Here’s Why Recent Polls Which Favor Hillary Shouldn’t Panic Trump Supporters

Donald Trump and Hillary

Democrats and their allies in media are waging psychological warfare on Trump supporters. Every day brings a new story about divisions in the GOP or a bad poll for Trump. This is all being done by design.

Their goal is to depress enthusiasm for Trump but the truth is that many polls over sample Democrats. So far, this is a neck and neck election and that’s bad news for Hillary.

DC Whispers explains:

Why Polls Show More Concern For Hillary Than Trump

The Mainstream Media and Establishment Republicans are making a great deal of noise over recent polling data suggesting a “Trump Slump” is in effect as Hillary Clinton enjoys an average +5 advantage over Donald Trump.

What the media isn’t saying is this data is already past due, and it is the Clinton camp that though not quite panicked, is deeply concerned over how the political landscape is so quickly changing beneath their very feet.

The Real Clear Politics polling average is what the Mainstream Media is now touting as evidence of the alleged Trump Slump. What these reports purposely neglect to inform readers is that polling data is already weeks old and almost none of it reflects the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

Instead, that polling reflects millions of dollars in negative Trump advertising and a 24/7 media assault upon Mr. Trump’s response to a pending Trump University civil suit, (a relatively minor affair) and near-breathless coverage of staged protests at a number of Trump rallies while at the very same time, neglecting to fully cover the still-ongoing FBI investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private server and potential federal obstruction of justice charges and conspiracy charges, as well as Clinton’s financial ties to a myriad of outside the U.S. Muslim campaign contributors well known for their anti-women and anti-gay agendas.

Instead, the media focused on Mrs. Clinton’s “historic” clinching of the Democrat nomination, resulting in what is commonly referred to as a “good-will bump” in the political polling industry. Such bumps are often minor, and not sustainable. Given Mrs. Clinton’s own high negative ratings, this unsustainable trend will most likely be the case for her as well, and her campaign knows it.

Don’t believe anything the lame stream media is pushing.

Contrary to their reportage, this is a change election and only one candidate represents change.

It’s certainly not Hillary.


  1. vdorta says

    American Thinker has two recent posts showing biased assumptions on national and state polling; Reuters was neutral during the primaries (when it didn’t matter much), but see the current absurd distribution (D43/R35/I11) on its rolling poll.

  2. Bubba Gump says

    I cannot remember an election where the DemocRAT was not leading in the polls. Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2 all were behind but all went on to win.

    • seekingtruth says

      I hope you are right but I am reading the globalists plan on using vote fraud to put Hillery in.We know they are putting out false polling for her which is a precursor to stealing an election. You can’t steal it really unless you skew the polls. It reminds me of when trump was going in to primaries in states where he was fifteen points ahead and corrupt cruz won the primary. Then we find out Cruz is using vote fraud, busing people around to vote more than once, having his people vote multiple times in each state. So glaaaad that man did not steal it away.

      • Admin Cat says

        if they do, it will be too obvious and unpredictable reactions will manifest outside but more importantly inside govt. If Trump simply outs the pedo-cult that runs DC, Congress will be half emptied. That would be the ultimate trump card, I think it’s going to happen. I have faith the system can be corrected with a bombastic billionaire real estate agent on the loose. It’s insane enough to work out.

        • Feet2Fire says

          I have faith the system can be corrected with a bombastic billionaire real estate agent on the loose. It’s insane enough to work out.

          Hah! Well said.

    • Amerikztan says

      Don’t get cocky, Kid. We thought the same about our last last Resort; Mitt.
      remember how quickly his lead evaporated, and the restless night after the letdown? The GOP set us up the last two presidential elections, and they were carefully calculated to continue the mutual party lines control of a complacent citizenry.

      They drubbed us into staying home if we didn’t support the Mormon, the ‘animal abusive’, Milquetoast, who dropped his mitts in the final round against the squishy, big eared, ‘African-American’, Muslim Sympathizer.
      Trump is still not a shoe in, but could probably win in a tight race within 1 percentage point if the election were held NOW. He’d better start hammering sanders and Hillary NOW. He needs to start appealing to Millennials with a cute, fuzzy Mascot, a la the Leftist ‘stategerie’,

        • Amerikztan says

          You must be confusin’ FACTS with FRET- I don’t fret, ya Whippersnappin’ upstart !

          • Admin Cat says

            OK, fine, just hang with me …what…? OH, well yeah exactly…The FBI DOJ situation at hand is the fact ObamalamaDingDang emailed Hilltard at her private boudoir server…. and OFTEN…..they’re now hip deep together in the effort to bury it all… Now, Obama can preemptively pardon her crimes (TRUE), but of course this would only serve to positively confirm her guilt and betrayal…. CANKLES WILL NOT BE PRESIDENT…. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Repeat this often, to yourself and then to others. I do it a lot. It makes me taller too.

          • GoodNews ✓Orthodox 4Trump says

            @Admin_Cat z always has an elevated opinion of their importance.

          • Admin Cat says

            Well facts & stats is good, ‘ceptin when I so choose to ignore them for my predetermined preferr-ed outcome!

      • Aparition42 says

        The FBI can’t charge someone with a crime. They can only investigate and gather evidence to present to the Attorney General. It’s up to the AG to press charges. You’re free to guess why that’s not happening.

    • GoodNews ✓Orthodox 4Trump says

      Now to just avoid martial law as he starts to put Barry & co in the pressure cooker.

      • Admin Cat says

        No worries, they can only do small areas at once, the idea is scarier than the impossible logistical reality of it. They can shutdown things as long as the people and the enforcers are willing to go along.. which is …. not long …. absent…. a …. massive…. event…. looking at Orlando… they havent had time to plan anything good enough… its not in their stars to stop the Trump Train….

    • rangerider says

      The do give a certain flavor, but not the whole meal :-0 Sorta like different aromas wafting from the kitchen 🙂 GO TRUMP 🙂

  3. TurnRight says

    That whole meme about “over sampling of Democrats” and “skewed polls” last time around turned out to be a myth. The polls were right and a lot of us were shocked when election day came around because we bought into it. It’s not time to panic, but let’s stay grounded in reality this time.

    • seekingtruth says

      Wrong. Obama did not win the last election. He stole it. He had 195 to 00% of the vote in literally hundreds of precincts. Then you had voting machines flipping from Romney to Obama.Would it have made any difference probably not they both work for the same people.

    • Feet2Fire says

      It wasn’t the polls but the cheating and fraud that changed what the outcome SHOULD have been.

  4. drattastic says

    We know their game and we aren’t buying into it ,the media trustworthiness is at an all time low and it’s well deserved.

    • cuteizzy21 says

      If that is true, why are you buying into this story? All media has a bias, they are all liars. You just pick the flavor of poison they will kill you with.

  5. seekingtruth says

    You know a candidate is doing something good when the elites come out and attack him every day. Trump has literally been put through the wringer with our politicians. They see their gravy trains going and all the corruption going on in Washington being curtailed. Ryan is actively working to undermine trump. I want to know why Ryan is worth 14 million + when he is only a member of the house which makes less than 200 thousand a year. Who is giving money to him. It is obvious he is bought and paid for.

    • cuteizzy21 says

      They aren’t attacking Trump, it is all self-inflicted. It is not attack to report what someone says, its news.

    • Amerikztan says

      Leftists : your train is heading for the bridge, but Obama blew up the bridge behind him on his runaway train. we are stoking Trumps roaring locomotive, hoping to generate enough steam to jump the trestle. Their are volunteers lining up with shovels ready.

    • Msgr_Moment says

      Awwww. Poor Trumpy. He’s been under the gun ever since he got that “loan” from daddy. Oh, and the liberals keep forcing his companies into bankruptcy, and even though he makes out like a bandit whenever he files for bankruptcy and doesn’t have to pay his creditors (or simply decides to not pay his creditors), but makes sure to pay himself first. What a tough life he’s had. Thanks, Obama.

  6. richardfg7 says

    Are you kidding ? I can’t wait to run into the next “Hilldog” supporter. My eyes are wide open to what this criminal has been up to . A vote for her is nothing but complicity to multiple acts of treason . The lid has been kept on her evil ways for decades out of fear of reprisals by her and her crime partners including hubby Bill . But as a former criminal myself I know a little about how this stuff works . There comes a day when there’s just too much . They have reached critical mass. The rats will start to desert the ship shortly leaving the “hilldog” sitting alone in her cage .

    • vdorta says

      I agree with you and have said the same before. However votes for Hillary is an accomplice to her crimes. You can’t say you didn’t know.

  7. Akira88 says

    I am not watching tv and don’t listen to the radio much any more. I only look at online news once a day now.
    I’m ready for November. I don’t care about the . tricksters. I don’t care about what they dig up. All I know is I’m waiting for November, and when it comes, I’m voting Trump.

    • Zero Jive says

      I am with you, comrade. Let the spin doctors spin! I will be enjoying my time, maybe constructing an effigy of Hillary… Nevertheless, I firmly believe you and I are not as lonely as it may seem. Of course, I am across the Potomac so you can imagine how any reasonable individual can feel really alone.

      • Akira88 says

        You totally get it! For years we’ve been manipulated, lied to, cajoled, trampled on and have gone along with all their whims. Done.

        Are you on the DC side of the Potomac?

        Have fun if you carry out the effigy … me? I can’t stand looking at her – she is a liar. Couple that with …. with that abrasive quality of voice ….. I admire you for your stamina…..

        Good to know there’s some company out there.

        • Zero Jive says

          I was in DC for 6 months. I got to Virginia quickly and had my “things” delivered quickly and legally. I only go into DC to see my doctor. Frankly, I have come to realize I am much more comfortable with an effective self-defense tool, and have little interest in any place that would deny me that right.
          Fear not, Akira. We are everywhere!

          • Akira88 says

            “I am much more comfortable with an effective self-defense tool…” 🙂

            I’m such a fan of hope …. thank you!

    • Msgr_Moment says

      Congratulations. You’re Trump’s favorite kind of voter: the low-information type.

      • Akira88 says

        No. I’m actually very well informed.
        It’s the libs like you who believe freedom of speech is only for those who agree w/you and deny someone like Trump as credible.

        How’s hillary’s emails going, btw? And why won’t the Pentegon release the particulars on casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan … etc? Is it because the numbers are high and they don’t want Vietnam – like press so close to an election?

        You guys never vet your people. You just follow as if you’re in a trance. So – talk low information …

        • Msgr_Moment says

          Iraq? Who sent our people to die there? Who bareface LIED to get us in there. You find the WMDs yet? You’ve got a very selective memory.
          Emails? How’s it going? I don’t know. She did the same thing her GOP predecessors did. I don’t see your point.
          You may read a lot, but if you only read/listen to people that agree with you, I wouldn’t call you very well informed.

          • Akira88 says

            I live in America where we have the freedom of belief.
            Where do you hail from?

            Going off on some diatribe dishonors the identifier: Msgr. Really?
            You libs have given us anarchy. I’m talking about now, not ancient history.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            Anarchy? Really? While we are talking about names, the “88” in yours tells me all I want to know. Please don’t KZ me when you take over, Sir.

          • Akira88 says

            You’re unhinged, aren’t cha?
            Looking into meanings that aren’t there re the numbers? That’s psycho liberal conspiracy nutso stuff.

            And I am NOT a Sir.

  8. cpinva says

    “Contrary to their reportage, this is a change election and only one candidate represents change.”
    please, do keep believing this, the stunned look on your face, the night of the Trump slaughter, will be priceless. do take pics, for the rest of to mock. I note you claim (with no substantive evidence supporting it) the polls showing Ms. Clinton 12 points ahead of Trump nationally, show this only because they oversampled democrats. please provide the cite, with the evidence supporting your claim. this would include, but not be limited to, the tabs for the poll(s) in question. nearly every national poll, conducted by multiple polling entities, has shown Ms. Clinton out polling Mr. Trump consistently, for months now. the single outlier has been, wait for it………………………..Rasmussen! although recently, they’ve even started to show Clinton pretty solidly ahead of Trump.

    but anyhow, you carry on. if you’re lucky, the rubes on this site won’t bother checking for themselves, and will continue sending you money.

    • Lucifer Cruz says

      Trump is going to win in a landslide. Democrat turn out has been rather poor this election season, and GOP turnout has been through the roof. In addition, voter intensity for this cycle clearly favors the GOP. Trump is drawing 20,000 + at each rally, while the Hillary campaign pays people to show at hers and yet, can’t fill a bingo hall, let alone an arena. lol And there’s Hillary’s little Bernie supporter problem. MANY Bernie supporters will never vote for that old hag criminal. This election is all about TRUMP!!! Get used to it, or move to Mexico!!!!

    • Feet2Fire says

      Your smug reliance on polls will prove fatal. Most conservatives and smart people DO NOT RESPOND TO or PARTICIPATE IN POLLS. We’re more private than that. Election day will prove the polls don’t know what’s going on. :-)))

      Hint: You also probably won’t see many Trump bumper stickers or yard signs, given what we know about the destructive nature of both Clinton and Bernie supporters. But Trump supporters are everywhere and come November, we’ll express ourselves loud and clear. :)))

      • Zero Jive says

        Just like 3%ers; Everywhere! Smart, conservative folks know when to shut up when asked certain inquiries. With all the recent firearm sales (Obama’s favorite stock), every month succeeding the last, how many do you think would tell you over the phone they have guns in the house? “I just sold all of mine,” is the most popular response. Just as when one looks at the violence towards those supporting Trump, they say they do not, in an effort to not become a target. My concern is how quick all those guns show up IF the people do not get a fair say. Lincoln said every nation is due a revolution after 150 years. Our last one ended 1865…you can do the math. Of course, I understand men and women with good intentions are worthless if you must crack a book.

    • Msgr_Moment says

      I hope they DON’T panic. Just stay down there in your Air raid shelters on Election Day and come out in a year to see if the zombies are in power.

  9. Heavy Metal says

    As I’ve commented elsewhere, it may be my past, or it may be the fact that I have so many relatives in the State Department & that are lawyers in Arlington / Fairfax VA area, but I really don’t think there is any hope to stop what is happening in this nation short of a lead rain. People just don’t understand WHO is behind all this and WHY. Sorry, the PTB will never allow Trump to take power, prepare to defend yourselves.

    • E Rudiger says

      If so then you *must* know that everyone within 100 miles of DC is a pro-government Hillary or cuck supporter. That is only 8 million people and the rest of the nation is nothing like that. Once you cross the Rappahannock things change.

      • Heavy Metal says

        Yeap, why I have nothing to do with half of my family; libtard scum. It is just the hatred and talk of ‘what’ needs to be done, or is hoped for, that concerns me for Trump.

        • Msgr_Moment says

          That’s why there isn’t “any hope to stop what is happening in this nation…” People don’t talk or listen to each other. BTW, you better be ready to “defend yourself” against the Secret Service if you threaten things like “lead rain”. Paranoid yet, keyboard commander?

          • Msgr_Moment says

            You talk about changing this country’s course with the help of lead rain. Unless you’re talking about using Flint drinking water, I think you’re talking about violence. Funny, I don’t hear that kind of talk from people on the left.

          • Heavy Metal says

            I observe that the nation is split down the middle & that the vast majority of those who inhabit “fly over country” have had enough of the illegal invasion, Obozo led forced mooslim resettlement and out sourcing of American jobs in the name of corporate profits & Wall Street big bucks. I do volunteer work with veterans in three states and SEE the building anger and out right hostility, and I keep in touch with numerous active duty former army buddies, and EVERYTHING is about to go south, quickly.So there IS a LEAD rain coming if Cankles becomes pres, and it will be fast and bloody. IF you didn’t have your head firmly up your rear, or weren’t a libtard troll, you’d know this.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            People with ready access to firearms that are not meant for self-defense or hunting do get pretty dramatic, don’t they?

          • Msgr_Moment says

            What’s with your obsession with Hillary’s ankles? You hate women, right? Don’t want them voting or having equal rights?

          • Heavy Metal says

            Poor libtard dolt, brown nosing Cankles’ fish sticks hey? Hehehehehehehe, Cankles isn’t a woman, maybe a female dog, but not a woman. Foolish rube, maybe you’ll self deport once Trump is the pres?

          • Msgr_Moment says

            Your mom know you’re a sexist shithead? I’m sure the women can spot it from a block away.

          • Heavy Metal says

            Ah, the standard libtard attempt at marginalization when shown to be devoid of anything substantive…. Your butthurt whining is entertaining. So, inquiring minds want to know, will you self deport when Trump is pres, Cankles & Humid are eating fish cakes in the Federal Pen, and the Great Wall Of Trump is built? Or are you one of those illegals I’m going to have great fun helping round up and hogtie as a volunteer member of the Deportation Force?

          • Msgr_Moment says

            See, this is why we can’t have nice things. I hope you find inner peace before your itchy trigger finger gets you in trouble.

          • Heavy Metal says

            Itchy trigger finger? Who said anything about shooting the illegal alien invaders? A subconscious projection? No, Friday evening 4×4 F250 four wheeling, rope and hog tie them, throw them in the back and boot them back across the Rio Grande!
            Oh the volunteer Deportation Force is going to be fun! Now IF one of those scumbags shoots FIRST, it’s open season then. Otherwise it’s a boot in the backside trip back across… I am campaigning for the catapult method of deportation… Just a suggestion, as I am a real humanitarian, after all.
            Now libtard scum like YOU deserves SPECIAL attention. Do you need help packing? You are going to self deport with all your libtard trash friends that have said they were leaving when Trump is pres right? I’ll be GLAD to assist you, just ask.

    • a1beachguy says

      Miami-Dade county was kept from purging thousands of dead voters from the voter rolls because it might violate somebodies civil rights. The Department of Justice is the democratic party’s ace in the hole.

      • Msgr_Moment says

        Why bother? Restrictive photo-ID voting laws, reduced DMV hours, reduced polling place hours, and the like seem to have done the same thing. And what party is it that has been following this as an intentional national policy? Hmmmm…. let me think about that.

  10. Amerikztan says

    Millennials respond to cartoon Icons like Tony The Tiger, Smokey The Bear, and cartoon presentations that simplify the progressive message, but lack realistic comparisons to capitalism, and sovereignty of our Republic, based on a democratic PROCESS. The names of the two major parties just confuse their indoctrinated minds. Reality is a temporal state for malleable, mold-able, young minds. The acceptance now of temporary euphoria in legalization of drugs, and liberal marijuana use ingrains that euphoric ideal in their developing minds.
    I support marijuana legalization with moderate, responsible use for
    22 year-old’s, without concealing it in candies, and without appealing to these former children with cute progressive cartoon iconography. Hillary is trying to appear as the counter-culture Carol Brady. She’s everyone’s ‘Mom’. Her glowing Botox radiates her poison love to them.

  11. Edward Coyle says

    fox noise alert.
    orange hitler is toast, reading delusional right wing articles will not change that fact.

  12. jimbo3298 says

    I’ve been saying this for a couple weeks, she got a tiny bump in the national polls from clinching the nomination but if you look at the battleground states, they are nearly all virtually tied.