SURPRISE! The Clinton Foundation Pays Men MORE THAN WOMEN

Clinton Family

Hillary Clinton loves to complain that there’s a big wage gap between men and women but it turns out she needs to deal with that problem at her own family foundation.

Polizette reported:

Hillary’s Equal Pay Hypocrisy

The Left’s champion of women has a long history of paying her female employees less than their male counterparts — something Hillary Clinton left out of her Equal Pay Day speech on Tuesday.

“If CEOs and board members will actually ask themselves ‘How sure are we we that we are paying people the same?’ the data shows even in the best-intentioned companies that is often not happening,” Clinton said at a roundtable discussion. “It is way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men on the job.”

But perhaps Clinton should take a look in her own backyard. The Clinton Foundation is paying male executives significantly more than female executives, according to documents first obtained by the Daily Caller. The Foundation’s 2013 IRS 990 form shows that on average male executive earn at least $109,000 more than their female counterparts.

Typical leftist.

Do as I say, not as I do.



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  1. Ex-Dem says

    Oh, yes. Killary has long been reported as paying women less than men. Obammy also has been known as a discriminator against women with low pay and under employment….having to place more women in the cabinet after getting flak and then signing that Ledbetter bill for show as it had no teeth. Even the Soros paid agitator campaign supposedly pays women agitators less than men (minorities also paid less – so much for the left’s pc charade!)

  2. RightSideUp says

    SURPRISE! The Clinton Foundation Pays Men MORE THAN WOMEN

    Nope, no surprise there……….

  3. M Hopkins says

    How about showing this data? All I have seen is unsubstantiated claims from second rate “news sources”.

    • Carlos Eduardo says

      You won’t see this reported anywhere in the leftwing media. It’s simply against their rules to run negative stories about the Clintons or Obama. So you can count out CNN, MSNBC, and ABC. The only major network you’ll see this on is maybe Fox, and liberals will automatically think it’s a conspiracy.

      • M Hopkins says

        Carlos, That’s not what I’m asking. Any news source worth anything will quote actual sources that most times can be verified. If I read a news story that seems biased, I like to check the sources. It’s Journalism 101. Now, if you’re just looking for something that supports your political views and you don’t read with a critical mind, that’s another story. College teaches you to read critically.