Fence Around The White House To Be Raised By FIVE FEET

WH Fence

Liberals in Washington DC say we don’t need border walls and you don’t need guns to protect yourself. Yet the White House is protected by men with guns and has a protective fence which is about to get higher.

NBC News in Washington reports:

Secret Service Plans to Raise White House Fence by 5 Feet

The U.S. Secret Service plans to raise the height of the White House security fence by 5 feet and add a new concrete foundation to reduce the risk of fence-jumpers, according to a copy of an agency report obtained by the News4 I-Team.

The agency, along with the National Park Service, said it intends to begin building a “taller, stronger” fence to protect the White House grounds by 2018.

Details of the plan were included in an audio recording of a briefing made by federal officials, which was released to the I-Team Wednesday. The same briefing is expected to be presented May 5 at a meeting of the National Capital Planning Commission, which must first approve any changes to White House fencing.

“The current fence simply is not adequate for a modern era. We’ve said that before. It is becoming more and more acutely clear that that is in fact the case,” Secret Service official Tom Dougherty said in the briefing to federal officials.

If our borders don’t need a protective barrier, why does the White House?



  1. xiphos says

    And yet obama stll gets in, only to escape to play another 18.
    Damn, can’t keep him out, can’t keep him in.
    Sorta like our southern border.
    What good is it?

  2. Stink Finger Roulette says

    Fence raised by five feet to maintain distance after sea level rise. The DC polar bears will need something to cling to.

    • Eileencokane says

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  3. DrMicahStone says

    “Fence Around The White House To Be Raised By FIVE FEET”
    —EVERYONE is calling it a “Trump Enhancement”

    • Jim says

      It’s Obama that’s adding five feet to the White House wall, not Trump. It’s Obama’s legacy. Trump would be enforcing legislation already passed and signed into law that authorizes a fence on the Mexican border.

  4. JY1 says

    Someone should simply change the address on the work order from “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” to “Juarez, Mexico”.

  5. PORCH MONKEY says

    It’s the Black House now, but when a white moves in it will be the White House again. First, they have to clean all that monkey S H I T thrown over the walls and floors by those 4 apes.