Obama White House Sends Celebrities Talking Points to Push Immigration Agenda

Obama Hollywood pic

Liberals in Hollywood love Obama and will do pretty much anything he asks, including pushing his agenda when asked.

The latest example of this has to do with pushing immigration, for which the Obama administration was happy to provide a script.

FOX News reports:

White House pens social media script for Hollywood A-listers to tout immigration policies

The White House has penned a social media script for Hollywood to spread its message on immigration, in a sequel to the gun control talking points the Obama administration sent out to actors, directors and writers earlier this year.

An email sent out last week to an undisclosed number of Tinseltown movers and shakers from the White House Associate Director of Public Engagement Jesse Moore shows just how confident the administration is that its lines will be delivered as written under the Twitter hashtag “ImmigrationHeritageMonth.”

“Will you send it out too, using your social media accounts?” reads the email. “And let us know when you do so we can continue to amplify your voice – and this message.”

The email included a video and urged stars to join the #IAmAnImmigrant movement.

“We are a nation of immigrants, and whether you are an immigrant, the child or grandchild of immigrants, or you stand with immigrants – it’s on all of us to ensure that we continue to recognize the role immigrants continue to play at the core of this country,” the email states.

Although Moore acknowledges, “Your own voice is best,” draft social media language is offered for stars to cut-and-paste.

Celebrities will help push agenda items if the next president is a Republican, right?



  1. MicahStone says

    “Obama White House Sends Celebrities Talking Points to Push Immigration Agenda”
    —when you’ve got a bunch of mindless puppets on a string, you use them !!!!

  2. Flower_Mike says

    I’m all for immigration — LEGAL Immigration
    I’m not in favor of sneaking in the back door while no one is watching. That’s called breaking and entering and is illegal in every country

  3. NoLibZone says

    Hollyweird never personally has to deal with the effect of liberalism, they just promote it.

    • Chrystal Bohl says

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  4. Guest says

    Well that’s hardly the A-list brigade. Today’s “celebrities” have no influence except to create backlash. All that happens when stupid actors mouth off their stupid cut and paste spoon fed propaganda is that the actors’ careers are ruined. Alan Cumming, are you here legally? The issue is ILLEGAL immigration. Are you stupid or just dishonest? Do you so disrespect this adopted nation of yours that you trade on any fan affection to push criminal violations of immigration law that get kids addicted on deadly drugs, cause a rise in crime, exploit the poor, and impoverish and destroy the very nation that’s been good to you? Shilling for Barry the fraud just puts these morons on the boycott list.

  5. Screwhead22 says

    My boycott list of celebrities who feel that they need to “use their success as a platform to educate others” is grown so large that I gave up television ten years ago and haven’t been to a movie in about that long.
    I despise all politicians, of any stripe, any office, because they are all lying, self absorbed vermin. I despise Hollywood’s “useful idiots” as well. They think that just because they can hit a mark and say lines someone else has written for them, they are so much smarter than everyone else.
    I am not going to take lessons on morality from a group of people who can’t keep their skirts down and their zippers up.
    California cannot slide into the ocean fast enough.

  6. salg says

    “white house assistant director of public engagement” you think government might be too big when they have to come up with positions like that.

  7. valleygirl1981 says

    Does the SOB Bobo really need anymore help with the immigration agenda? Bobo has handed down orders and has contracted with a security company to pick up illegal aliens at the border, put them in vans and drive them into Phoenix Greyhound Bus Station and then release them with no papers, no court hearing date, nothing at all but to release these illegals at the bus station to take buses and be on their way into the U.S. We do not know who the hell these people are. Bobo hasn’t ordered that these illegals’ identities be recorded by Border Patrol according to Judicial Watch. Bobo will arrest Border Patrol agents who do not comply with his stand down orders. Notice how Bobo did not have anything to say last week about the Latino protesters beating up Trump supporters in the streets after the rally in San Jose, California. Bobo has gotten involved or comments on States’ local matters, unsolicited, but not this one. Remember Michael Brown? He even sent Eric Holder down there.