Nearly Half Of Bernie Supporters in West Virginia WOULD VOTE TRUMP OVER HILLARY

Bernie Sanders Donald Trump

Hillary’s comments about putting coal miners out of business clearly had a major impact in West Virginia. If the general election comes down to Trump vs. Hillary, which seems likely, almost half of Bernie Sanders supporters will vote for Trump.

That’s a big problem for Crooked Hillary.

The Hill reported:

Exit polls: Nearly half of W.Va. Sanders backers would vote Trump

Nearly half of the voters in the West Virginia Democratic primary who backed Bernie Sanders say they would vote for Republican Donald Trump in the fall presidential election, according to exit polls reported by CBS News.

Forty-four percent of Sanders supporters surveyed said they would rather back the presumptive GOP nominee in November, with only 23 percent saying they’d support Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. And 31 percent said would support neither candidate in the likely general election match-up.

Bernie Sanders supporters may not agree with Trump on everything but they despise Hillary.

If this trend extends to other states, Hillary is toast.


  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Sec Clinton is a Clinton Unworthy of National Trust (look at first letter of each word; capitalized purposely).

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  2. The Concerned Conservative says

    There are many, many Independents and well-intentioned Democrats that will vote for Donald Trump over Killary “The Crook” Clinton.