Hillary Clinton Uses Orlando Terror Attack For Fundraising And Gun Control

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The left has used the Orlando terror attack for their own gain for days now and Hillary Clinton is no exception.

She’s actually exploiting the incident to raise money.

The Daily Caller reports:

Hillary Clinton Fundraises Off Orlando Terrorist Attack

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is using the Orlando terrorist attack to fundraise for her presidential campaign.

In a mass campaign email sent Wednesday and forwarded to The Daily Caller, the Democrat’s campaign writes of the shootings and her call for gun control measures. “We’ll need the resources to take on Donald Trump and the NRA,” the campaign says in the email. “Chip in $1 — let’s do this.”

The fundraising email is written under the name of Christina Reynolds, the deputy communications director of Hillary for America.

“This week, Republicans in Congress asked for a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting in Orlando,” Reynolds writes. “Democrats in the House of Representatives refused. They would not stand silent, they said, about the work it’s going to take to end the nation’s gun violence epidemic.”

There’s no low to which this woman won’t sink.


  1. Msgr_Moment says

    “Our rights are under attack like never before. Join today.” Ermagerd, the NRA is using the reasonable response to the Orlando shootings to raise money!

    Guys, if you don’t belong to a militia (Hint: there WAS no army, navy, marines when the Constitution was written), you do not have a God-given right to own an AR-15, even if you are afraid of being attacked by an entire herd of deer.

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