MEATHEAD Rob Reiner Calls Trump Supporters RACISTS! (VIDEO)

Rob Reiner

Movie director Rob Reiner is apparently not a fan of Donald Trump and like all good liberals, he thinks people who support Trump are racists because of course he does.

Breitbart reported:

Rob Reiner: Trump ‘Insane,’ A Lot of His Supporters Are ‘Racist’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” filmmaker and liberal Rob Reiner accused hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of not asking the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hard questions.

During that exchange, Reiner said the media has not scrutinized Trump because “the words that have flung out from his mouth are insane.”

“If he was not a celebrity — if Donald Trump was not a celebrity … the words that come out of his mouth, you’d see a guy in a park, a lunatic on a soapbox in the park, and you’d walk right by him,” he continued. “But the fact that he is a celebrity all of a sudden we are all interested.”

When asked to explain the millions who vote for Trump, Reiner said, “There are a lot of people who are racist.”

Watch the video:

What an original accusation for a liberal to make.



  1. Jim says

    I can change. I can become non-racist. I can do it. But Reiner will ALWAYS be “meathead”.

    • Combatvet52 says

      His head is so far up his azz he forgets what is right and what is wrong, something tells me he is related to Al Sharpton.

    • Mariawmanly3 says

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  2. Doug says

    You know, with all the drugs and booze these Hollyweirdos have consumed you eventually come to a conclusion about them. Namely: Their frontal lobe is gone. Seriously, all they do is spout the same nonsensical knee-jerk garbage. Remember Bob Beckel on “The Five”? He’s an admitted recovering alcoholic and drug addict. He even said his frontal lobe was damaged from all he did to himself. And once or twice a week he would get so angry he would literally foam at the mouth. Well, multiply that by everyone in LA-LA Land. The real shame is that ANYONE gives them a forum to speak on these things. Would you want Otis the town drunk giving you lectures on public policy? No, of course not. You’d laugh in his face. Yet the media constantly trots these losers out like they’re Solomon enriching us with their wisdom. They have NONE! I say we make a deal with them. They can have as much blow and booze as they want. Just leave the rest of us alone. What do you say?

  3. Timothy Evans says

    Rob Reiner is a liberal meat puppet,I mean really just look at the shape of that head of his, the shape of evil!!!

    • JohnGaltClone1957 says

      I don’t know about his head looking evil, but with that swollen looking bald head and the white fuzz at the bottom…well…honestly, it does look a bit like a giant infected elephant ball with puss, not that I have paid any attention to elephant balls…just saying.

    • Combatvet52 says

      He’s missing the part how his momma taught him how to be a man instead of a Liberal Jackazz

  4. Combatvet52 says

    There are AH born every minute and this AH is one of them…….liberal nood-nik druggie and god only knows what else he does in his spare time like being a first class JACKAZZ.

  5. JohnGaltClone1957 says

    Wow, and I always thought the role of “Meathead” was a pretend spoof sort of thing, designed to make libs look like fools. But it seems Rob Reiner is actually THE MEATHEAD! How funny! Well…ok…maybe I shouldn’t laugh….liberalism is a serious mental disease that affects so many.

  6. Conservative American says

    Why do all of the has been actors and directors come out of the wood work every so often? We the American voters do not care for them or what they think or say. We in the heartland do not listen to them or care about them. Their attitude is we are Hollyweird and we know what you need just like the Democraps and the Socialist. Rob wake up and smell the coffee you are a has been and no one cares for you or your input. Go back to the Socialist State of Jerry Moon Beam Brown and stay out of the other lower 47 States. I am sure Hawaii and Alaska would not want you there also.

  7. Anita says

    Hahaha. The word racist has been used entirely too much….doesn’t mean much anymore.