Hillary Supporting Website Selling T-Shirts That Feature Trump’s Severed Head

Wonkette 2

Democrats love to wag their fingers whenever someone on the right does something to insult Hillary Clinton or any other leftist politician.

They also have the nerve to blame Trump’s “violent rhetoric” on any bad thing that happens.

So why are they able to get away with this?

The Media Equalizer reports:

Hillary-supporting website selling severed Trump head T-shirts

Feel like Election 2016 could use a bit more incivility? Well, then, we’ve got the T-shirt for you!

For a mere $27.68 a pop, the overtly pro-Hillary website Wonkette is peddling anti-Trump apparel, complete with Clinton holding The Donald’s severed head.

Luckily, there’s a historical reference to hide behind here, the story of Judith and Holofernes. Whether that will keep the Secret Service at bay is anyone’s guess.

Lovingly designed at Wonkette’s Missoula, Montana fashion studios, there’s no word on how many have sold since it became available a few days ago. Should they run out, however, there are plenty of other items on offer, including “Truck Fump” notebooks, mugs, pillows and of course, T-shirts.

For those who aren’t worried about Geraldo Rivera’s reaction, there is a hoodie version at the bargain price of $55.54.

That’s really classy.

The media will categorize this as inciting violence any minute now, right?



      • lovinspoonful says

        At least the right-wing has a sense of humor. Still have not seen any of Hilary’s.

        • Feet2Fire says

          “SNARK” is as close to humor as old Hillary can get.
          Just wait til June 28, when Crisis of Character is released in all its radiant goriness! LOL.

      • Eileen Jones says

        Oh, and you call the voting of the dumbell Obama into the WH humor ? Oh wait, that was PURE STUPIDITY !!!

        • Msgr_Moment says

          I’d take the future Supreme Court Justice over a Vince Foster truther like you any day on an intelligence exam.

          • Eileen Jones says

            Maybe you and your smart brain should look up Hillary and Bill’s past scandals. Oh, that’s right she only tells the truth..like Benghazi, the sex scandal involving her Pres. husband, and the emails which she is being criminally investigated by the FBI for espionage…..TRUTH ! PERIOD !

          • Msgr_Moment says

            I’m 56. I lived through all the probes that showed that Vince Foster killed himself, including the one where Ken Fucking Starr came to that conclusion. Let me know when Darrel Issa and Trey Gowdy are done wasting my tax dollars trying to blatantly affect the election with baseless smears. They find anything yet?
            Didn’t think so.

          • Eileen Jones says

            So the men who disobeyed the order to stand down and not go in to rescue Amb. Stevens are liars ? The emails were so heavily redacted , you know there’e something there to hide…the FBI is investigating those emails as espionage…not a silly investigation. They don’t investigate and waste money if there is nothing there. She won’t be indicted because the Pres. has already inferred it. The fix is in, so don’t be so damn cocky…the only one wasting your tax dollars are the Obamas and their lavish vacations.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            If the fix is in, Issa and Gowdy are clearly on it, or she’d be in jail ALREADY. Ma’am/Miss, you seem to have read a lot about this, but you are not well-read. You need to question everything, including your own opinion. Lavish vacations? How many days vs how many Dubya spent on his pretend ranch?

          • Eileen Jones says

            Crawford , Texas does exist and the Bush family spent just about all of their vacations there. Security didn’t like roughing it up in the ranch house but that was their job.MSM covered their vacs. looking for any dirt on W. that they could find. FOIA will tell you how much the Obama’s vacations cost and if they paid anything or not. Google it, unless you are afraid to find out the truth. BTW …I was a Dem. and voted for Hillary when she was running against Obama, then Benghazi happened and that changed everything. Also…” You can tell when you’re winning an argument against a liberal, they call you names.”

          • Msgr_Moment says

            He bought it in 1999, sold it when he left office. It was a prop. He cleared brush there to look like a cowboy, to sell you an image. And you bought it. Just like the image of him as a baseball owner. He was a minority owner of the Rangers. His daddy’s buddies lent him the money. Just like his money-losing oil companies.

          • Eileen Jones says

            He still owns the ranch but bought the new house because Laura really didn’t like the ranch and he said since she had quietly put up with the ranch while in office the least he could do was buy her the house she wanted and keep the ranch for his vacations. Pretty nice husband I might say. Obama has trashed our country economically and worldwide, so stop drinking the Obama kool-aid and pray that a new Pres., and not Hillary , will get our country back to pre -Obama days.Better a baseball owner than Bath house Barry !

          • cat cafe says

            Dear, even Trey Gowdy himself openly stated that the Benghazi “investigations” were nonsense, and he said, flat out, that no one, including Hillary did anything remotely wrong, there was zero “order to stand down,” (the only issue was the Republicans refusing to fund additional security that State had requested), and the whole thing was a ridiculous charade designed to attack Hillary–you must keep up, you’re falling behind the rest of the class.

            Also, the FBI is not “investigating the emails,” they are “investigating the server”–the same one that Condi Rice and Colin Powell used–the one that was MORE secure than the out-of-date Government server–you know the government server, the one that was hacked by the Russians? So Hillary’s server was MORE secure? And NOT hacked? That’s what they’re looking into–to make sure it was not hacked. There isn’t the slightest bit of this that is a “criminal investigation.” Nope. None. Zilch. No matter how much Fox news is lying to you about it.

            And my dear Eileen, if you think “they don’t investigate and waste money”–what do you think the Republicans have been doing to Hillary for the past thirty years? It’s your money they’re wasting. Oh, and last? The Obamas do not have lavish vacations, they have spent 1/4th the amount that the Bush family did, and THE VACATIONS ARE PAID FOR BY THEMSELVES. You don’t have to like Hillary but you really don’t get to make up your own facts or reality.

          • Eileen Jones says

            First try telling the truth whichis VERY hard for LIBERALS, Gowdy said the FBI is doing a criminal investigation of their own on the emails and the charge involved is espionage.. Look it up. Second…Rice and Powell had private emails but used gov’t servers for Federal emails not private. Look it up. third…Her server was hacked and Russia has them because of their investigation of Giccifier, and I would think Putin will release them before the elections. Fourth..Gowdy said in an interview that they will be calling in Clinton to give her testimony within a couple of weeks, but are still trying to get the State Dept. to turn over their requested emails..THEY ARE NOT CO_OPERATING..Innocent..I THINK NOT. Look up on Google the amount the Obama’s have cost the taxpayers for their vac.for the last 7 yrs. Afraid to SEE the truth? GOOGLE everything here and read the truth Liberal!

          • Msgr_Moment says

            Sorry about your anger issues. You really should see somebody about it instead of yelling at people through your keyboard. Love, Msgr.

  1. Conservative American says

    I went to Wonkette web page and this is what they have there: http://wonkette.com/602757/oh-whoops-we-just-forced-you-to-buy-this-shirt-of-hillary-clinton-cutting-off-trumps-headRebecca Schoenkopf

    Shirt Of Hillary Clinton Cutting Off Trump’s Head
    Read more at http://wonkette.com/602757/oh-whoops-we-just-forced-you-to-buy-this-shirt-of-hillary-clinton-cutting-off-trumps-head#jDwDZ1bAEFXi2BVt.99

    At the bottom of the article it has info about her. I do for feel for the child that she is supposal taking time off to have. That child has the cards stacked against them at the start a mother who is a two face female whore hound.

    Rebecca Schoenkopf


    Rebecca is the owner, editrix and publisher of Wonkette. She was in newspapers for a very long time. Follow her on the Twitter. She is currently on maternity leave, so you didn’t just read this post.
    Read more at http://wonkette.com/602757/oh-whoops-we-just-forced-you-to-buy-this-shirt-of-hillary-clinton-cutting-off-trumps-head#jDwDZ1bAEFXi2BVt.99

    • Msgr_Moment says

      Two face female whore hound? You too chickenshit to say BITCH, keyboard commando?

    • cat cafe says

      So you’re a stalker, is that it? You’re trying to dox someone who says something that hurt your feelings? That’s really brave and manly of you.

  2. Conservative American says

    You are able to post comments on their web site… I did leave a message there for the woman who supports Hillary Rodman Clinton….

  3. Lavon says


  4. jdp says

    jdp…How dispicable hillary is to stoop this low she should go to jail for inciting this type of horrific gesture.

  5. Fred says

    Oh, look-Lady MacBeth with blood on her hands! Tell me something I didn’t know next time.

  6. Red Cricket says

    Google suspended my Android developer account because I published an app that made fun of Hiltey. You can find it here now: http://goo.gl/snzLeJ F GOOGLE and anybody that supports Crooked Hillary

  7. Feet2Fire says

    Disgusting. Sick. Hillary and her “supporters” grow more despicable by the day.




    • Dawn Doran says

      Throw Hillary over the old wall and start building the new wall…This way, she can’t get back to the U.S…

    • Msgr_Moment says

      The wall has been built. Between your eyes and ears on the one hand and your brain on the other.

        • Msgr_Moment says

          You’re being conned, dude. Did you read his FEC disclosures yesterday? The man is in it only for himself. Where did all his “selfl-financing” money go? Right back into his own pockets. But then, that’s what this man does: borrows money he never intends to repay (He’s said that himself.), buys some property, runs it into the ground while billing the property, so that he cashes in before his creditors, and leaves the creditors holding the bag when it goes bankrupt. There is no evidence that (a) he is a billionaire, (b) that he is a successful businessman (unless you mean con-man), (c) that he knows anything about how to run a government, (d) that he has any interest in benefitting anyone other than himself. But, if you enjoy being conned, please, carry on.

          • plumberskid says

            The definition of “self-financing” is that a person pays their own expenses. He took money out of one account and put it into another. Both of the accounts are his. It’s all his money, no matter how you slice it. If it winds up in his pocket, so what? That’s where it came from to begin with. Nothing illegal or immoral about it. Are you truly that dense?

          • plusaf says

            So, he’s run all 150 or so of his businesses ‘into the ground’?
            List, please, with links or other data?

          • CC1980 says

            HillBILLY ran millions of Americans out of work with NAFTA and killary will completely do away with the middle class with the TPP. Donald Trump didn’t become a billionaire by running businesses into the ground but the lying corrupt garbage know as hillary and the demonrats would like you to think so.

          • Amy Root says

            Doesn’t matter where the money ended up, it was *his* money to begin with. At least he didn’t have to sell out our country and all of the American people to Muslim terrorist to pay for his campaign.

            He’s made some extremely intelligent business deals (hurting nobody at all in the process) … many, many, many that have not failed. So a few *did* fail — let’s see YOU have just as many businesses and see how many of yours fail, eh??

            You are just showing your jealousy at Trump’s success – and no matter who you are jealousy is really ugly on ya. 😉

          • Greg Mac says

            Hillary is any better ? she failed big time with every single job her diddling husband gave her while he was the President dozons of them all wasted millions of tax dollaer for her to fail over and over. she has been corrup all her life it is all public record all you have to do is look up hillarys lies and deseats along with all of her missing opponets

          • Msgr_Moment says

            Hey, if I spent all my time reading all the bile that has been spewed about “Killary”, I’d be behind on my snark and picking fights on month-old threads. Oh, wait.

  8. FriendOfJohnnyM says

    Well, that looks just exactly like a “TERRORIST ACT” to me.
    FBI, arrest them all.

  9. The Concerned Conservative says

    Let’s pass this around the Net…and see what Killary does to defend herself.

    • JAy J says

      Only problem is.. that is not Hillary and Bill Clinton. Snopes has already debunked it.

      • witnesstothecarnage says


        You really are clueless! No wonder you support Hillary… you don’t read, and let those with an agenda do all your research.

        Why is it that those with the fewest intellectual capabilities, are always the ones most ready to commit their allegiance? You’d think they would be the most suspicious, but, no…

        That would take self awareness.

        • JAy J says

          I do not support Hillary, I am a libertarian, I am just telling you that it has been debunked, and that is not the clintons, Bill always had a beard during those years, and Hillarys eyes are Blue, not brown. They did not have colored contact lenses in the early 70’s.

        • JAy J says

          “snopes”?? As opposed to what little credibility you have as an anonymous poster? I will take snopes over your opinion without question

        • Jeff Simon says

          Most Liberal butt wipes don’t realize that Snopes is a site run by two Calipornia hippies: David and Barbara Mikkelson in the San Fernando Valley of California started the website about 13 years ago and they have no formal background or experience in investigative research.

          To Liberal Progressive assholes it is gospel because they WANT it to be true.

        • Msgr_Moment says

          Nice ad hominem. Okay, so YOU tell us a nonpartisan source, not some website from your echo chamber that merely reinforces the narrative you start out with? It’s not about committing your allegiance, unless you’re talking about allegiance to truth, which does not appear to be what you’re talking about.

          • witnesstothecarnage says

            Just call me a liar, puke. Buy some balls, if you (as I would readily submit) gave yours away.

            Save all the pontification for someone who doesn’t see that you are not here to educate, or to learn… but, to put it succinctly, masturbate in the mirror.

          • witnesstothecarnage says

            My mother has been dead for decades. Yo momma jokes are, understandably, ineffective here.

            The net if full of interesting people, with interesting thoughts. Neither applies to you, so…

            See ya around.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            All I see in here is RWNJs spewing hate, pretending to be tough, gun-wielding bad guys. You’re right, there are interesting people on the ‘Tubes with interesting thoughts. I just find this little space is creepy and full of spiderwebs. Enjoy a good book, Sir or Madam.

  10. Cindy West says

    She should put on a burka to show where her loyalty is. It would look much better since she is funded by terrorist groups in the middle East

  11. Virdun says

    Skeezah with a website goes totally tacky – whodathunkit? Wonkette is a place for ugly broads to vent at the world – of course they love Hillary… skanks stick together.

  12. S Didi Rautenbergbudd says

    Psalm 141:10

    Let the wicked fall into their own nets, While I pass by safely.

  13. Mickey Mouse says

    Take Trumps head and replace it with the gays and womens. Because thats what the Soros bought Saudi owned b#tch will be doing. For someone so self claiming righteous she sure takes a lot of money from countries that treat women like property and kill or imprison gays. Maybe she should give back that over $125 Million.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            You can google any sort of nonsense. I want to know what YOU believe when you find it online. Convince me. I think you’re full of shit, and when I suggest readings, you say THEY are full of shit. Cause I don’t think you can defend ANY of the bullshit that you spew.

          • Eileen Jones says

            I Googled what youn said about the ranch , part of it is true but you failed to mention …they still own it and he did it for her because she put up with the ranch while they were in gov’t and he gave into her for the home she wanted ,he will vacation on the ranch himself. I call that a selfless husband, obviously you aren’t !

          • Msgr_Moment says

            Making assumptions about strangers based on limited data — who says I’m married? — No wonder you’re a big fan of the self-styled King Of Debt.

          • Eileen Jones says

            I should have said if you are married ….. SORRY…….But I did read the article and I did say you were partly right but you didn’t tell me about the rest of it I have defended what I said and you have failed to acknowledge it. I’d rather stand behind the King of debt than the King who wants to do to America what King George was doing . YOU do remember that we fought a Revolution for our FREEDOM. WE are slowly losing the FREEDOMS that the Patriots fought so hard for , and soldiers who have died in subsequent wars for that same Freedom.This King we have in office right now, disregards the CONSTITUTION and tries to write laws with no power to do so…If you saw the news today…you saw the great SMACKDOWN done to King Obama by the SUPREME COURT ! One victory for the Constitution and the American People !!!

        • Eileen Jones says

          No but SHE is, ask or read the article from Yoko Ono, and several other women who had romantic trysts with her.Everybody has known for years, where have you been. even the secret service knows.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            Why do you even CARE? Are you afraid of lesbians? Do you hate them? See, this is why we can’t have a civil society. Everything is black and white to you guys, and anything that you are unfamiliar with automatically goes in the black category. Chill out before you have a stroke.

    • cat cafe says

      Actually, she hasn’t taken a penny. What are your factual sources for these absurdities?

  14. Addy Jones says

    What kind of sick demented people come up with something like this and post it? It’s vile!

  15. Sarabella says

    Trump Right Yet Again!!! he stated that … “We should not make it harder for law-abiding Americans to defend themselves when radical Islamic terrorists are successfully launching attacks on U.S. soil.

    The terrorists win when they convince politicians they should take away our rights, and that is exactly what President Obama and Hillary Clinton are proposing.”


  16. R. S. says

    This is very sick and evil. I hope that the Secret Service and FBI shut this website and company selling these shirts down immediately.

  17. Eileen Jones says

    Those shirts might be a clue as to how the Clinton’s have offed a lot of their enemies and critics ! Shit was in the WH while Bill was Pres., WE DO NOT WANT THAT AGAIN!

  18. Eileen Jones says

    Where is the outrage of the left over this blatant act of HATE and incitement to do VIOLENCE to TRUMP. If he had done this to you,you’d be xcreaming your little lesbain lungs off !

    • Msgr_Moment says

      Look, I’m upset, but I’m more upset about the US citizen who KILLED 49 people because of hate, as well as the 500 killed in the last week since Orlando. Let’s do something about the people who actually died and who weren’t surrounded by Secret Service. Got any suggestions on how to keep Americans from killing other Americans, Eileen?