Child Rapist Guest Speaker At College’s “Whiteness” Event

vlcsnap-2016-06-30-18h32m27s160During “whiteness history month” this past April at Portland Community College, they featured an event called “Students Of Color Speak Out”. It was sort of like an open mic session for students of color to talk about some of their experiences. Most of the students had some legitimate and heart felt things to say.

But when it came time for the guest PCC alumni speakers, one Tony Funchess rose up and took to the mic. He is now a student at Portland State University, after attending PCC for two years.

Mr. Funchess has been the subject of past stories, namely the one where he was running for Portland State University student body president and was discovered to be a two time child rapist.

That story gained traction in several local news outlets, and his past became well known.

But that didn’t stop PCC from inviting him to rant about oppression:

It’s interesting to note that the SJWs in Portland coddle this guy, and welcome him into their ranks, knowing full well that he is a sex offender. One can’t help but wonder how they would react if he were white.


  1. Andy Nash says

    What’s next? A job in a day care center. Really now, would it surprise anyone?

    • Amerikztan says

      Comey let Hillary walk. Nope. No suprises anymore. The Democrapic presi-don’t has banned the word ‘surprises’.

    • Cory Hayes says


      • Teddy Edwards says

        The ratio seems 1 Dennis Hastert-to-50,000 liberal Democrats in the rape history department. And the evidence there was it was gay voyeurism, not Democrat-style Bill Clinton-kind of rape.

    • vinagaroon says

      Well that and hypocrisy, cowardice, perversion, treason, collaboration with the enemy, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Dr. Karl Stalin says

    did you get those scars on your eyebrow from some toddler screaming and clawing as you penetrate her?

  3. MicahStone says

    “Child Rapist Guest Speaker At College’s “Whiteness” Event”
    —I guess Bill wasn’t available because he was busy offering Loretta Lynch a bribe to not indict his criminal wife.

    • Seamus says

      Next up: NAMBLA acceptance. North American Man-Boy Love Association. It’s a real thing.

      • quorn strom says

        After that: KKK. Ku Klux Klan. They actually lynched black people. They still exist. They are not considered a hate group.

  4. El Conquistador says

    If I was the father of one of the girls he raped, I would show up and stomp his worthless ass into the ground.

  5. drattastic says

    The left have no problem with any crime as long as you are down with the cause. These are sick twisted people who should be ,at the very least, shunned by normal society but freaks ,malcontents and evil people have the reigns of power.

  6. says

    This is Obama’s fault. He gives rights to Muslims, Jews, and anyone else who hates white culture. Especially sickening is his love for the socialist gay military. Sorry, welfare baby leftist military goons, but you haven’t seen blood until you climb into the trenches with the REAL fighters, Christian culture warriors.

    • Snarky says

      I bet you’re over 45, have limited mobility due to overeating or other Southern disease like diabetes, and have a scant collection of deer rifles and AR15 you can’t shoot well.

      But since you have love for another man called Jesus you think somehow you could last in a fight against anyone who doesn’t love Jesus as much as you.

      Let me tell you who’s out bombing ISIS and other Jihadist groups to death, not you, not your “Christian Warriors”. It’s the “Gay Socialist Military” fighting while your Gay for Jesus Bible Bangers fondle your semiautomatic AR15s and pretend like you know a damn thing about combat you’ll never see.

      • quorn strom says

        I didn’t see the original comment, but I am glad someone still has respect for the people that risk their lives to keep the free world safe.

    • Seamus says

      I’m a tad confused. Do you hate the military, leftists (few for sure) serving in the military, gays in the military, or the whole idea that people serve their country in different way, and get paid. Or might I suggest that you hate anyone who gets any kind of check from the gov’t?

  7. Snarky says

    Time after time the Left continues to comb the black population for exemplary examples of blackness.

    Unfortunately they shun examples like Dr. Ben Carson or Justice Clarence Thomas and instead prop up Mr Tunchess the child rapist as a beacon of blackness.

    This is proof that the Liberals are behind efforts to keep blacks down in order to keep them subjugated as to assure they vote against Republicans.

    • Msgr_Moment says

      40% of all adults?! Better lock yourself and your children up for safety!! And stockpile food. Check with me in ten years and I’ll tell you whether it’s safe to come up above ground yet.

      • FriendOfJohnnyM says

        No, thanks. I’ll just break the necks of child molesters as I come across them, instead. Maybe it’s you who should be doing the hiding.

        • quorn strom says

          Wow, is you said that to his face that would be assault… Maybe you should hide in a courtroom instead of calling others child molesters.

    • quorn strom says

      Yes, that’s right, THEY are the enemy. Not ISIS, not anyone in the entire world, but fifty percent of your own country that happens not to agree with you, they are all disgusting rapists because you can’t step out of your tiny isolationist bubble for one moment. Do you know what “fake news” is? Apparently no-one in this puppet site does. Founders for sites like these call themselves satirists, and conservative nuts like you make shitty jokes about how anyone who doesn’t believe in the right of a historically enslaved minority, which still in fact makes much less than the white man on average. Don’t you know a scam when you see one? If you didn’t already reply to that email from a Nigerian prince asking for money, it was probably because you found out Nigeria was an African country which Obama was definitely from. Literally the entire rest of the world, including myself, see the far-right, people who don’t believe in openness, to be a disconnected uneducated backwater novelty that we can watch for entertainment while they screw themselves with an incompetent government that they elected.

  8. Shocked_and_Amazed✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says

    A two time child rapist? Why isn’t he on jail? Or better yet, dead?

  9. Seamus says

    Whiteness month. What an interesting concept. Actually, it is a scheme to jack up the self-loathing level by whites which the cry baby blacks feel about themselves. It certainly can’t be designed to make, or cause, whites to feel guilty for the long-ago sins against the most protected (oops, gays snagged that spot), pampered, babied, gov’t sponsored/funded/propped up (and criminal/violent) race in the United States.
    With the exception of kids whose parents are as lily-livered as they are, it will backfire. All this black sh!t is getting just a bit old, and it’s because the carbon-colored communist in DC is driving the narrative and his rich cronies in Hollywood and other media are just loving hating the US and white people.

    Three cheers for the child rapist. A wonderful representation of a white hating negro.

    • quorn strom says

      Oh what a pity, I am attacked for being a supposed oppressor! Lock him up and taunt him as a negro.

  10. FriendOfJohnnyM says

    Look really close at the guy’s lips in that picture. See it? Look closer- it’s on both his lips. What is it?………………………………DIAPER RASH!

  11. Babylonandon says

    And people wonder how the Left can be so comfortable with Muslims when its obvious they have no real problem with pedophiles. Its only people who AREN’T perverts they have a problem with.

      • Babylonandon says

        The ones who want to kill folks indiscriminately … and the ones who don’t care enough to try and stop them or who quietly cheer them on … which describes MOST of them. So not actually all … just most. And its prophet is a pedophile … ain’t no excuse you could ever make in all of history that can justify having sex with a 9 year-old.

        • quorn strom says

          Stastistically, more people die from gun shootings in the U.S. by deranged white people than those by muslims. Your generalisation of muslims being terrorists and associating them with fanatical killers is unjust to the vast majority of them, who are just looking to practice their religion without being blasted by people who think that through their very existence Christianity is under attack. So, no, of course you’re not referring to all muslims when you say “the ones who want to kill folks indiscriminately,” or not even most of them. You are referring to a fraction smaller than the number of Radical Christian Terror-motivated white nationalists there are in the United States.

          • Babylonandon says

            Oh sure … if you just want to use US Statistics … but the US isn’t the whole world … and the vicious slaughter around the world continues unabated. How many people are getting beaten, acid-splashed, raped, and slaughtered in places like India, Indonesia, the Philippines, ALL OVER EUROPE, central Asia, Malaysia, and in a host of other countries where there are enough of a community of “radical Muslims” to be a threat to everyone around them (even other Muslims who aren’t so bent on being barbarians)?

            I don’t just concern myself with what goes on here … as I have family overseas, too.

          • quorn strom says

            Ok, I will concede that there are various incidences that are reported on that focus on muslims. Most terror attacks in the western world in general, as well as many in Asia, are carried out by disturbed teenagers. The ones that happen to be muslim, which again, are relatively few compared to those of other groups, are generally the children of immigrants who have been singled out by society.

            If you were referring to attacks on other muslims, which are indeed more common in Asia, and who again are for the most part not hell-bent “barbarians,” those attacks reflect the opinions of a certain ultraconservative few who have not changed with the times. I agree with the notion that Islamic-derived fanatics are something that should not be at all. However I just think it is a wild misconception to think that such a large section of muslim society is actually some constant extremist faction, and the one thing that is needed is for the accepting of all faiths so that the common enemy of extremists of, in turn, all faiths can be extinguished.

          • Babylonandon says

            The problem – the great white elephant in the room of all of this is that those “few extremists” who’s numbers actually approach the combined population of several of the smaller European countries (their spiritual supporters are probably equal to the population of the entire United States) are being funded by folks like members of the Royal Families of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, senior Sheikhs fro the Emirates, and Elites from other Arab States.

            If the billions coming from these people were not there to support the terrorists, if they didn’t at the same time use their influence on our and other governments to allow the worst of the worst to come into OUR countries and either rage out of control or teach their ideals to folks with “mental issues” as you say … meaning the socially awkward, psychopaths bent on destruction, and other criminally minded youth, and other disaffected people … then we wouldn’t be having these problems. Frankly if those Elites were subdued or even removed – most of the problems over there would fade – as its the rich Arab Elites who fund the people to fight their proxy wars (including our own government).

            Its not a little problem caused by a few extremists … its a huge problem paid for by rich dirtbags agitating for a cause that will give them power and glory … same as most of the most of rest of the world’s worse real problems.

  12. Msgr_Pheasant_Plucker's_Son says

    When I’m feeling sad and blue, I come over here to smirk at the demise of this horrid site and the penis-substitute waving “man” who wrote it. Anybody know whether he’s still in prison?
    Oh, and the commenters who use stories like this to paint all liberals with the same brush. Man, they must be desperate people. May the Lord have mercy upon their souls and grant them peace.

  13. gbs says

    There is no crime worse than wight man oppression over PO C. I knew an African- American in his thirties who was bitter long before BL Movement era. I asked him why he seemed to have a huge chip on his shoulder – why was he so angry ALL the time about everything all the time.

    He said 15 years ago when he was in high school he overheard his boss mention that Joey (the wight 18 year old quarterback) was get $7.25 an hour (and he was earning $6.75 an hour for the same job). I lovingly expressed how he shouldn’t let one bigot take over his life for that 15 years. It was like a magnet. He internalized every “the man took 50 cents an hour from me” type stories from friends, Terrance Smiley show, and other TV. He eagerly accepted carefully crafted news reports — leaving out any details of a copp shootin g other than “a b lack was shot by a copp”. (Things such as “the copp was blac k”).

    Now I see “him” on the sidelines at an NFL games inserting his shoulder chip into my only escape from the a day full o hay tred and PO C guilt in all media..

  14. Justin H says

    And here I thought that the liberals who are supposed to be champions of an individual person’s liberties (after all, isn’t that why they call themselves “Liberals”?), which include the right to NOT BE RAPED! Especially children *shudder*… I don’t care what color somebody is (and yes, white IS a color), bad things would happen to them if they did that to my kids.