San Francisco Pot Event Attendees Leave Behind 15,000 POUNDS OF TRASH (VIDEO)

420 event

These are the same leftists who claim they care about the environment. It seems like every time progressives gather in large numbers, they leave behind mountains of garbage.

Breitbart reported:

San Francisco: Pot Event Attendees Leave Behind 15,000 Pounds of Trash

Attendees of the annual 4/20 pot celebration left behind almost 15,000 pounds of trash at the Golden Gate Park.

The cleanup crew began work at 6 a.m. and did not leave until 10 p.m.

“Not exactly a leave no trace moment out there,” commented Phil Ginsburg, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department manager.

The crews picked up “countless bottles of Shasta soda, beer cans, Fruit Loops boxes and butts.” Last year, the workers picked up more than 17,000 pounds of trash.

Board of Supervisors President London Breed said no one sponsors the event. Despite this, the city sends out city workers to clean up the mess, costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

Here’s a local video report:

In typical leftist fashion, these folks left behind a mess for someone else to clean up.

But they really, really care about the planet.


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  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Reading the headline, I thought the trash was illegal immigrants given it mentioned drugs and San Francisco.

  2. tommy mc donnell says

    ah the eco-friendly left strikes again, polluting one park at a time just like their occupy salad days.

  3. massjim says

    And after celebrating “Pot Day”and leaving 15,000 pounds (that is 7.5 TONS) of trash to be cleaned up, the radical progressive left will all rush off and two days later celebrate “Earth Day” by sanctimoniously preaching to the rest of us about the sacredness of and need to preserve Mother Gaia.

    • Jim says

      That’s today. It’s raining right now in San Francisco. But don’t worry, the “natives” get up at the crack of noon having wasted most of the day sleeping off the effects of “Pot Day” (which is every day). So in reality, it’s only “Earth Half Day”.

  4. ss396 says

    It’s always “somebody else’s job”, isn’t it? There is such a limited sense of initiative and personal responsibility among such as these; that there has to be a specific written instruction to them to get them to do anything.

  5. Conservative American says

    San Fran the city by the bay that is full of illegals and sanctuary city council members. We in the heart land don’t care about their trash in the park, that city is nothing but trash and crime. May the big one finally hit and wipe it off the face of the earth.

  6. Juan Motime says

    uhhh what?
    We had a party? Far out man…. sean penn is at it again!!! Go penn and leave hiLAIRy with the bill clinton…
    Another burning mentally ill liberal…
    Go Trump 2016!!

  7. drattastic says

    Leftist are spoiled ,thoughtless, petulant children at any age ,always have been.

  8. Jim says

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  9. Tatiana Covington says

    Here’s an idea… let them have such events in a large, fenced area: which they would have to clean up themselves! None leave till it’s all picked up and properly bagged.