Ignorant Left Wing Celebrities React to Orlando Attack By Calling For Gun Control

Sarah Silverman on Socialism

The terror attack in Orlando has caused all of Hollywood’s usual suspects to call for greater gun control.

Unsurprisingly, many of them pontificate on the subject without knowing anything about guns.

Left wing comic Sarah Silverman couldn’t even spell “right to bear arms” correctly:

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane doesn’t know automatic weapons are already banned:

Alyssa Milano thinks the NRA is responsible for the attack:

So does actress Felicity Huffman:

Kim Kardashian lives behind armed security but doesn’t think you should:

Being famous doesn’t make a person smart.

In fact, it’s frequently the opposite.


  1. MicahStone says

    “Ignorant Left Wing Celebrities React to Orlando Attack By Calling For Gun Control”
    —they all speak through their d-cRAT-hole…..

  2. David in Texas says

    these celebrity regurgitators prove that shriveled intellects are beyond a plastic surgeons ability to enhance.

  3. TrumpDeusVult says

    Let’s put it this way, people were violent long before guns, and they’ll be violent long after. We need to make sure though that the crazy people are out-gunned by the sane ones because we sure a sugar aren’t gonna be able to stop the crazy people from breaking any laws now are we?

  4. Don Keller says

    Luckily we free thinkers don’t give a f##k what these clueless imbeciles think…

  5. gc says

    You can’t fix stupid. I’m liking Hollywood and the “entertainment industry” less and less any more. A bunch of clueless bimbos and freaks for the most part -all hung up on themselves and legends in their own minds. Funny how Hollywood is quick to condemn guns – yet I would say that well over 50% of movies today involve guns and homicides – but that’s OK. Most movies involve blood and gore – the more graphic – the better – but hey – it’s cool. Many ( most? ) television programs involve shootings and bloodshed – the more gory – the better! But hey – it sells the product – it;s what people want. These morons are all a part of that and make a killing from promoting it through their acting “skills” but you never hear about that.

    It would be interesting if someone were to take all of these anti violence, anti gun, anti freedom Hollywood types and cross reference each name with the television programs/ movies, etc. that THEY have acted in and made a profit from – and how many times they perpetrated r were victims of violence in these programs. But then, they see that as not being hypocritical because its how they “make their living” and so it suits their cause and lifestyle.

    Some are OK and stand for common sense and what’s right and others are still waiting for the spinal donor so that they can step forward and say what they REALLY think and feel as opposed to hiding in the shadows and going with the flow because they are afraid of their jobs and peers. We need more Clint Eastwoods and those like him who are strong enough to stand for what they believe. Isn’t it amazing how people succumb to peer pressure and will do anything to not stand out from the crowd. Having said that though, I’d be willing to bet that the media ignores those who do dare to do what is right – but the Sean Penns – well, they are tripping over themselves to chase him and promote his causes. Sick. Just plain sick.

  6. The Concerned Conservative says

    That sIut, Sarah SiIverman, bared all her body, so to “bare” her arms is no big deal.

  7. NoMoLies says

    Will someone tell that dip shіt Seth MacFarlane that Congress actually DID ban automatic weapons (aka. assault weapons) in 1986. How is it that liberals are always so unbelievably stupid?

  8. Andy Nash says

    Earth to libs…the Orlando shooter did not use a automatic weapon. It was a SEMI-AUTOMATIC. Learn the difference before you go spouting off your uneducated mouths.