Smiling Is Now Racist, Because “White Fragility”

vlcsnap-2016-05-26-02h29m21s74At one of the many recent “whiteness history month” events at Portland Community College, Women’s Resource Center director Brad Fortier and instructor of education Tanya Mead lead a discussion entitled “It’s Not My Fault”, which centered around a notion of “white fragility” and microaggressions that white people, supposedly, do all the the time that are racist.

The event started off with Mead going on about how she “struggles with white fragility”.

They then go on to define “whiteness”. “Privilege” answers one student. Another says “Lack of knowledge of other people going with you because of the privilege that you have every day, so, things that you don’t see because of it, and you don’t realize (???) some people don’t exist, even though they do”. Yet another says “It’s a classification that has been created, especially by western Europeans, to sort of create discrete groups to justify the superiority of one group, obviously, shockingly their own, over people that were not viewed the same to help justify and also enforce and maintain these sort of very disproportionate and unfair power balances within the context of otherwise much more difficult and nuanced interactions so they can (???) them quickly and determine who is part of ‘us’ and who is not.” Mead goes on to praise Professor James Harrison, who is best known for his presentation on imagining a world without whiteness. “When I think of whiteness, I think of people, it’s the unnamed, unseen, un-talked about things. It’s the standard. It’s the normal. You’ve got people and ‘people of color’, and that’s what establishes whiteness, just this idea. And I never hear anyone say ‘I’m just African American’, I always hear ‘I’m just white’. And it’s that un-examined, un-self reflective idea ‘well I’m just a person, y’all are marked, because you’re not white’. So it’s an undefined, unspoken thing” says another student.

They continue on to ponder if they are racist for crossing the street the wrong way, or when they smile at people of color. “Am I doing the ‘white guy smile’?” asks one of the students.

After prejudging white people and making the assumption that they all live in the suburbs with white picket fences, Mead goes on to explain how “white people in North America live in an environment:
A) that protects and insulates them from race based stress
B) builds white expectations for racial comfort
C) lower the ability to tolerate racial stress.
She goes on to use Robin DiAngelo’s definition of “white fragility”. She then cites Tim Wise and explains the “typical white responses” to this supposed “fragility, of which the emotions include anger, fear and guilt, while the behaviors are argumentation, silence, tears, and leaving the stress-inducing situation.

Somehow “these behaviors function to reinstate the white racial equilibrium”.

Mead and Fortier go on to explaine the Helms Model Of White Identity Development.

It’s basically the 6 step process of going from not being racist, realizing you’re racist because you’re white and that makes you racist, then guilting yourself into making meaningless gestures to absolve yourself of this racist guilt, even though, in the end, whitey is still racist, regardless of anything.

After a young cuck says “I’ve thought about this a lot, why people are so defensive, and why this, like, concept is so fragile. I feel like it comes from a place of, like, people don’t want to accept that it’s real, or that there are these problems that we have because that would also mean accepting the fact that they benefit from them?” another person exclaims “I think part of it has to do also with being white, you don’t want to be part of the problem, even as active as you may be, like, it’s that you just have to admit that you’re part of the problem, because there’s stuff that you are taught through society and your parents without even being like ‘outright racist’.

They also discussed “triggers” for whites, which, sadly, didn’t include any references to things like “double action” or “single stage”

You can reach PCC president Silvia Kelley at 971 722 4365


  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Do these people realize they are the biggest racists and bigots going?

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  2. Michael Daniel says

    White privilege?? I always ask but never get the black answer, what is it? No nonsense, give me a fact based answer…..

  3. BillPasadena says

    What I want to read about is what these white people are going to give up to fix what they got because of their privilege.

    • OnTheEdge says

      Surely, they will empty their own pockets to make reparations for their “sins.”

    • scooter says

      Paying the majority of taxes would be a good start, let the blacks pick up some of the slack.

  4. tommymcdonnell says

    these Marxists are practicing “critical theory” complain about everything until life gets so bad people will revolt. they will then have there glorious revolution. remember it is a Marxist’s job to DESTROY the existing order.

  5. Jackie Puppet says

    The question they should be examining is why do many black people scowl all the time and act thuggish, not why is it that when white people smile, it’s racist?

    I go into some of the worst neighborhoods of Chicago for my job at times, and I can see it on their faces that they’re relieved to see a guy like me, as opposed to one of their own.

  6. tjmorgan says

    What a crock of sh*t. People are people. Yes, we are a product of our environment and our upbringing but by and large you decide for yourself who and what you are going to be. Racism is an invention of people that don’t have the gumption to pull up their boot straps, get to work, and make something of themselves. They’d rather blame others for their “predicament”. I blame our colleges for “progressivism”. Taught by a bunch of intellectuals that have hidden in academia all their lives and never had to survive in the real world.

  7. nodhimmi says

    In the Middle Ages, these nuts would be tried for witchcraft or put on the rack! Smiling is racist? Gee, my mom told me it shows you have good disposition and people don’t want to be around people who whine all the time- like these sad, pathetic, weaklings are doing! Sick sixk sick, of this Crap!!!!!!

  8. Maggie Louw says

    What a confused bunch. No wonder the Easterners are laughing at the stupid westerners.

  9. Conservative American says

    Why are all the women of the left short fat ugly as all get out and most them you either have to be passed out drunk or sick to date something like that.

  10. Conservative American says

    Why are all the women of the left short hairy ugly as all get out and most them you either have to be passed out drunk or sick to date something like that.

  11. Conservative American says

    so who ever is holding this up did I hit a nerve of yours… short fat ugly women are on the left

  12. nhred104 says

    This is f#@king stupid! I’m white and look at me……. I’m smiling! Deal with it!

  13. Michael Daniel says

    Ill ask again……White privilege?? I always ask but never get the black answer, what is it? No nonsense, give me a fact based answer…..

  14. JY1 says

    I attempted to read some of that transcribed dialog. Incoherent ramblings would be a generous description. That defies a subject-verb-object sentence form.

    But after seven years of Obama, what white people are smiling?

    Better yet, after seven years of Obama, what people of any color are smiling?

  15. dba_vagabond_trader says

    The insanity is written all over their pasty faces. sthu already. I’ll smile, cross the street and live wherever/whenever I want to.

  16. Dave Zoom says

    Just like the old philosophers arguing over how many angels can stand on the head of a pin .

    • Rob Crawford says

      Nothing like that. The essence of “how many angels can dance on a pin” was whether angels took up space (had physical form) or not. It was an important theological point in a culture where debating theology was as common as discussing the weather.

      These people are just stirring up racial hatred, and trying to curry favor with black racists.

  17. Bubba Gump says

    What a bunch of bumbling idiots. Privilege, you are kidding me. Ever been in a crowd of the others alone?

    • Some Guy says

      That was the issue I drew from my Social Justice class that I was required to take for an education degree. The notion that only white people have power in our society. It immediately dawned on me that as a white person, what power do I have walking around alone in an inner city neighborhood, or working at a school district where the majority of the admins. and teachers aren’t white? The issue came up when I visited Cape Cod once. Was talking to some residents of Provincetown. It’s one of the gay capitals of the US. All major political offices are held by gay people, and a majority of the citizens were gay. Needless to say, they weren’t too concerned about the hetero families when push came to shove.

  18. Rattschidtt says

    Hmm lets see if the mods let me post….”white fragility” is a myth, just as “white privilege” and “white guilt” are.
    Totally self inflicted, by social hypochondriacs.

  19. Jeepers says

    Oh.. I thought she struggled with her “virginity,” but doesn’t look like she’d have that much opportunity.

    I didn’t know pajama boy was actually bald.

  20. xpatYankeeCurmudgeon says

    Proggies in Uh’murca have gone from competitive victimhood and competitive virtue-signaling to arrive at something which looks like it is going to be competitive suicide.

  21. Twisted Root says

    They are terrorists of the mind. They are actually using techniques that create neurosis and mental illness.

  22. RalphF says

    There was a time when I thought the races could get along, but it appears that people like this have no interest in getting along. To them, it’s all about racial grievance groups rent seeking the government to give them advantage.
    Let people like these call me a racist because, no matter what I do or say, that’s exactly what they will do.

  23. Cellec says

    So: the invitation to white people here is to spend the rest of your life apologizing for being white.
    1. Why so many takers? Why is the market for guilt so big?
    2. Is their some social advantage to self-hatred? Some kind of “virtue signaling” thing?
    3. Who the hell is paying these guilt-salesmen? And, can we cut off their funding?

    • RalphF says

      I can’t answer the first two questions, but I can answer number 3. Since these people are at Portland Community College, I would say it’s almost certain that the taxpayers are paying them–whether they like it or not.

  24. docontex says

    I know there are people out there who think like this, believe all this fatuous nonsense, but until I actually see them on film I still look upon their existence like I would space aliens.

  25. Valid Fib says

    Such crap, being studied like it’s an enlightening development worthy of attention. Pyscobable brought to you through white self loathing educational elites who could never make it in a real business where you must produce something of worth.

  26. K Vogel says

    Taxpayers subsidize these buffoons – what a racket! No wonder they like socialism – otherwise they’d be unemployable.

  27. John Williams says

    What do you call a bunch of lunatic bigots at a confab? A White Privilege Workshop.

  28. mnemonicmike says

    In Sub-Saharan Africa, there was never an alphabet developed. White privilege? In a world dominated by western-style technology maybe white-based technology is the standard and everyone else should work to catch-up. The idea that “whites” or “Asians”, people with successful cultures, technology, etc., should simply hand their gains over to some other culture out of guilt is sick and people who espouse it need to be removed.

  29. kishkeyum says

    Besides the stupidity of all this, it’s so incredibly boring! How do people sit through such crap?

  30. Comment Monster says

    You are more disadvantaged in the USA today for not being pretty than not being white. At worst, racism is a speed bump, not a barrier .

  31. doug johnson says

    Any white person would be insane to even share the presence of non-whites if these are the rules. I can only guess their true motivation is reviving segregation. You can take a Democrat off the plantation, but you can’t quite get the overseer out of the Democrat.

  32. Proud Skeptic says

    White and proud. In fact, the more I see of people like these, the prouder I get.

  33. Strelnikov says

    And if these people were not supported by tax dollars they would survive how?

  34. SeRiOuSLy!!?? says

    what happened to these ppl to hate themselves and those like them (whites) so much!? if they hate themselves sooooooo much, why are they not killing themselves and ending their miserable existence of being white!?

  35. Tonestaple says

    The director of the Women’s Resource Center is a man???? Did anyone tell the chicks?