Mark Steyn Exposes Liberal Media Lies About The Orlando Terror Attack (AUDIO)

Mark Steyn PT

Did you notice that following the attack in Orlando, the liberal American media tried to spin the narrative by ignoring Islamic terrorism and blaming the NRA?

So did conservative writer Mark Steyn. While filling in for Rush Limbaugh on Monday, he made the point.

Conservative Review reported:

Steyn: Here’s the Left’s ‘Official Lie’ About the Orlando Terrorist Attack

Reacting Monday to the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Orlando, Mark Steyn—filling in for Rush Limbaugh—said that the “official lie” of the Left is that gun-toting “right” wing extremists are responsible for the shooting and radical Islamic terrorism is not.

The fact, Steyn said, is a radical Muslim killed 49 in a terror attack and the Left doesn’t know how to cope with the “internal contradictions of the rainbow coalition.”

Listen to the audio:

That pretty much nails it.

Our media is totally corrupt.


  1. Jim says

    It was Baptists! No, no, it was militant Mormons. No, wait – it was Buddhists. Men in Black?

  2. FromNJ says

    Our commander in chief is a Muslim sympathizer who laid down the law with his administration (and his press pals) years ago – LAY OFF ISLAM.

  3. MaxSaxon says


    So I’m listening to Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the news last night, discussing how, “at least a thousand times,” at home her grandma walked with her by a photograph of Indians and commented on “Indians having high cheek bones,” and it got me thinking….

    Donald Trump calls her “Pocahontas,” but I’m not so sure.

    Maybe it’s an Indian tradition…. To walk past something in one’s Tee-Pee and automatically, compulsively repeat the same thing over and over again —“at least a thousand times.”

    The nearest analog I can think of is Catholics genuflecting when they enter a church or making the “sign of the cross,” when someone dies or, as Muslims say “God is Great.”

    American Indians: “We have high cheekbones!”

    I wonder if there are any Indian tribes who worship high cheek bones and engage in the practice of declaring their reverence for “high cheek bones” every time they see a picture of an Indian or, in the modern world, look at themselves in the mirror or snap a selfie.

    It could be part of some Indian self-worship discipline. Or maybe it’s just another invention of Chief Lying Crazy Bitch Elizabeth.Warren…!

    In any case, Warren made it tearfully clear in the interview that it her Ethnic Identity Disorder (EID) confusion about being an Indian (and claiming financial benefits reserved for real Indians, i.e., defrauding grant, loan and affirmative action hiring programs) was her grandma’s fault. Warren is a victim of her own fraud…! Thanks Grandma!

    I just wonder…. Is there any evidence for (EID) being inheritable?

    I wonder, is Ethnic Identity Disorder (EID) an affirmative defense against financial fraud?

    What is the recrudescence rate for Ethnic Identity Disorder?

    Wouldn’t having Ethnic Identity Disorder (EID) disqualify Warren from being president?

    What if she woke up one morning and believed she is Taliban or ISIS?

    Doesn’t having EID put her at risk for Species Identity Disorder (SID) ? We could wake up one day to president panda or president unicorn in the white house….

    One thing is sure, as a vocal advocate of the lost and confused, being one herself, Elizabeth Warren is well qualified to be their leader. If she became transgendered, adding gender identity disorder to her existing psychiatric resume, she would be unchallengeable.

    She will be the first president or vice president who celebrates Halloween 365 days a year, or every time she sees a picture of Indians in the White House, whichever comes first.

    As a psychologist, I’m thinking that before she is considered for higher office, Warren should be tested for reactions to as many other pictures as we can stack in front of her, starting with the photo galleries of Disneyland and Universal Studio’s Alien collections and ending with an exhaustive review of her reactions to Arabic and Islamic photos. If her grandmother’s hand is not available to hold, maybe Hillary Clinton can do her the honors and announce the photo-features Elizabeth is to transform herself by.

    One thing is sure, until she is treated for EID and cured, Warren should not become Loco Haunt Us in the white house.