Open Borders Hypocrite Mark Zuckerberg Turns HIS HOUSE INTO A FORTRESS (VIDEO)

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is an advocate of open borders and increased immigration for the United States but sings a different tune when it comes to his own home.

In addition to a wall surrounding his house and a personal security team, he has now bought the houses surrounding his home which he plans to tear down and replace with smaller ones so no one can see into his compound.

CNN reports:

Mark Zuckerberg to tear down and rebuild four houses surrounding his home

Mark Zuckerberg is planning to do some major construction on his block.

The Facebook CEO just submitted plans to tear down and rebuild four of the houses surrounding his Palo Alto home.
Zuckerberg bought the homes in 2012 and 2013 for about $43.8 million, according to Zillow estimates. He purchased his current home in 2011 for $7 million.

The construction plans indicate that Zuckerberg intends to make the new houses 20% smaller than their original size.

In total, they represent about “half of the allowable square footage for the four properties,” according to plans submitted earlier this month. Three of the proposed four homes are one story.

To minimize the impact and duration of construction, all four properties will be built at the same time. The architectural teams say they will try to protect existing trees.

Some reports speculate that Zuckerberg wants more privacy and security and is building the new properties to ensure that. Facebook gave him more than $5 million last year for personal security services, including private planes and security at his home.

Bill Whittle recently discussed the hypocrisy of this with Stephen Green and Scott Ott.

Why does Zuckerberg need so much security? If open borders are OK for the U.S. they should be good enough for him too.



  1. witnesstothecarnage says

    If you could only punch one, who would it be? This guy, or Ryan?

    • George a la Carte says

      This POS, no doubt.

      Nice image by the way, is that the satanic dog cartoon thing?

      • witnesstothecarnage says

        Mr. Pickles. There are so many cute dog pics on disqus, I thought I’d shake it up a bit, for those who like dark humor.

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  2. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Oh please the hordes of invaders from the south and Middle East would easily topple any “security” measures this tool and other elites have in place.

  3. Guest says

    Finally this is being reported. Zuckerberg is a little punk. He was sued a while back because he supposedly doesn’t want any neighbors around him and tried to buy some neighboring property and now the IRS is reportedly investigating the guy who sued him. Seems like Barry’s IRS has become the Gestapo for the Open Borders maniacs.

  4. MicahStone says

    Rhetorical question: When is a leftist extremist NOT a total and complete hypocrite?

  5. N "Knows" Davis says

    He wants open borders to drive down wages even more. That is what corporate America wants.

  6. Bill the eighth says

    Ugly, smarmy little bastard I would LOVE to punch right in the mouth.