CNN Gives Far Left Comic Margaret Cho Platform TO BASH REPUBLICANS (VIDEO)

Margaret Cho CNN

Margaret Cho is a far left, gay comedian who hates all things Republican. CNN has seen fit to give her a platform to push her personal politics. The video below isn’t from Cho’s personal website or YouTube channel, it’s an official CNN video. How is this fair?

Cho begins the video by explaining her politics and her background as well as her political activism which is entirely about her sexual orientation.

Towards the end, she praises Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Then she suggests that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would be “detrimental” for America and the world.

Again, this is CNN essentially promoting the far left politics of one incredibly partisan entertainer. Where’s the balance? Where’s the opposing view?

Watch the video:

This is what we’re up against.

America’s biggest cable “news” network is openly promoting the politics of the far left.



  1. GOP -> Built that says

    Do you victimized sore losers whine when your racist hate moguls appear on Fake Outrage Noise – FOX?

  2. Stink Finger Roulette says

    She stopped using drugs long enough to utter a complete sentence? Congratulations, Margaret!

    • Franky 4 Fingers says

      Cho was great in all the hangover movies. The scene where he gets out of the limo trunk naked was classic!

  3. darrell_b8 says

    She’s a ‘Chieu Hoi’; (“chu-hoi”) sorry I missed her in ’68; but I didn’t miss many…..

  4. NoMoBongo says

    Where does the author get that CNN is America’s ‘biggest’ cable news network? FAUX has over twice their audience.
    Dec. 2015 In total viewers for primetime, Fox News Channel (1.829 million, up 3% vs. last year) again outdrew its rivals combined. CNN, which spiked 38% vs. last year, finished second with 730,000 viewers — leapfrogging MSNBC, whose 596,000 viewers was down 1% year over year.
    –Source: Nielsen

  5. DrMicahStone says

    “CNN Gives Far Left Comic Margaret Cho Platform TO BASH REPUBLICANS”
    —yeah, total surprise.

  6. tz1 says

    If this is what we’re up against, victory should be quick and easy.
    Another reason to cut the cord, it is a weight that will drag you under

  7. JT says

    Good thing the Communist News Network is only on in Airports and Resturants with the sound off.

  8. AntiqueJenkum says

    Look, I feel sorry that she had molestation and daddy-issues during her childhood, and appreciate her openness about it and efforts to prevent other young girls from going through the same abuse… But on ANOTHER note, do we REALLY need somebody that messed-up in the head socially-influencing the majority of us who were NOT abused?… Maybe she should take the more silent approach in her efforts to come to terms with her past.
    …Why not put on TV a nice intelligent role-model (like an astronaut or something) who we could strive to emulate, instead of some child-fame-star who is all messed up in the head from sex-abuse (potentially leading to a 1000% increase in chances of suicide and homicide)?… Why not an actor or actress who promotes science, engineering, and math instead of imaginary degrees like “gender-studies” or whatever?… In the 80’s we used to have really interesting and fun educational series about science and stuff after school- like 3-2-1 Contact and Reading Rainbow… Nowadays kids in those age-groups are watching Kartrashians, violent Thug-Rap/Gang Music Videos, Porn, Paris Hilton trying to work in a farm of all places… just a mess… the world is upside down, and we only have the liberal-media, globally-invested interference infiltrating US interests (like our children’s minds), and years of Dem0nrat-leadership to blame.

  9. irishrover69 says

    Aleister, while you are correct in your premise that CNN as an “objective” news organization should give equal time to rebut this idiot, I actually think this video helps our side way more than it hurts. 1. Cho is preaching to left wing SJW libtards and there is no one on the alt right that they would ever listen let alone come around to our way of thinking. 2. Anyone on our side is repulsed by everything she is and all she represents. She reinforces all of our stereotypes and helps us make our point that her views are completely alien. She is an unattractive, freakish moron. I say give her a prime time show. Call it The Ho Cho Show