Hillary Clinton coal

Hillary Clinton genuinely believes that police officers are nothing but a bunch of racist white men trying to arrest any black person they see. She’s that out of touch.

Daily Caller reports:

Hillary Clinton spent her Sunday in New York campaigning in front of black congregations during which she continued to reiterate her support for retraining police officers.

Clinton has made “police reform” a recurring theme in her bid for the Democratic nomination. She was endorsed Sunday by Nicole Bell, wife of Sean Bell, a man who was killed by the NYPD in 2005. No officers were found guilty of any wrongdoing in the incident.

“Today, I was endorsed by this beautiful young woman, Nicole Bell, whose fiancé was killed by the police right before she was to be married. When I was a Senator, I tried to help. I tried to stand up about what had happened,” the former secretary of state said at the Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Clinton Hill, NY.

How about we retrain Democrats so they’ll be less racist?


  1. Kevin Dulong says

    How do we retrain Hillary to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth ? How do you stop Hillary to stop pandering to black voters with promises she can’t and won’t keep. Why retrain police when the issue is criminality in predominantly black inner city neighborhoods ?
    The police in Chicago have been retrained and look at the sharp upward trajectory of shootings and killings amongst the black community.
    The problem is crime without punishment as Hillary is benefiting from.

  2. taxpayer22 says

    93 percent of black murders are committed by blacks – said former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young.

    • GoodNews ✓Orthodox 4Trump says

      And we’re supposed to believe Hitlery can’t wrap her mind around that fact? Anybody familiar with the term demagogue, they’ve been using for Donald Trump of late?

  3. cylde says

    It is standard communist policy to open re-education camps after each ascension to power no matter how it was achieved like the chinese putting professors in the rice fields and khmer rouge in cambodia. Leftists never change.

  4. cylde says

    The average cop is better qualified to be president than this tired old bag of corruption and lies.

    • Cornbread_Noah says

      Hillary and Bernie…Grandma and Grandpa Walton only with more bodies under the house, the inability to tell the truth and less of a grip on reality.

  5. motnosnarblug says

    I was forced to attend “diversity training” annually from about 1990 onward. The original class could have been entitled “White People Are Bad” based on the content. It got a little better as time went on but sitting through it was a tedious couple of hours. When we went back to work, properly sensitive to the plight of the protected classes, we were still called “cracker,” and other racist names. Much to out surprise, the people with who we dealt weren’t required to go through the same training. Go figure.

    • whynoborders says

      Don’t send them to the rural areas. They could disappear. Double tap and a shovel.

      • Cornbread_Noah says

        Shovel? I have a backhoe…I can dig holes just as fast as you can drop em in.

  6. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Well at least Sec Clinton hasn’t claimed that climate change is the cause of racism…yet.

  7. MicahStone says

    “Hillary Clinton: We Have To RETRAIN COPS TO BE LESS RACIST”
    –maybe Shrillary could teach them how to speak “negro” – that should help !

  8. Cornbread_Noah says

    We have to retrain the felon Hillary to keep her cake hole shut and get back in the kitchen.