Protest Turns Into RIOT At DONALD TRUMP Rally, Costa Mesa, CA

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.30.49 PMA protest at a Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, CA, turned into a riot, as the mob of people began to smash up police cars and tried to flip them over.

Another car, apparently driven by a Trump supporter, spun donuts through the protesters before eventually speeding off, knocking over some protesters in the process.

Many of the protesters flew Mexican flags while flipping everyone off and shouting “F*** TRUMP!”

The protesters flooded the streets, blocking intersections, nearly getting run over at several points by irritated drivers.


  1. Gorgiass says

    What a bunch of civilized progressives. But Trump supporters are the racists and bad guys. That’s my line and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Iamacitizen2 says

    One wonders how much $$$ they were paid to do this? How disgusting. They should ALL be arrested and sent to FEMA camps…clean up the streets. Remove the debris from the destroyed cars, etc.

  3. Iamacitizen2 says

    I understand that there is a Federal Law that says something along the line that anybody that has Secret Service bodyguards protecting them that anyone that threatens that person directly or indirectly can and should be arrested. Wonder where the Sheriff of that county was hiding out??? Absolutely not enough control for sure by the police let alone barricades, etc..

  4. tommy mc donnell says

    this is exactly what the political left brought these totalitarian colonists to this country to do. you are no longer free to support the candidate of your choice in the so-called “free country.” the democrat party-media complex and the leftist politicans are jumping for joy they finally are getting the kind of country they have worked their entire life to create.

    • Eileencokane says

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  5. DrMicahStone says

    “Protest Turns Into RIOT At DONALD TRUMP Rally, Costa Mesa, CA”
    —Bring in the leftist riot-control machines. I’ll even volunteer to drive one !

  6. GOP -> Built that says

    I expect a George Wallace moment this summer… it is going long and hot… FEEL THE BURN.

  7. TheLastConservative says

    Great way to add Trump votes really. Ship this filth the hell out and get a wall going so they can’t come back.

    Now if more of Europe gets a clue we’ll really have some progress! 🙂