VIDEO: SEATTLE May Day, Cops & Protesters Square Off!

vlcsnap-2016-05-01-19h37m15s54(This story will be updated as the night goes on) The “Anti Capitalist March” has become an annual affair in Seattle on May Day. This year’s edition features police in riot gear, who closed in on the black clad anarchists as soon as the march started. Windows were smashed, fireworks were lit and thrown at buildings and police. Several police began pepper spraying the crowd, as the protesters threw debris at them. One officer used some kind of voltage based stun gun, and began firing into the crowd.

Later protesters threw rocks and launched molotov cocktails, and police responded with a series of flash-bang grenades in an attempt to break up the mob.

Earlier, police launched a series of flash-bang grenades in an attempt to get the anarchist mob to disperse.


  1. justaman says

    I hear cluster bombs disperse anarchist rioters faster than pepper spray and flash bangs.