“Go To The Other Restroom”, Says College To Women

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-02h56m26s153It’s literally called “Theater Of the Oppressed”, and it takes place at Portland Community College, as part of a larger endeavor entitled Illumination Project. This edition of the theater is called “Cis-Stemic”, and it features some of the day-to-day oppression that a transgender person suffers through. College students and faculty act out scenes from a trans person’s experiences, and the audience members get a chance to interrupt this by inserting themselves into the scene in order to solve whatever evil doing is happening.

In one scene, they are in a bathroom, and the male-to-female transgender is washing his/her hands, as an actual female comes in and is taken aback by the fact that there is a dude wearing women’s clothing in the women’s restroom. A green haired feminist, who was previously seen using an autism awareness display to block cameras, hollers out “STOP” in the middle of the scene and inserts herself into the scene.

She stands up for the trans person by saying “There are other restrooms, and if you’re not comfortable here, then you can go to the other restroom” to the actual woman.

Yes, college students are now being conditioned to tell properly gendered people to use a different restroom if they are uncomfortable with a transgender.

After each scene, they all kumbaya and reflect on their brave interruption of… uhh, something.

The guy facilitating this is Brad Fortier, of PCC’s women’s resource center. Fortier can also be seen in the “white guy smile” video.

The entire performance can be seen on the Laughing At Liberals channel on YouTube.

The Illumination Project page on the PCC website describes its mission as:

The Illumination Project’s mission is to create an inclusive, socially just academic and general community through student leadership development and social change theater. The main purpose of the Illumination Project is to create a campus climate that is inclusive and promotes equal access to education. The Illumination Project’s interactive community performances are designed so that large factions of the campus participate in problem-solving around issues that traditionally have made education more difficult for students of color, women students, poor/working class students, immigrant and sexual minority students.

In a realistic yet safe atmosphere actors and audience members have the opportunity to rehearse situations in order to build their communication skills and understand possible alternative behaviors. The Illumination Project also enables audience members to take on different characters in order to build empathy with the experience of others – a key element in living respectfully within a pluralistic society.

The Illumination Project curriculum covers current research and theory on institutional oppressions. The curriculum addresses the affects of oppression on individuals and society and the best practices to challenge oppressive behavior. The curriculum draws on multiple traditions – crafting links between feminist, critical, multicultural, queer, postcolonial, and other movements toward social justice.

Issues addressed include community building, consciousness-raising (around issues of race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, and ability), skill building, and taking action. Anti-oppression work is deep and complex. All activities are contextualized and are only used as the group is ready, working from lower risk to higher risk so that learning may take place in a safe and conducive environment.

Concurrently, students learn social justice theater and popular education techniques. Much of the work the Illumination Project does is based on “Theater of the Oppressed”, a form of social justice theater developed by Augusto Boal, a Brazilian theater activist. In “Theater of the Oppressed” plays are performed once without interruption and then again, allowing audience members to enter the scene, take on a character and positively alter the outcome of the scene.


  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    “Portland Community College”. I didn’t need to read past that.

  2. Frank says

    White liberal pathology metastasizing. Maybe it’s the induced and indoctrinated severe guilt they receive at the hands of mentally ill professors causing a lot of this. Their self loathing is not seen by white liberals, so deep and effective is their programming they are even ‘attacking’ and undermining their basic selves. Many now can’t tell you the differences between a man and woman! Gender fluidity, gender destruction, and neutering, who knows what comes next? Mass suicide? Liberalism is causing severe mental disorders.

  3. Vernon Yost says

    Easy solution. Take down the male/female figures and exchange them with a figures of a penis and a vagina. No mistaken that

  4. tommymcdonnell says

    I am a 72 yr. old male, I have never had the right to go into the girl’s bathroom. how did transgenders get that right? did we get to vote on that? that they are willing to expose women to the possibility of being molested by perverts shows how self-centered they are and how little they care about the safety of the gender they claim to be.

  5. nodhimmi says

    What about the skit where the Muslim woman complains that sharing a bathroom with a man dressed as a girl violates shariah law, you dhimmis!

  6. Coldshatter says

    OMG. This ranks below poor dinner theatre acting and/or The Wiggles television show.

  7. Conservative American says

    So how do these tree hugging fools get to the campus do they walk or drive? Now at night during the dead of winter they should not turn those heaters on since the power comes from coal power plants across this nation. Their solar panels during a winter storm will not make electricity with no sun light. As we say to Liberals and Tree Huggers: Welcome to Montana, now leave your vehicles at the border and walk in also take a bath in that river before crossing the border who people reek worst then Hillary Clinton.

  8. Kevin R. says

    I find the Illumination Project to be the ones institutionalizing institutional oppression.

  9. FriendOfJohnnyM says

    There are other planets.
    If these sick freaks of nature can’t conform to normalcy, they can go to one of them.

  10. henrybowman says

    “If you are not comfortable in the front of the bus, it has a back, too.”