over hair says dreadlocks don’t belong to the ‘colored community’s culture’

The white college student who argued with his black classmate about his hair said Wednesday that dreadlocks don’t belong to the “colored community’s culture.”

San Francisco State University student Cory Goldstein, 22, called Bonita Tindle a “b—h” just before the 46-second exchange captured on viral video Monday afternoon, according to a witness account cited by the Golden Gate Xpress, the school’s student newspaper.

Tindle could be heard in the video responding by telling Goldstein he can’t wear dreads “because it’s my culture.” Yet Goldstein, an environmental science major, told the Xpress he didn’t commit cultural appropriation because Vikings, Egyptians and even some people in the Victorian era had dreads.

“It’s not even a part of the, like, colored community’s culture, like it may be ingrained in it but it’s ingrained in so many cultures other than that,” Goldstein said. “It’s everywhere. It’s not something that is just part of the colored community.”

Watch the video:

It’s probably now safe to say this was a left on left attack, which isn’t surprising at all.



  1. ljm4 says

    To secure a safe and less destructive environment; students will all now submit for head shaving and be measured for uniforms.
    That black child needs a reality check.

  2. RodPolisher says

    More cultural appropriation by a Sadhu (Hindu holy man) from Nepal!

    P.S. Is it also cultural appropriation when black people straighten their hair?

  3. IMPACT1 says

    Does the black woman approach black women who wear wigs and weave of white /asian/Indian straight hair and accuse them of “appropriation” and by not keeping their black hair non-appropriation?

    Liberals are really ridiculous and black women are petty utterly selfish creatures…

  4. Vae Victis says

    The little sh-t actually believes in cultural appropriation, and I’m sure he believes in accosting and manhandling people that do it.

    Just not him, you know man?

    She’s lucky she assaulted this weird, hippy little cuckboy.

    If she were to try that on any man worth his weight in sh-t, she would’ve learned what the floor felt like reaaaal quick. Call it Linoleum Equality™.

  5. Eduard says

    The argument is completely wrong. This kid doesn’t understand his own RIGHTS. It is NOT an argument about hairstyles and cultures, but the ISSUE of unwanted stalking and harassment. It is a LEGAL issue. The University should be pressing charges against the Black woman for an unlawful act.

    • CustomCoder says

      The kid missed the whole point..! I believe she is an employee of the school. kid should have filed charges and sued..got her racist azz fired.>! But it seems the caption was correct “It’s probably now safe to say this was a left on left attack, which isn’t surprising at all.”

  6. HockeyShark says

    I hope black amerikans keep doing this. It wil only wake more people up. I bet this kid will start thinking his lib views and see them for the lies they are. Yes, I believe he’s a prog. Or was before being accosted.

  7. Miki Booth says

    They’re both wrong. On a white person its just gross hippie hair. On a black person its just gross hair.

  8. dean53 says

    It’s cultural appropriation for an African female to attend a university, especially one founded by white men. That’s not what African women do, historically. Black Africans didn’t found universities, at least not until white people showed them how to do it, and women didn’t go there. So, to be true to her African culture, she needs to drop out of school, start having lots of babies and stop appropriating white culture.

    • nickiblahblah says

      …because white people don’t have a monopoly on straight hair. Just like black people are not the only ones with curly hair. Please educate yourself.

  9. northern_confederate says

    Hi. This is a classic case of mis-identification. While a white student may have microaggressed the PoC, this student is actually a Jewish minority. It is unfortunate that he did not simply identify himself as such and avoided this incident.

  10. Maiden Moonflower says

    The man was wrong to appropriate the African American hairstyle and culture. White people are so privileged they think they can just take anything they want. I urge everyone here to go to youtube and search for Tim Wise, he’s a brilliant man that speaks up for the downtrodden and underprivileged. White people need to educate themselves on how their behaviors can affect minorities.

    • Lord of the Gulf Stream says

      Absolutely. The school employee needs to get back to her roots and stop appropriating the evil White Man’s culture, including clothing, electricity, and running water. She should be naked with a bone through her nose. And don’t get me started on her disgustingly appropriated White hair woven into her nappy head.

  11. Fitz Huntly says

    Although am no doubt a progressive liberal and proud Bernie supporter. I must admit, I have a growing anxiety towards POC. I know it is not right, but I can not help what I feel. Plz help

  12. The Puppetmaster says

    I noticed the woman who accosted this gentleman was wearing traditional Western attire. Pot, meet kettle.

    Also, I don’t think that she even considered for a moment that he might be trans-racial. She certainly never asked.

  13. Dashka155 says

    He didn’t call her a bitch omg. That was a made up excuse someone posted on Facebook without any proofs, just claiming they saw it. If he did, she would’ve mentioned it in the video but there weren’t any signs of it. She attacked him first for no reason.