Pitzer College Student Government Member Says TRUMP 2016 GRAFFITI IS A HATE CRIME

Emory on FOX

Just when you thought college students couldn’t get anymore dumb and Marxist, they do. The panic over pro-Trump graffiti continues, this time at Pitzer College.

Weasel Zippers reports via Campus Reform:

Yesterday, the phrase “Make America” (presumably the beginning of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”) appeared in faint letters on a mural at Pitzer College. Additionally, the word “Trump” was spray painted on Pitzer’s clock tower.

In a widely shared Facebook post, Pitzer College Student Senate Executive Board member Elijah Pantoja described the statement as a “hate crime,” and called for the individual who painted it to be prosecuted. Pitzer College joins Scripps, Emory, Michigan, and other schools in protesting recent pro-Trump messages.

“A ‘post-racial America’ is far from what we have,” the Pantoja writes. “Instead, we face hate crimes like this across the nation and in high frequency. This isn’t simply vandalism. And, in case it’s too difficult to read, the mural with the flag and faces has, ‘Make America’ scrawled on it. This is a clear attempt to intimidate students of color at Pitzer College. I’m honestly in disbelief at how light the response has been.”

“We are a community with a core value of ‘social responsibility,’” the statement continues. “Yet the perpetrators most likely committed these acts in broad daylight? I have seen campuses across the country deal with similar attacks, and felt a great anger, but the proximity of these atrocious acts shake me to the core. This isn’t a lighthearted joke we can simply laugh away, this isn’t a drunken mishap that can be solved with a sheepish apology. Under California law, this is a hate crime and I hope the individual/s responsible are dealt with not only by the institution, but by the law of the state as

So basically, being a Republican now is a hate crime.


  1. Juan Motime says

    Damn right it’s a hate crime!!! We hate what they are doing in DC to our country!!!! Go Trump 2016!

  2. MefMaf says

    I feel sad for the student. He’s is not getting the mental healthcare he needs. Some one call the shrinks and lock this nutcase away so he doesn’t harm himself or others.

  3. tommy mc donnell says

    these students are not scared snowflakes, they are vicious, totalitarian Marxists that want complete control of everyone. you should be locked up if you don’t believe what they do. how soviet union of them.

  4. Tom Shelhamer says

    A hate crime is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. They and their party are the ones that are keeping the minorities in dependency to the government

  5. DigLeigh says

    Remember something like 30-50 % of hate crimes are perpetrated by the victims themselves!!! Even if true, our youth need to grow some thick skin, and get over it!! He is just a presidential candidate, and puts his pants on the same way every morning you do!

  6. Cornbread_Noah says

    Just think, if someone scrawled The Constitution on a wall…all those libturd halfwits would probably choke to death on their own vomit…

    Get out the chalk boys, we have some writing to do.