VIDEO: Chaos At ANOTHER TRUMP RALLY At Portland State University

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.42.58 PMThe PSU chapter of Students For Trump held another event on Saturday, April 16. This time, it was more a street march affair than a meeting in the cafeteria. They were joined by many pro Trump members of the community, thanks to the appearance by a crew from Info Wars.  The student body communists and other wackjobs from the community turned out in force, again, to counter protest. This time they were joined by members of the Brown Berets and Black Panthers.

Lots of screaming and shouting, some pushing and shoving, and couple of instances where some signs got torn up, nearly erupting in brawls.


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.40.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 4.41.19 PM vlcsnap-2016-04-16-17h16m11s204


  1. gellero says

    Why is it that some Black Americans reinforce the stereotype that they have no self control and are violent???
    Perhaps one of the people in the video would care to be honest enough to explain it to me??

      • goodmandawn says

        Stereotypes are fact mixed with fiction. Remembering that each race has good and bad members is more important then remembering negative stereotypes.

        • LookASquirrel says

          Stereotypes exist because they are grounded in reality. Do Jews win more Nobel prizes? Is violent crime greater – anywhere in the world – where skin is blacker? Are Asians more family centered? Are white cultures anywhere in the world more highly educated with higher standards of living and less crime?

          • goodmandawn says

            LookASquirel: You believe that all stereotypes are grounded in truth. I disagree with that idea believing that stereotypes are truths mixed with falsehood. Here are a few stereotypes about Whites to review let’s see how many of them you think are grounded in truth and don’t include any fictition; 1. White people are extremely self-involved, uneducated about people other than themselves, and are unable to understand the complicated ways in which people who are not White survive. 2. Self-involved White people obsess over trivialities described as “White people problems.” 3. White people are a backward, barely educated redneck sub-population. 4. White rednecks practice incest, inbreeding, have sex with dogs, abuse hard drugs like methamphetamine, and like watching NASCAR. 5. White people love mayonnaise. 6. Whites don’t have rhythm, are an unhip, uncool race of people, who have constantly emulated and awkwardly adopted facets of Black culture from music and rap to fashion, to dance to slang for most of American history. 7. All White people are racist.

            Here are a few facts about the history of Whites committing acts of violence and crime; While the concept of genocide was formulated by Raphael Lemkin in the mid-20th century, the earlier expansion of various European colonial powers such as the Spanish and British empires, and the subsequent establishment of nation states on indigenous territory, frequently involved acts of genocidal violence against indigenous groups in the Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia.[2]

            According to Lemkin, colonization was in itself “intrinsically genocidal”. He saw this genocide as a two-stage process, the first being the destruction of the indigenous population’s way of life. In the second stage, the newcomers impose their way of life on the minority group.[3][4] According to David Maybury-Lewis, imperial and colonial forms of genocide are enacted in two main ways, either through the deliberate clearing of territories of their original inhabitants in order to make them exploitable for purposes of resource extraction or colonial settlements, or through enlisting indigenous peoples as forced laborers in colonial or imperialist projects of resource extraction.[5] The designation of specific events as genocidal is often controversial.[6]

            Whites have killed more people in World Wars than any other race of people on the planet. According to the FBI report of 2011 83% of American Whites were killed by other Whites. Within the past 50 years half of the world animal population has been killed by White trophy hunters, and Black poachers. American Blacks learned how to hate themselves and their own kind as a result of the will and spirit breaking tactics used during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Blacks freed from slavery never received any psychological counseling as a whole group to repair the damage caused to our self-esteem during slavery. So the old thoughts, low self-esteem, old survival patterns, and diet learned during slavery have been handed down to each generation. To make matters worse a large percentage of modern Blacks live in poverty. The Blacks who commit violent crimes hate themselves, hate their impoverished condition and other Blacks who seem to have more than them.

          • U.S. Grant says

            That was a well written post, sir, and I’m one of those horrible whitey’s that is the cause of all the world’s woes.

          • goodmandawn says

            Find something else to do with you time continued correspondence with you over this issue is boring. So long.

          • goodmandawn says

            You can be cautious in life without keeping your mind focused on negativity all the time. Thinking negative all the time is a cancer that eats people alive. No thanks.

      • patriotdream✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says

        Kind of like that ole fact “hands up don’t shoot”?

        • goodmandawn says

          I know what you said but its wrong stereotypes are based on truth mixed with fiction. I know what aspects of stereotypes are true about my race and which aspects are fiction. Its unfortunate if you can’t distinguish the truth from the fiction in the stereotypes about your race.

      • goodmandawn says

        The most important point the public defender failed to mention in the article is that crime statistics reflect the percentage of each race being arrested. For example; If more focus was placed on arresting Chinese people then Japanese people it would look like more Chinese people were committing crimes although they may not be.

  2. jhopkins678 says

    I would love to attend one of these showdowns. First thing I would do is walk right up to one of the clowns wearing a mask or bandana over their face and rip it off. Then most likely fight them until it gets broken up.

    • patriotdream✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says

      If you watch the video, someone did pull down the GIRL’S bandanna. LOL

  3. Kevin Dulong says

    Which group was violent?
    I know it’s a stupid question.
    I already know from previous counter protests which group(s) were the aggressors and which group was just marching. If the group marching even tries to defend themselves they’re the “Hateful” ones.
    This counterprotester crap is getting more and more ugly.
    “When everyone is special no one is special”
    That’s gonna be the unintended result of their actions. The slope they’re on gets very slippery.

    • patriotdream✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says

      Should have wrapped it up after .05 seconds……..

    • Mariaemcalister2 says

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  4. patriotdream✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says

    Hillary supporters…exactly what you would expect.

      • goodmandawn says

        Civilize to bring out of a savage, uneducated, or rude state; make civil; elevate in social and private life; enlighten; refine: Rome civilized the barbarians.
        Savage (of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.
        The Romans were brutal conquerors who used violence, slavery, oppression and rape in their treatment of barbarians. They fed Christians to lions, and forced male slaves to be Gladiators killing each other for the glory of Rome. There was nothing civilized about their behavior and no support was deserved.

        • La Caramba says

          Whats this? Are you actually taking the side of the white barbarians over the brown and olive Romans? Seriously though, you present a very inaccurate and debunked Christian era view of the Romans. They didn’t feed Christians to lions, and no, most gladiator fights didn’t end with a death. Also, the orgy stories are mostly myths as well. A lot of what we’ve been taught about history is either exaggerated or outright myth.

          • goodmandawn says

            La Caramba: Hell No! I am not defending the Romans. Go back and re-read my comment that included the definition of savage, and civilized, with the example of the Romans civilizing the barbarians. l disagreed and express my disagreement by pointing out the brutal and savage behavior of the Romans. You are wrong I presented an accurate view of the Roman Christian era. Romans instituted the policy of Damnatio ad bestias (Latin for “damnation to beasts”) was a form of Roman capital punishment in which the condemned person was killed by wild animals.
            This form of execution, which first came to ancient Rome around the 2nd century BC, was part of the wider class of blood sports called Bestiarii. The act of damnatio ad bestias was considered entertainment for the people of Rome. Killing by wild animals, such as lions, formed part of the inaugural games of the Flavian Amphitheatre in 80 AD. Between the 1st to 3rd centuries AD, this penalty was mainly applied to the worst criminals, slaves, and early Christians.
            Seneca, Controversiae., 4.10
            To ensure greater social stability, Roman men were allowed to frequent the many brothels, the lupanari, which were to be found in every city. In Pompeii alone there were 25 of them. The brothels were dark, cramped, dirty and darkened by candle smoke. Rudimentary contraceptive devices were used: rubbing oils, tampons soaked in lemon juice, potions and condoms made out of animal intestines.
            The fee for a single “service” was 2 “asses” (coppers) which was the same as the price of a glass of wine at the time. The reason for the fee being so low was a careful political calculation; the prostitutes, the gladiatorial games and the public baths all cost very little so that every Roman could enjoy the benefits.
            Homosexuality was considered a Greek vice and was very common, so much so that male prostitutes were far more expensive than their female “colleagues”. Homosexuality between women was considered the worst of all depravities and was severely punished.
            I mentioned the gladiatorial games that did end in death. Occasionally, sponsors would pay extra to stage a gladiator fight to the death, compensating the lanista for any lost gladiators. In 2007 scientists discovered an 1,800-year-old graveyard at the Roman city of Ephesus, Turkey, containing thousands of bones and tombstones identifying the remains as those of gladiators. Some of the skeletons showed evidence of healed wounds, suggesting that gladiators received medical treatment, and one seemed to belong to a retired fighter. Not surprisingly, other skeletons showed signs of violent deaths, including blows from weapons such as tridents, hammers and foot-long swords. (Hammers, though not used in the arena, were used to deliver offstage death blows to fighters who were too seriously injured to survive.)

          • La Caramba says

            I never said you were defending the Romans- quite the opposite! I made an observation that you appeared to be taking the side of the white Germanic and other northern barbarians of Europe who the brown and olive Romans of Italy and the Mediterranean tried to conquer and civilize! Look at the link I posted and you can research these things elsewhere. A lot of the facts you listed in your original comment were either exaggerated or outright myth.

          • goodmandawn says

            Nonsense; The example of the Romans civilizing the barbarians was provided in the dictionary along with the definition. The rest of the information I provided came from Wikipedia. Spare me the historical hissy fit. Send an email to the publishers tell them that you don’t like the historical facts they provided not me. If you are not an historian I’m sure they would like to know what facts you base your hypothesis on to prove that the information they provided is exaggerated or an outright myth besides wishful thinking.

          • La Caramba says

            Wow, way to wait a full month to respond. As if Wikipedia is a credible source, SMH. I already provided you a link to a source debunking your claims. If you refuse to check it out and stick your head in the sand in your intransigence then that’s your problem. Whether you like it or not, a lot of the romanticized history written by pro- Christian historians during the 18th and 19th centuries has been revised and corrected by more recent non- biased scholarship. If you want to cling to old mythology and fairy-tales then by all means remain stooped in historical ignorance.

          • goodmandawn says

            La Caramba: FYI a month passed before I was notified by email that you replied to my last comment. There is always more then one perspective of historical events. In retrospect the Romans had issues of their own which did not make them look as civilized as they thought they were. Okay fine you don’t like my comment so what. That’s not a license for you to add insults to your correspondence with me no matter who the hell you think you are. By the way J. Wisnieski the author of the article in the link you provided doesn’t identify himself as a historian. His information is just as credible as the information provided by Wikipedia its not peer-reviewed either.

  5. GOP -> Built that says

    rePukes really hate the concept of free speech and protesting … unless they are the ones blowing up women’s clinics and banning people from voting.

  6. causeforalarm says

    I can’t understand the logic of protesting against trump . I’ve never seen people want to be enslaved to a communist government so badly as these. Mentally ill democrats. I just don’t get it