Dem Candidate Spends Father’s Day Celebrating ABORTION


“This Father’s Day, I am proud to fight alongside NARAL Pro-Choice America and the countless other allies of reproductive freedom. I am dedicated to supporting and protecting a woman’s right to make her own decisions about whether, when, and with whom to grow a family” says Brad Avakian at the beginning of an op ed he penned on Father’s Day for something called Refinery 29.

He continues with “Like every dad, I want my children, Nathan and Claire, to have equal opportunities in life. Reproductive freedom is important to making this possible — and there is no reproductive freedom without access to safe and legal abortion. I trust my daughter to make the best decision for her future. If this ever means she decides to terminate a pregnancy, I want her to know that I am there for her. And I want the laws of our nation to protect her right to make this decision and get the medical care she needs.”

Avakian is the current Bureau Of Labor and Industry commissioner and is running for Oregon Secretary Of State. He’s the one who has been overseeing the saga of the Sweet Cakes By Melissa snafu, where the lesbian couple was awarded $135,000 because the bakery didn’t want to bake them a cake.

Brad Avakian goes on to say “As it stands, I and countless other men for choice across the nation have our work cut out for us: Thousands of politicians are working feverishly to dismantle reproductive rights and, as a result, to undermine the dignity and freedom of all American women. If they’re not trying to ban abortion outright, even in cases of rape, incest, or threat to a woman’s health, they are trying to find a way to make abortion so expensive, inconvenient, or inaccessible for women that it might as well be banned.

I will continue to fight against these politicians and be a champion of choice for the right of my daughter, my wife, and all other women to control their own destinies. No doctor should have to wear a bulletproof vest to work in fear that extremists might target her for providing abortion services. And no woman should have to travel 500 miles or be forced to wait in order to make her own medical decisions.”

In the Democrat primary race for Secretary Of State, Avakian won a three-way race that also included the Bloomberg backed Val Hoyle and state Senator Richard Devlin. It also appears as though Avakian doesn’t know what the Secretary Of State’s role is, because he’s spent the entire campaign talking about abortion and other things that are unrelated to the office. The Secretary Of State’s job is to oversee elections, audit governmental entities, and run the business registry.

Meanwhile, Avakian is more concerned with racking up endorsements and testimonies from NARAL Pro Choice and their members, as his facebook page is littered with such.

(H/T Parent Herald)


  1. Amerikztan says

    I spent Fathers Day celebrating Liberal OB/GYN’s, and came up with this-
    ….Gun Free zones, scissors allowed in the delivery room :

  2. Fred says

    Yes, because what defines fatherhood more than saying “I’m sure glad that’s over!”

  3. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Abortion should be illegal in ALL circumstances. Taxes should be raised on ALL Americans so all babies can be supported from conception to grave making abortion unnecessary.

  4. NoLibZone says

    DemokRATs supporters of abortion, defenders of death row murderers and terrorists.

  5. jongnagy says

    Moral leadership?

    Obama spoke at Planned Parenthood last year (2015)

    Obama believes that a baby born alive during a botched abortion could be left to die.

    Even “ex-utero” (born and outside the womb) is not an issue for him. The convenience of the mother counts not viability of the fetus.

    The Center for Responsive Politics, listed the number one of 25 politicians who have received the most Planned Parenthood campaign cash from 1990 through the end of August 2015:

    White House

    No. 1: Barack Obama


    Unbiased moral leadership?

    From a man whose pockets are tainted by this illegal, fetus-profiting, corrupt organization?

    Headline, “Eleven States Sue Obama Administration Over Transgender Bathroom Policy.:

    Now Obama is taking us down the toilet.

    And America with him.

    Other benefactors of Planned Parenthood:

    U.S. Congress

    No. 3: Hillary Clinton


    PARTY: Democrat

    FEDERAL OFFICE: Former (2001-09) U.S. senator from New York; Former (2009-13) secretary of state; Candidate for 2016 Democratic presidential nomination

    U.S. Congress

    No. 4: John Kerry


    PARTY: Democrat

    Wonder why Democrats support abortion?

    In 2012, spewing the obnoxious lie, Obama said:

    “[…] in many of these state Planned Parenthood is your only possible access to not only abortion but Pap smears, cervical cancer screenings, mammograms. It is a place where women who many not otherwise have the means can take care of their own bodies.”

    MissTennessee Hannah Robison feed the lie to viewers of the Miss America pageant when she said:

    “The $500 million that gets given to Planned Parenthood every single year goes to female… care. It goes to screening for cancer. It goes for mammograms.”

    In reality, when a woman goes to Planned Parenthood for a cancer screening, she is referred to a different local health care clinic . There are over 8,700 licensed facilities that provide mammograms in the United States.

    Not a single one is a Planned Parenthood facility.

  6. Seamus says

    Interesting that he equates dignity of a woman with abortion. He’s sick. When the Mexicans and Muslims overrun the tatters of this nation because so many women have been lied to about “dignity and abortion rights”, and have aborted their babies, we people of (white) color are rapidly becoming a minority group.
    That said, I hope Brad is the first victim. Maybe HUD will make him move out of his home which will be given to some person/religious fanatic of color.
    As the article points out, he is clueless about his desired post. I’m sure he’ll do well. And even if he doesn’t, they won’t fire him because he’s a blind, obsessed proponent of baby killing. Go Democrats!

    • Kathy Brown, Esq. says

      These devils have convinced women that their worst enemy is their own helpless baby in their womb.

      And just think: Into the bargain, most leftists are atheists. They don’t even know they’re serving Satan.

      Brexit’s water in the desert; but I’m counting the days until the election. Oh-and the Marines I know? Even THEY say they don’t know if we can survive ’til then.

      God Save These United States.

  7. Salt says

    What irony. Does he want Progressivism to come to a halt? They are the only ones having abortions.