Fossil Fuel Protesters Sit-In On Train Tracks

-3132c87149ffc3c8The northwest enviro-hippies were back at it again last week. Protesters took to blocking the train tracks in Vancouver, WA, last Saturday in response to the oil train that derailed and caught fire in Oregon earlier in June.

Except the trains they were blocking contained grain and lumber, not oil.

Led by well known environmentalist protester Mia Reback, who was also one of the planners of the kayak flotilla strategy, they staged a sit-in on the tracks for several hours until police eventually arrested 20 of them. You’ll note in the videos that most of those arrested are senior citizens. The protest organizers intentionally plan that out for two reasons; 1) It creates by public sympathy by having pictures go out in the media of the big bad police officer handcuffing a little old lady. 2) The older protesters have nothing to lose. They’re retired. They don’t have to worry about potential employers seeing their mugshot or reading about their arrest history. The younger protesters are more “vulnerable” in that regard.



  1. bike mike says

    Judging by the time of day they are doing this, my guess is employment is not a major issue with these people. Welfare or some other kind of payout. Probably arrived in their solar powered cars.

    • FlamingLimousineLiberal says

      Professional protesting is a lucrative career choice these days. There never seems to be a shortage of being offended by something or someone.

  2. TrumpDeusVult says

    they should’ve let the trains keep running. “survival of the fittest” and all that.

    • Nancy Fielder says


    • alicejdunford says


  3. NoLibZone says

    Maybe these protesters should call their messiah obama who refused to allow the Keystone pipeline to be built. Warren Buffet who is a big money bundler and donor to obama bought the railroads and is the one who is profiting from the transports.

  4. olddog says

    LMAO..ORE-GONE..the ENTIRE state has the intellect of a GD FENCE POST…MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. malinse says

    Just tell them they’ll receive a free iphone; a Starbucks frati-latte; and a tank of gas for their Jeep, around the block, and they’ll leave.