Stunning Video of Venezuela Supermarket Shows ROWS AND ROWS OF EMPTY SHELVES

Grocery Venezuela

The situation in Venezuela has gotten so bad that people are going without food, electricity and other necessities. The video below shows how dire the situation is as the camera passes by row after row of empty shelves.

The fruits of socialism are on full display here.


This should be a teachable moment for the left but it probably won’t work.

(Image is a screen cap.)


  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Venezuela: A Democrat’s/Liberal’s/Progressive’s wet dream.

  2. Stuck_in_Ca says

    This is what happens when suppliers can’t make money. How’s that utopian fantasy in Venezuela working out Mr. Penn?

  3. NoLibZone says

    Hey Berniebots, you may want to learn more about Socialism before you vote/support Sanders.

  4. tommymcdonnell says

    what incentive is their to work in a communist country? there is a reason they have labor camps in communist countries.

  5. rostomic says

    Yes I have seen and lived this in former communist block .. and now coming to supermarket near you america unless of course your vote changes things, as evidently it just may for now… but not many chances left.