Obama’s Terrorist Pal Bill Ayers Calls For Greater Gun Control

Bill Ayers PT

Obama’s friend Bill Ayers, the former Weather Underground terrorist, has jumped on the leftist gun control bandwagon following the terror attack in Orlando.

File this under Not The Onion.

Twitchy reported:

Satire officially dead: Who’s up for a terrorism prevention lecture from THIS guy?

Can it get any more ridiculous and self-unaware than this?

Here’s a great response:

Iowahawk provides this reminder about Obama, Ayers and terrorism:




  1. JY1 says

    The blog post failed to mention that Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist BOMBER.

    Also of interenst, type “bill ayers bomb” or “bill ayers bomber” int google, and nowhere will it provide a dropdown choice for the phrase.

    A bomber lecturing me on firearms rights and legislation?
    Why not ask Jeffery Dahmer about kitchen safety?

    By the way, is Bill Ayers on the No-Fly-List?

    And, I would support any and all legislation that would prevent Bill Ayers, specifically, from purchasing firearms, or endangering the public with his presence among them.

    • Gloria Rodriguez says

      Not when you have such people as Obama whose main concern is to plant the world with Muslim terrorist hate seeds……..as Obama has ignored our Constitution, he will make sure the only fire-arms will be in the hands of terrorists……

  2. Gloria Rodriguez says

    Ayers, in the arm-ban-Country of France, how did the Muslim terrorists killed UNARMED citizens….since according to you, arms are the root of all evil? It’s people like you whose forever-lasting greed demands such power to crush people, no matter who, how or where as long as you can feel superior….go back to your hole…….

  3. taxpayer22 says

    Ayers also used bombs like the Muslims in Boston, Paris, Brussels, Spain; UK ..

  4. says

    Hey, Ayer Head, we should outlaw guns, but how about bombs? You were one of the major loser bombers, your cowardly gas bag.

  5. john sobieski says

    Ayers should been rubbed out years ago!!

    Hildabeast: “you mean like, with a cloth?”

  6. Aaron Freeman says

    So typical of regressive socialism! Either by force or by vote, you’re going to force your beliefs upon us… know this: your side hasn’t had an original idea, since Marx first coined the term, progressive, hence why I refer to you as regressive. Your pseudo intellectualism is inferior, and is responsible for the dumbing down of education in this country. You fear free thought, because it runs contrary to everything you stand for, and you fear genius, unless you control it… continuing down this path, will have the same effect it had in Romania, so I suggest strongly, that you become more flexible, or you’re going to be rendered further obsolete.