High Schooler Who Criticized Black Lives Matter FORCED TO HOMESCHOOL OVER THREATS

BLM high schooler

A high school student journalist who criticized the Black Lives Matter movement in his school paper has been forced to finish his senior year by homeschooling due to threats.

FOX News reports:

Lesson in hate for high schooler who criticized Black Lives Matter

A Philadelphia high school journalist who took on Black Lives Matter in a column for the school paper, only to be driven into home-schooling, says his torment didn’t end when he withdrew.

It was just before Christmas break when 17-year-old University of Pennsylvania-bound Michael Moroz wrote an opinion piece for the Central High school paper, the Centralizer.

In it, he criticized the racially charged University of Missouri protests at the time and suggested that Michael Brown, the black teenager killed in 2014 by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., was “a delinquent” who was “at worst, justifiably killed, and at best, a thug.”

When the column hit the paper’s Facebook page, threats poured in. Moroz said he was forced to stay home initially, and when he returned, threats and harassment prompted him to withdraw and finish his senior year on home study.

“When everything started to happen, I was surprised,” Moroz told FoxNews.com. “Whenever we posted an op-ed, we never got a reaction like I did with this one. In retrospect, I was naive to think that this would have been the same. Now, it’s more disappointing than anything.”

Moroz said the harassment has continued on social media since he has entered independent study and claims even his former teachers and staff at Central have taken part.

Threats? But the media tells us this is a peaceful movement.

If staffers at his school have harassed him, he ought to hire himself a good lawyer and sue.



  1. JacksonPearson says

    Black Lives Matters originated in Ferguson, Missouri, and as far as I’m concerned, students from any part of that state would be DOA as far getting employment from me. IMO, BLM are a POX on America, and should be condemned and be glorified terrorism.

  2. Apple Plexi says

    Honey, you are so much better off. Home school is the best! God did you a huge favor!

    • Leonidas says

      Homeschooling scores on required standardized tests from home school’ers are not used statistically because they are so much higher than the public scores from the dumb-ed down brainwashed public school kids.

  3. Guest says

    Maybe if more white students spoke up in his defense, then he wouldn’t have to cower at home with mommy and daddy. Great he spoke the truth, but what’s the point if most of the other white children are too afraid to speak out, too? Pathetic.

  4. Reddog says

    The Ferguson riots incited by Black Lives Mateer also included the burning of a senior citizen’s home – they were all left out in the cold.

  5. Ferol says

    Mr. Moroz. Please remember that when you go on to a successful career, perhaps have a family, and have a nice life, those that threaten you will still be two bit punks and punkesses, living on their EBT, Chapter 8 and Medicaid benefits and still thinking that the s–t life they live is someone else’s fault. But say what they may the fact of the matter is what you said about Michael Brown was true. He was a two-bit punk who thought his size would intimidate people, UNTIL he ran into a professional, well-trained, and brave officer who did what he had to do to survive, and did us all a favor and rid this world of another dirtball. Keep your chin up and keep fighting the good fight.

  6. vomit "O" says

    Black Lives Murderers (matters) is a Terrorist group that has murdered more Americans since they started than Islamic extremists. There is also evidence that shows at least some of it’s “leaders” are in fact pro ISIS if not directly allied with them.

    • chuberry says

      I share your disdain for BLM, but really question your statements about BLM murdering more Americans than Islamic extremist as well as your contention that some of the leaders are pro ISIS. What is your source information for these claims? I’m skeptical, but could be convinced if you have something that actually holds water.

  7. Wolf says

    Other than when they are burning down crap for Soros, here is the only place you will see groups of Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter